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  1. This Will be my first 3d house so I really hope it won't suck. :c
  2. How do you think they'll implement the "Death Obstacles"?
  3. The lineup sounds so good to me. (Names, not so much though). I love love love the Run description.
  4. I might spend a good amount of time during the beginning of the season, watching and taking in this zone.
  5. I hope it's extreme with awesome interactions.
  6. I can't wait to see most of what I missed in the years I didn't come to HHN. It's so hard to tell which house will be my favorite for the originals.
  7. This house will probably be high up in my list, it sounds too good.
  8. This is going to possibly be my favorite scare zone, aside from the icons.
  9. This has moved so far up my list of anticipation, it's not even funny. MOVING YOUR WAY THROUGH DEATH OBSTACLES? I THINK YES.
  10. I'm actually really excited for this house, because I didn't get to experience it before. I have a feeling that I will definitely like it.
  11. I'm super excited for this, because I have never gotten to experience the inmates before.
  12. Fair enough, I drank coffee to be up this late.
  13. 1 hoUr reMainS. Join #JacksManiacs nOw or PerisH. #HHN25 http://bit.ly/SCAINAM FULL REVEAL AT 12:01AM THEY LIED. Lol, jk.
  14. On the concept art thread, I thought that maybe it could be the fal festival area by the gazebo becasue of the burn marks.
  15. So essentially; all but confirmed Alice in Wonderland?
  16. wE baRelY esCaped tHe iNsaNe. FoR this. #JacksManiacs #HHN25 http://bit.ly/SCAINAM Could this be the Fall Festival area? but the gazebo possibly because of the burn marks?
  17. wE esCaped tHis tWistEd worLd. fOr YoU. http://bit.ly/SCAINAM #JacksManiacs #HHN25
  18. I think we got our homeage to Carey, Ohio on twitter.
  19. a DoUBle taKe for deCades. #JacksManiacs #HHN25 http://bit.ly/SCAINAM Our homage to Carey, Ohio!
  20. I've heard that it's going to be pretty good, but the house shirt will be missing the ninth house.
  21. "Please turn off your headlights" I think so!
  22. yoU neVER know what YoU’ll EnCouNter... #JacksManiacs #HHN25 http://bit.ly/SCAINAM
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