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  1. I honestly just wish they'd drop the whole numbers deal entirely. It just feels kind of silly. Just call it "Halloween Horror Nights" and then whatever the tagline/theme is for that year (ie. Carnival of Carnage). It looks and feels cleaner. Unless there's a house/theme that's huge with the GP (think Walking Dead huge) that hasn't been used before, I think we're getting an Icon.
  2. Extremely doubtful they're only selling single night tickets entirely. I'm calling complete bullshit. There will be FFP, FFP+, etc. etc. They make too much off merch, alcohol, and the like to get rid of their only multi-night scheme entirely. Give it a few months. It just doesn't make sense economically, and this is from an economics minor. They have people who have PhD's in this stuff working their numbers year round. It doesn't add up.
  3. That's a hell of a lot of nights. Should be good hours for the scareactors though. Hope they can keep up with this schedule.
  4. That actually sounds neat. I used to read my fair share of creepypastas a few years ago, and definitely remember Candle Cove. Will certainly check that out. That said, creepypastas are full of original content I'd love to see Universal pull from.
  5. Couldn't say, haven't seen either. Don't watch a whole lot of TV unless it's on Netflix or gets a ton of publicity and my friends say it's good, I'll bootleg it. Cable prices, man. :x
  6. Either. I mean, this is all purely wishful thinking and going out on a limb with zero basis. Just a theme I would like to see.
  7. After missing last year, I'm planning on going HAM this year. Planning on doing every night with a FFP+. Hit the houses the first couple weekends and spend the rest of the time in the street with my DSLR and a fistful of booze, people watching. Wishful thinking? Stranger Things is really the only series I'd really care to see at the moment. Looking forward to their original house lineup. I think something scary along the lines of Norse mythology would be awesome. Zombie vikings/dragons would be dope.
  8. Sup b

    1. Dr. D

      Dr. D

      And here I see this in May

    2. Grime


      And here I see this in July

    3. Dr. D

      Dr. D

      And here I see this in July 2018


  10. This year looking pretty decent. Lots of original content. Color me hype.

  11. Grime


    Still haven't seen the movie unfortunately, will have to do that this weekend at some point. Krampus is one of my favorite stories. The previews for the house look great though.
  12. Greasers are cool. I'm impartial to new sexy vampires but we'll see how this one plays out.
  13. I've been so out of the loop lately. Are we getting a stage show? I see this being over by T2/Mels if we're getting a stage show. Probably completely wrong, but just my guess.
  14. People are going to be climbing the shit out of that thing. Lord have mercy it looks good though. Good luck to the coordinators.
  15. Guessing this will be running through central park and opening into that 3-way by AA, with props there. And yeah, expecting a lot of the same costumes. But those are some of my favorite costumes in that area soooo :V
  16. Word is a good chunk of the veteran chainsaw group were cast here. Keep your eyes peeled. Also, likely 4 casts. Expect another big zone.
  17. With the docks and boats, it's pretty safe to assume it'll be SanFran. I hate that location, but I'm a sucker for wharfs and that age of fishing so the setting may have me loving a zone for the first time there.
  18. Ladies on the bed, perfect. I can't imagine the amount of sexual comments you hear every night but you're killing it. One of you followed me from one side of the bed to the other, and it was fucking HOT. I can't imagine that being comfortable with the amount of assholes and weirdos that come through there every night. Keep it up
  19. You guys are killing it out there. So many good jokes, so many good scares. I could sit around here all night. Keep it up
  20. Mark, your photos are godlike. I asked you about your ISO and aperture settings on Facebook earlier, thanks again for getting back to me. I'm looking forward to bringing my D7000 next weekend with my 35mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/1.4
  21. I really, really hate posts that say things like "Uni always wants to keep it in one park" and "Potter will never be open for HHN because Rowling won't allow it" (heh). Unless you sit in on the executive meetings where these decisions are made and contracts are signed, stop spouting this crap as fact. It's fine to say "I don't think Uni will ever expand to both parks for HHN again" but the fact is that nobody is precognitive. Anything can happen. Just like everything else, opening IOA for HHN is a money issue. Is it worth it? They may have to keep attractions, stores, restaurants all open and pay all of those people that run everything just like they do during the day. Unless USF is having capacity issues consistently, why would they open the other park and deal with all of the logistics problems? And yes, there is a hard cap for tickets that they legally cannot pass. They usually only hit that number on Saturdays towards the end of the event. Opening Diagon Alley gives them an extra couple thousand tickets that they can sell. In regards to this year, yeah it definitely feels like last weekend was the busiest opening weekend that I can remember. We waited 2 hours for RUN and everything else was at least an hour. I typically never wait in anything over 45 minutes on opening weekends unless it's a big crowd puller like TWD and it's right in the middle of the event (10-11pm). I'm a little worried about the rest of the event, but Wednesdays and Thursdays should stay relatively tame. But again, we'll see I guess.
  22. Seemed pretty normal to me. They did a great job with the space they had.
  23. I really hate this location for zones, and if the stage show wasn't out by Mel's I feel like this one should be out there (like Horrorwood). It's a great zone thrown in an absolute shit location. Kudos to the actors for dealing with the amount of traffic in such a small space. I'm not even claustrophobic but this area always brings it on.
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