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  1. goldie


    I've actually started to panic (I am female) and started thinking...what if??? What if the decided the whole surprise was ruined so they trashed it!!! OMG!!! WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!
  2. That's only because they didn't put very much thought into it, Lady Luck only bombed because of bad marketing! (sole opinion of poster) lol
  3. Anyone want to make a large (1280 x 800) Purge wallpaper ??
  4. Just reading this has brought back so many wonderful memories!! The year I moved to Florida and my first HHN! That is still my favorite year.
  5. goldie


    I'm probably going to cry through the whole house! Not out of fear but happiness that it is all finally happening...I'll just hang out there all night, y'all can pick me up when it's over
  6. Leaked or not, I am so beyond happy I want to scream!!
  7. I thought @horrorNights was Hollywood? Does that affect Mike's announcement also?
  8. ^ I'm too selfish for sold out nights...I hate the lines!! I'm not too picky so I'm always happy, but I wouldn't mind a few of the houses that Hollywood seems to get!
  9. Hopefully not a stupid question, but did we know about this? I don't remember reading it any where. http://www.fangoria.com/new/shane-black-and-fred-dekker-to-remake-predator/
  10. Did anyone see that McKenzie Westmore was at Uni today with her kid? Maybe they will be announcing something about Face Off...
  11. DO NOT tease me like that!! I love and prefer original content but Michael Myers...omg lol
  12. But we only have early access the first few weekends, I want to know if we can go to the "holding pen" same as a Stay and Scream pass... Edit: I guess the real question would be...Do I have to exit the park at 5 and re-enter at 6:30 or can I go to the Holding Pen?
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