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  1. I just love Beetlejuice and I want to see what they could do with it if it had few new touches or if it went to Hollywood
  2. If there is a Nintendo World in Orlando, Would Miyamoto-san be ok with Metroid Dread as a maze next year?
  3. Would Beetlejuice be a possibility? A lot of people did like the maze it got last year (Including me), so could it be possible for it to come back
  4. If I was in charge of Next year's Horror Nights, The Thing would be my Wild Card
  5. Aren't we forgetting that Scream 6 is coming to theatres next year? Scream can totally come back to Horror Nights
  6. Just give me a maze where Hello Zepp plays, and I'll be good
  7. I want Saw to return just so we can listen to Hello Zepp
  8. Universal Monsters: Legends Collide got House of the Year. Doesn't mean it's coming back but I thought I might share it
  9. Plus, there are rumors that Don Mancini, the creator of the Child's Play series, is involved with this. Murdy did say that Mancini will be helping out with the Hollywood version, so maybe that could apply to Orlando
  10. While I did want Cult of Chucky since there are multiple Chuckys in that movie, I am more than happy that Chucky's back
  11. After looking at HHN Hollywood's lineup over the years, I think the ones HHN Orlando fans would love are.... This is the End from 2015 Holidayz in Hell from 2019 Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man also from 2019 Creepshow also from 2019 Universal Horror Hotel from this year and Titans of Terror from 2017
  12. Fairytale Nightmares *Original* (Curious George Tent 1): Your favorite fairytales have taken a dark turn. See Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel in their true demonic forms. Will you escape the terrors of bedtime stories? Cult of Chucky (Curious George Tent 2): Stuck in a institution with no friends, Chucky has decided to pay you a visit with his friends that he shared his soul with. That means escape this psychedelic hospital from Multiple Chuckys and save your soul Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon (Waterworld Queue): Deep below the oceans, lies a terror far beyond your imagination. The Creature from the Black Lagoon! Divers tremble at the sight of him and women faint by his terrifying sounds. Journey beyond the sea to see for yourself The Black Phone (Mummy Queue): The serial killer of a small town, known as The Grabber, is out and about kidnapping children and then killing them once weakened. Try to make a desperate escape from the dark basement of The Grabber before you become his latest victim in the terrifying The Black Phone. Casino of Death *Original* (Parisian Courtyard): They say gambling is wrong. Here is the exception. Gamble all you want. Even your very soul. It doesn't really matter here since the Devil is pretty cool and chill around these parts. So, come on down. Play some roulette, Gamble like there's no tomorrow, and maybe even chat with the devil The Thing (Metro Sets): Venture on a perilous journey to the isolated outpost of Thule Station. Discover why scientists went missing in the seemingly infinite, frozen reaches of Antarctica. Make the most shocking discovery of your life as you encounter a frightful alien creature that claims its victims without remorse, morphing into anything…or anyone! Zombieland (Year-Round Haunt Venue): Welcome to the United States of Zombieland. The infection has spread and you're one of the last humans left. Brush up those survival skills of yours and be safe on this journey to shelter Creepshow (FDTD Area): Experience a horror comic book come to life! Your host for this horrifying journey is The Creep, the skeletal namesake of the Creepshow comic book, who will lead you through five jolting tales of terror inspired by the whole Creepshow series. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have being scared! Welcome to Silent Hill (747 Area): Cross through the portal of pain from Fog World to Otherworld, where the forsaken town of Silent Hill awaits. It's not a game. It's not a movie. This time, the nightmare is real.
  13. There's one I think most people won't agree with me on, and that's Krampus. I want Krampus to return. I want to see what they could do
  14. I have a couple on my mind Any of the Chucky Movies (Mainly Cult of Chucky) Hush (The Blumhouse film made by Mike Flanagan) Friday the 13th Freaky (As its own maze) Stranger Things 4 and Silent Hill
  15. I'm always down with seeing Ashy Slashy at Horror Nights
  16. I know you don't go to HHN Hollywood, but they did bring back Killer Klowns this year for HHN Hollywood
  17. Hellsing Ultimate for sure. If there's a video game that I want to see made into a maze, Dead Space for sure
  18. If you can pick any 3 IP mazes to come back next year, what would you pick For Me Alice Cooper, Ghostbusters, and Freddy vs Jason
  19. I know Rob Zombie's take on The Munsters is not good to many people, but it's a new movie so it does have potential
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