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  1. On 6/3/2020 at 6:12 AM, kablue said:

    Every year when I take vacation, my coworkers ask where I'm going and I say HHN. Every year without fail they ask what's HHN. After I explain it they're like oh yeah, that thing. At least I can come here to talk to people about HHN.

    My coworkers insist that I go to "Disney" every year, despite me explaining several times what HHN is, and that it's at Universal. They also think that Harry Potter is at "Disney" BTW.

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  2. 56 minutes ago, faceleg said:


    I don't have AMC Premier just Sling so I have to watch them as they air, lol. Honestly there's so much (from the book at least) they could use in a house. Manx, Bing, a couple of the vamp kids, the smell of gingerbread in the air (which I hope they keep in the series). I would legit cry if part of it was walking through the Shorter Way. 

    Gingerbread smoke is definitely in the series. They didn't water Bing's character down as much as I thought they would.

    I would get so many chills if mid-house, you walked across the shorter way and it opened into the Christmasland gates. Kind of like how they did the mid-way Haddonfield Hospital a few years ago.

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  3. 32 minutes ago, faceleg said:

    Does anyone else kinda wish they'd do a NOS4A2 house? They already have a relationship with AMC. The book was awesome and the series is looking great so far. (I'm actually quite pleased with how they're splitting the book up, at least from looking at the cast and episode lists). 

    I loved the book too. I'm six episodes in, and I'm actually enjoying all of the changes their making to the narrative. It makes sense for a TV show.


    Wait until you get a glimpse of Christmasland (pretty sure that was in episode 5). The gates were made to be an HHN facade. 

  4. 20 hours ago, Legacy said:

    I’m for eliminating them or drastically increasing the prices. I think they can make more profit and improve the experience by doing that.


    Here’s my proposed pricing (AP discounts in parentheses):


    Rush of Fear : $309.99 ($239.99)

    Rush of Fear Express : $449.99 ($344.99)

    The first 17 Event Nights


    Frequent Fear : $399.99 ($374.99)

    Frequent Fear Express : $549.99 ($489.99)

    EVERY Sunday-Thursday event night PLUS the first two weekends and the last Friday event night.


    Frequent Fear Plus : $649.99 (No AP Discount)

    Frequent Fear Plus Express : $799.99 (No AP Discount)

    All Sundays-Fridays, the first two nights and the last Saturday. Includes parking.


    Ultimate Frequent Fear : $899.99 (No AP Discount)

    Ultimate Frequent Fear Express : $999.99 (No AP Discount)

    I honestly thought that they were going to implement passes that were only good for one (or possibly two) weeks at a time instead of the entire season. That would definitely thin out the crowds.

  5. 10 hours ago, HorrorUnearthed said:

    With Harry Potter though getting a lot of promotional coverage at the moment, looks like we might be waiting till June

    I feel the new Potter coaster pretty much finished up for now. They did the previews of all the creatures, and revealed Hagrid. Not much else to announce until the opening.

  6. 40 minutes ago, Legacy said:

    To dismiss them as “those who think they can create” is an insult. I’ve done marketing design, and I put just as much (if not more) thought and effort into those products as my “fun” stuff.

    As someone in marketing myself, thank you for making that point. It's often that we're just though of as "number people", where it actually takes both sides of the brain.

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  7. 41 minutes ago, mystiquephreeq said:

    I was hoping for an announcement this week so I could have something to focus on after the Battle of Winterfell. I am not going to be ok Monday. I’ll be a blithering mess Sunday night.

    Between whatever ending they have planned for the end of the epic Avengers storyline, and most of my favorites probably dying in the Battle of Winterfell on Sunday, it's going to be a very emotional weekend. Good think I found some bottles of Ommegang's For the Throne beer to help me make it through Sunday's episode.

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  8. 1 minute ago, themazethinker said:

    wb horror made here ain't coming back this year.

    But it probably is next year. Doesn't mean that they will or won't be licensing out properties for 29, just laying it out there.

    Also, there's been a ton of work going on for 29 since last August, and the HMH info just came into public knowledge recently. Uni may have known earlier, but who knows if it would have been early enough.

  9. 2 hours ago, Midnight Detective said:

    Speaking of IPs


    Could we have a thread where everyone posts their favorite horror movies or recommendations? I'm relatively horror movie illiterate as far as the entirety of the genre goes and end up watching a bunch of new films before HHN. Its resulting in me seeing lots of new films that blew me away (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) but I also don't see some (Poltergeist), watch them 3 years later and wish I had seen them ahead of time.


    Also books

    Dracula Teeth’s lost of classics above is pretty strong. It you ever want some recommendations, PM me with some of your favorites, and I’ll try to steer some in your direction.


    Also, some of my recent faves that weren’t mentioned: It Follows, Babadook, and Terrifier.

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  10. 9 hours ago, Ringwraith said:

    An article out of West Palm Beach entitled "Changes Coming to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.  Link


    "Past themes of the various houses have been based on classic horror movies like Poltergeist or the Netflix series Stranger Things (which is coming back this year). But what's new is the resort is going to have its first original content haunted house called "Nightingales: Blood Pit."


    Go home WPTV, you're drunk.


    Fake news

  11. I've heard (seen) some things that heavily implied there was something actually planned for today. Who knows there may still be. Or, maybe something big happened last minute that is causing them to reschedule again. Or maybe it was always planned for tomorrow in the first place. 


    All I'm saying is, I don't think it was an April Fool's joke.

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