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  1. There is an updated photo im trying to upload from my phone it was posted on fb by inside the magic...it is the facade to the tent with the second floor added..do believe its the Halloween facade
  2. Got it...still possible for queue videos right? And wait isnt 22A the producers building thought that was a bunch of offices or do you mean ss22?
  3. thought the two ips where in ss20 read it somewhere here thats why i thought 24 were both Orignal
  4. so with the new permits and what others have confirmed we are getting FIVE sound stage mazes..TWD in 25, orignal in 24A code name EVAC, orignal in 24B code name SYNERGY, IP in 20A and IP in 20B...how will the queues work? Are we going back to queues through the empty stages with videos?
  5. Actually i believe as Ringmaster Jack he did have gloves
  6. starting to catch up on the speculations...something came to mind wouldn't it be cool if we are getting two of the three sisters of evil that Singapore had last year i wouldn't mind all three but with our team putting their own spin on it....I believe mike did travel there last year to lend a hand.
  7. Construction for this year has begun and pictures are starting to pop up..so we need a place to talk about them and this is that place enjoy. So with the latest pics of the disaster house is it me are does it seem smaller than usual as if only half the space is in use i mean the past 3 years the house would lead all the way to the disaster's main queue. is it possible we will be getting a dual house in that space and permits for the other half are not yet filed?
  8. This would be great and its one of their films http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVuv1Ey3oIM
  9. not sure if its my comp but the right side of the website looks darker then before when i checked the other day???
  10. I think the eye from fb is the victim and the one on the site is behind it all someone on fb fliped the eye and then put it side by side and you get half a face sometimes thats all you need wonder if they did it for the fb eye too would love to see that This is the website eye fliped and put side-by-side credit goes to Alvin Prak
  11. <meta name="description" content="Universal Studios Florida will transform into the nation’s premier Halloween event. Plan your escape to Halloween Horror Nights and come face-to-face with the living dead."> found this in the code of the site isnt it the same line they used with TWD for the past two years?
  12. I think its just a stock image who knows maybe its our icons eye and they letting us know he is always watching always watching lol
  13. I think because a clash of characters scarezones are a stationary elaborate areas with a story where as the street experiance was meant to be roaming scares park wide it failed in HHN22 imo cause it was different hordes of characters consistently moving so you might see all of them or the same one the whole night when i attend that year i saw two hordes the whole night i only go one night a year as many do so that was a let down so the next year they try to evolve it made elaborate set pieces but had moving hordes of just zombies so it was really the same thing grant it you would run into a different zombie horde in a different area but it was still just zombies and sometime mad the area feel like dead zones pun intended lol
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