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  1. Just thought up a music list for each scenes of this haunt idea Facade: Music from the Video Games represented in the scenes BIOSHOCK: This Is Where They Sleep Borderlands: Removing the Bandit Threat Five Nights At Freddy's: Creepy Ambience from the first game and the music box version of the Toreador March Mortal Kombat: Mortal Kombat Theme Song Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Weird Kids On The Block DOOM: E1M1 Minecraft: Disk 13 Nazi Zombies: Lullaby Of A Deadman Skyrim: Any of the Combat Music Team Fortress 2: The Art of War Rampage: Main Menu Music from Rampage: Total Destruction
  2. Also here's a scene idea of my SCP: Apocalypse haunt idea Sarkic Church: As guests enter the Sarkic church, they will see one of the Sarkic cult leaders sacrificing a poor person and as guests are distracted, one or two things will either happen, either some of the Sarkic cult members try to grab the guests while sitting on the church benches or one of the Sarkic organisms will sneak up on guests to attack them
  3. You know what i actually now thought of my haunt idea being a dual run house when i read that post of yours Event theme also sounds nice
  4. I could flesh it out, but how do i flesh the choosing sides thing in my haunt idea out? (sorry if this seems like a dumb question)
  5. You know what, you made me inspire a haunted house idea now SCP: Apocalypse-Ever since the nuclear apocalypse started thanks to WW3, the SCP Foundation is no longer the organization it used to be but rather a Faction with its surviving staff members as members of the Faction and Dr. Clef as its leader, however a few groups of interest managed to survive and become rivaling factions to the Foundation and at each other (such as Chaos Insurgency, The Fifth Church, The Seprent's Hand, Sarkic Cults and so on) and if this weren't bad enough some of the Keter SCPs and Euclid SCPs managed to breach containment before the bombs fell, survive and now roaming around the Earth, will you join one of the Factions or will you side with either the Keter SCPs or the Euclid SCPs?
  6. Well i don't know what to do with that scene, but you could ask someone what to do with that scene due to it being more tragic than terrifying
  7. Why not include the Maggot Birth nightmare scene in there?
  8. Not really a change, but i think it'll be a cool room suggestion for the Vinesauce section Corruptions-Guests enter what appears to be a glitchy and messed-up version of a video game-like stage and in this room hides some of the corrupted versions of the characters from the Corruption videos by Vinesauce (such as John Madden, Sen and so on)
  9. How about maybe like a jail room where guests could see twisted versions of youtubers who have been shown in the Content Cop videos (such as Keemstar, Fine Bros, Leafy and so on) while Idubbz in his Content Cop outfit insults guests and sometimes swings his baton at guests
  10. Vinesauce would be cool, because of the potential it has such as the Corruption videos for example
  11. Here's another one The Hand of Count Madrid!: Many years ago, when a vampire hunter finally caught up on Count Madrid, the vampire hunter decided to do one thing to him and that is chop up one of his hands with a cleaver and before the vampire died of blood loss, he cursed his chopped up hand on those who don't have a hand and will attach onto that person that found the hand and become the new Count Madrid, the vampire then died and the vampire hunter left the castle for good thinking that he's dead for good however the hand was now alive and roamed the castle searching for someone that'll become the next Count Madrid that is when years later when a group of tourists visited a castle for some exploring, however one of the tourists (who doesn't have a hand) decided to go to the room where the vampire hunter cuts off Count Madrid's hand and while exploring the room the tourist was suddenly attacked by Count Madrid's hand and then quickly attached itself onto one of the arms that doesn't have a hand and now becomes the new Count Madrid, can the tourists defeat and save the tourist who is now the next Count Madrid or meet a blood-sucking fate from the next Count Madrid?
  12. Here's mine Un-Happy Pills: Around the world, a new drug is introduced that is known as Happy Pills and when taken supposedly makes the person happy, while the people who have taken them think they feel happy all the time, however what they didn't know is that it had many deadly side-effects and the people who have taken them have either gone sadistic, insane, cruel and so on, however there are some people that didn't take the pills and noticed what is going on thanks to the pills itself, can they survive the people who have taken the happy pills? (Also yes i know it's a shitty title)
  13. Well basically they're kind of like meta-fictional SCPs for example like SCP-2786.
  14. @themazethinker I know this is a dumb idea for the house but... Patphysical SCPs as cameos in the haunt
  15. Yeah and i think a projection room scene could fit for SCP-2006
  16. Oh okay, i can see why though, maybe SCP-2006 could work?
  17. Maybe SCP-076? I don't know if he could actually fit in a haunt
  18. I guess kind of both for some cryptids? I don't fucking know....
  19. Oh okay, the reason why i asked this was because DC and Marvel come into my mind when i see the word heroes on one of your posts
  20. Oh okay, by the way are the heroes gonna be original heroes or no just the ones from DC and Marvel?
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