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  1. If there was a show around him if an hhn event like this existed, I would imagine it to have Stingy Jack telling his tales and possibly his history as well
  2. Boogeyman Connection Ideas to my HHN event idea Five Nights at Freddy's-The Boogeyman was a former employee at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria when he used his human form SCP: Containment Breach-Might have caused the containment breach at one of the Sites itself Cryptids-Due to the fact that the Boogeyman is kind of a cryptid but more of a urban legend Marvel Zombies-Visited the Marvel Zombies earth once or probably something else IT-Possibly also terrorized the town of Derry, Maine
  3. This is an idea i had in my mind that could work as a haunted house The Omniversal Dead-A mysterious virus has successfully infected not just everyone in the entire universes and multiverses itself including our universe but rather the whole Omniverse and apparently a group of survivors from their respective universes/multiverses have been formed to combat the infected in order to survive the now-infected Omniverse and apparently you have been added to the survivor group, will you be able to survive the infected Omniverse or succumb to the infected and become one of them?
  4. Wait did you actually proposed some of the things to someone or no?
  5. Maybe add like a zombie version of Magneto as a bungee scare or probably something else
  6. How about maybe have some of the miners to be unmasked and no gloves?
  7. I would suggest one Anime on your house idea and that would be My Hero Academia because of the League of Villains and the U.S.J arc that features them
  8. I know this post is old but i have some new ideas for this game idea like maybe add some elements of the Evil Asylum web-series and also have a map based on New Raccoon City as shown in the web-series
  9. Also here's the lineup that i would imagine from the top of my head The House That Jack Built (Icon House) POW! Right in the Nostalgia Presents: The Return of the Night of the Living Dead Doom It Yourself A Halloween Carol The Halloween Store: Toy Gorey NOW! That's What I Call Holiday Horror Hits! Monster Music Halloween Havoc Scare-Zones Karvers Night of the Living Decorations The Street Divided Spirits of Halloween
  10. Actually if you combine the 4 options along with the many options you had in mind before settling to this idea you get an ultimate Area 51 haunt
  11. You know if there ever was a house based on Area 51 i would imagine a room with tubes with aliens inside there (along with some cameos of other fictional alien species) and have like an alien hiding in the room or maybe behind one of the tubes
  12. Oh okay Also by men-in-black conspiracy house you mean similar to The Redacted Conspiracy?
  13. Well to be honest, it was kind of a weird idea i had
  14. Well it's probably due to that conspiracy theories are still around along with the Illuminati ones and if conspiracy theorists were to ever saw this house, it would be...controversial
  15. This might be my most controversial idea ever ILLUMINATI: DARK SECRETS-You were just an average normal and everyday person living person about your life but although get annoyed by the endless amount of conspiracy theories by many insane conspiracy theorists and just debunked them all, that is until one day when you received an e-mail from an anonymous person who tells the ultimate truth about the Illuminati itself however you just passed it off as just another dumb conspiracy theory that is when you noticed photos attached to it in which looked like a huge facility-like lair including the iconic Illuminati symbol itself and also attached to it were the coordinates of where the Illuminati's lair is, even though you questioned the photos if they were real or not you decided to go to the lair itself by following the coordinates and when you finally arrived there, you managed to sneak inside the lair but however unbeknownst to you, you managed to trigger an alarm system that alerts everyone in the huge facility-like lair and managed to grab the files, will you be able to escape the lair and tell everyone the truth and dark secrets about the Illuminati or will you die in the lair itself?
  16. You know if HHN had like a Halloween theme, this and Karvers would be added as scare-zones and possibly have Stingy Jack as the main icon
  17. Some room ideas for my Evil Asylum haunt idea Asylum Hallway-Guests enter a hallway of Umbrella Asylum where the alarms are blaring off and some of the guards' bodies are laying about, when guests are distracted by looking at some of the bodies laying about, a Thing-infected prisoner pops out at one of the doors and scares guests S-Mart-Guests enter an almost destroyed S-Mart store where inside the store looks like it's preparing for a Halloween Sale Season but apparently due to the outbreak of the Asylum itself along with zombies roaming around in New Raccoon City, it looks like it's almost finished being prepared, however when guests go the Good Guy Dolls section of the S-Mart store, they notice a dead S-Mart worker body slumped on the floor with multiple stab wounds, when guests are distracted by this Chucky will pop out with a knife in his hand from one of the doll boxes
  18. Some more scene ideas for my Deadviantart sequel idea RandomDC3-Guests enter a pub where they see Random drinking a pint on the pub counter and sometimes mutters words to himself, CYOP (in which stands for Cute Yet Offensive Panda) casually insults guests, Fusai hides in this scene along with Vazul himself, guests then enter the NoxousTV newsroom where Noxous insults guests GalaticKaiju-Guests enter Brokenfang's Mansion where General Brokenfang and Krueger Caesar are having a fight between each other and in this scene hides some of Krueger's gang members like Salem for example SunnyClockwork-Guests enter a black and white room where they can see black and white illustrations of SCPs, Lovecraftian deities, characters from the Slenderverse and so on, however behind the walls of the illustrations are some of the characters from the black and white illustrations
  19. Oh okay, the reason why is asked is because we never done a collaboration before
  20. That can work Also we should do a collaboration on my Deadviantart sequel idea, you up for that or no?
  21. I do too, also for the charcoalman room itself I would imagine it being a pitch dark room with charcoalman's artwork hung on the walls while the scaracters from some of the respective artwork hung on the walls pop out through the burton-like doors and scare guests Do you imagine something else different for this idea I had?
  22. Thanks, also I may want to include charcoalman in my Deadviantart sequel idea because of the creepy artwork he has
  23. Oh, guess I never realized you were messing around, sorry about that.
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