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  1. and yeah those two would be cool too! (Despite never seen A Quiet Place and the Hatchet movies but saw tv spots of A Quiet Place and saw some clips of the Hatchet movies)
  2. To be honest i never saw The Strangers (But only watched a few tv spots on the sequel to The Strangers) but that sounded like a good fucking idea!
  3. So can people come up with some haunted house and scare zone ideas? (It could be either original or licensed)
  4. and now a scarezone idea Crossing over the Mindfield: Marty Mindfield always had a passion for Halloween Horror Nights and hell! he even got a promotion as a member for hhn however he began producing some haunted house ideas that are unoriginal and when hhn fired him for his ideas he wanted to have revenge on Universal Studios so he decided to bring in a few cursed objects such as the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, The Lantern of Fear and so on. while he bringed the cursed objects at the warehouse for a ritual however the ritual went horribly wrong and now all the characters from all the haunted houses come to life and including that Fear possessed Marty Mindfield. But can you survive or just die trying?
  5. Here's another idea you may like The Twilight Zone Beyond The Fifth Dimension When people unlock this door with the key of imagination they will not only enter a dimension of sound and sight but a dimension of mind people would moving into a land of both shadow and substance and that will be the twilight zone (It will be a compilation of the famous and less famous episodes of the three versions of the twilight zone) (and they are the 1959 version, the 1985 version and the 2002 version)
  6. I know this idea seems complicated but you may like it Bad Movies Bad Blood: Critics can agree that not all movies are good.....but at what cost? when a cinema hosted an event of all the bad movies they could find (especially on rotten tomatoes) and without any warning that they were cursed they played the movies on the projector critics riffed every movie from Batman and Robin to Plan 9 from Outer Space and so on and that is when the bad movies got tired of being riffed and decided to come out of the big screen. So the characters from all the bad movies came out of the big screen and start a killing spree on all of the people and critics who hated their films.
  7. As a Rick and Morty fan i liked the idea of your Rick and Morty Citadel idea.
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