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  1. Hey I LOVE the pic you got of me as the Envy Follower, is there a way of getting that pic? Im the one crouched down next to the stage
  2. The box with the symbols for Certain Rune are of no use in the actual game. I got the first piece in place and started to place the others around it like they are on the black box and I lost.
  3. I think I heard French toward the end (but Spanish and French are so close) At 00:18 it sounds like a little girls saying "I need homework" haha
  4. HAha this will be my 5th year total if you count my first year in Hollywood
  5. I have heard from an inside source that The Thing will be in a soundstage, but will be sharing with another, so it will not be in 22
  6. Boo steam punk is amazing, S&S is on of my fave scarezones to walk thru and be in, as is Frankenstein
  7. Dante's Inferno would also go along with the 7 deadly sins concept for the scare zone
  8. Has there always been that much smoke in the opening video? I may have just never noticed it, but it seems like there is smoke showing up under the light as it flashes
  9. When I saw extraction, the first thing that came to my mind was the Graverobber in Repo extracting the Zydrate from the corpses.
  10. OMG this would totally be a view of Paradise....
  11. Even a lot of these sound like Alice. People forget all the characters that were in the books (i.e. Humpty Dumpty) and only focus on the characters from the Disney movie. Maybe the Dorfs could be the Tweedles since they are normal thought of as short and fat, but HHN has made them tall and skinny in the past. Plus the whole Queen of Hearts and deck of cards would work into the theme well. I was gunna say if the watch role wasnt fake it could have been the white rabbit lol. I just hope if they use anything Alice that they go in a completely different direction than Asylum or Scary Tales.
  12. The mobile web site does say " Face the odds and see if you've got a chance to survive Halloween Horror Nights 21." I would like the concept of Chance classing it up a lil as a Depression Era Casino girl. Not really a show girl, but more like a costume like a cigarette seller or waitress or magicians assistant. I don't think she will be the icon, but it would be cool to see her helping out, and get her story over her own. I mean the drastically changed our view of Cindy last year when we found out she was adopted by Albert Caine, but the new story still fit with the story we already knew.
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