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  1. The guy that played Shia played him last year too. A lot of the actors are the same from last year.
  2. Get there as early as possible, hit m&m, fvj, bc, then run, awil, purge, twd, then end with insidious. mix in shows as you wish.
  3. The last couple of nights it's been like a bunch of scenes from some year(s). I mean they play the hhn comercial, but theres more. I'm so tempted to just sit and watch. LOL
  4. A lot of people did! I think it was her helmet and weapon that did it. It SCREAMS Jane. I have a somewhat list from what I've seen.
  5. I enjoy the random people with chainsaws. Especially if they use them well. The voodoo preist, for example. He hides around the stages, and gets the people without them expecting it.
  6. The first time I did this house, my friend got suckerpunched by a clown (but maybe it was the elf); I can't exactly remember I just know that a girl popped out and hit my friend. The second time, I got kicked in the shin by the same person(area). Still my top house.
  7. I think so, my first two runs were Freddy (beginning of the night/ middle of the night), my last was Jason(end of the night).
  8. Also, what's the video that's playing in the AWIL queue?
  9. I kept missing it, the chainsaw girl kept staying right on me ):
  10. I found a couple GATs I think; the coin looking things in Insidious on the music stand in the first room. I believe I found one in M&M last night too, I pulled on a rope or chain, I can't remember which, and there was air/water that came from a wall.
  11. Still the same categories for me. Anyone got something else?
  12. Tbis house is so much better when you into it by yourself with no ine else. I saw scream written a few times in graffiti.
  13. Confirmed.that there are in fact two babies and they are jack and eddie.
  14. I thought Eddie was his younger brother. Wouldn't this mean they were twins?
  15. I definitely saw a baby (possibly just shape) and it was in the cell opposite of the aggressive scare actor.
  16. It seems every 45, I was in the zone during cast changes twice. one at 6:45, and one at 7:30. Freddy and Jason both were there last night!
  17. I saw it, I had to stop for a few seconds, but I saw it.I'm almost positive that was it.
  18. The last peak night is the 25th. 1AM: 9/18-10/1,10/4, 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28-11/1 2AM: 10/2-10/3, 10/8-10/11, 10/15-10/18, 10/22-10/25
  19. Universal: Richters, Kid Zone Pizza, Monster's Cafe, Mel's Die-In, MIB area, Louies, also two that are just out (I'll find out for sure tomorrow.) IOA: Port of Entry Dining Reservation Cart (Under the Hulk), Captain America's Diner, Comic Strip Cafe, Thunder Falls, Burger Digs, Circus McGurkus, near the shish ka bob cart thing in Lost Continent. There's one more in Jurassic Park at one of the carts I think; again (I'll find out for sure tomorrow).
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