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  1. Two words: Photo Ops I enjoyed seeing the costumes and makeup, but the scares were relatively non-existent. I got a couple scares from the scarecrows though.
  2. Maybe it's just because I enjoy the movie so much that this zone was amazing for me. I loved the purgers running around and the show was awesome. This was quite possibly my favorite scare zone.
  3. This one was a nice entrance zone, I enjoyed the ambiance and seeing them swoop in the faces of the unsuspected. But, after the houses this was just meh.
  4. This was one of my favorite zones, dark, intense, and scare actors not being noticed before the scare. I enjoyed this zone a lot, and got a few pictures with the actors.
  5. If there was anyway to take back my time, I would undo walking this house. It was my least favorite for sure. I was only scared one time, when the vampire dude comes up behind the soldier. That's it.
  6. This was another one where I didn't know what was going on. I enjoyed it, but I didn't get it, so I didn't fully enjoy the experience. It was pretty meh.
  7. This one was tough, I do not watch the show, and was tempted not to even do it. But alas, it was so so. I was confused by half of the scenery. The only part I actually enjoyed was the ending jail scene. On the times that I did go, that scene always got me, the strobes disorienting me and making me get scared easier. I probably ran into half of the actors! But this one was not even in the top 5 for me
  8. This house finished out my top three. Though I have never seen any of the movies (I know, spare me) this house was so in depth I felt like I maybe knew what was going on. Saying that, this is the only house this year that I went alone through. (Big deal, I am a baby when I get scared). I felt like he was everywhere, everywhere I looked he was coming out of. I was in front of a big group of people, and you can sense them behind you, well I stopped sensing them and looked behind me to see why. Sure enough, Michael was following me down the hallway. I swear I ran faster than I knew was possible. It was a phenomenal experience and I hope everyone got scared well.
  9. This house was my second favorite this year, the creep factor stayed with me the entire night, and enhanced my experience. I loved the detail in this house, and the temperatures and smells created an experience I won't forget. Saying that, the baby rooms was disgustingly awesome. My family enjoyed this house too, making it an awesome time.
  10. Now, for me, clowns are in fact my worst nightmare. But even worse, the worst thing that someone could do to me is give a clown a chainsaw to jump out with. Holy cow did I scream and run. My adrenaline was running through this house when I did it. The first time my face was in my friends back and I was shuffling through the house. One clown got up in my face and said "It's nice to see you again" now, it was my first time and this sent the chills down my spine because holy crap hearing that when your eyes are closed and that close to you. It was the best. I loved the animations and the interactive buttons, I got like five people with the blood squirter. By far, my favorite house of the event.
  11. This house got me in the end, with the stilt guys. It might be cause I'm so short, but I literally thought they were just more trees before I looked up.
  12. This house made me laugh in the beginning and got me really good a couple time. I thought the make up was near perfection.
  13. I thought it was Rocky Horror, but I also thought Face-Off because costumes.
  14. I'm excited, I've never done a 3D house, but a little sad that Eddie won't be in Run as I didn't experience that yet either.
  15. I agree: Duh= TWD West Coast Duh= Insidious Duh and Duh-er= Probably FvJ Surprise Return=AWiL Literal Originals = Blizzard, Montage: Hallowd Past 2 Curiouser: Alice in Wonderland 3D Reboot: Scream Grunge Throwback: Run Stallyons=Bill and Ted of course. Carnage: Jack's show? Costumes: RHPS or Face off comes to mind, but I really don't know and it's a total guess. Everything else I can't figure out, either because I haven't been exposed to it, or am just blonde. Lol. Edit: I just saw hhnrumors list of houses. So I've added based on that. http://hhnrumors.com/rumor-hhn25-house-list-9-houses/
  16. That's interesting, as last year was my first HHN, I saw those videos and was slightly confused, as I didn't know what or who those videos were about, I think I saw the lantern queue video. It definitely piqued my interest in HHN though, and I think it definitely would help the ones of us like me who weren't here for the history of HHN.
  17. I think the deja vu house would be absolutely amazing! Especially if it changes vaguely like Legacy's plan. It would freak me out a lot. As for the bugs, I'm not sure if that would be more gross or freaky to the general public. I also like the mirror idea, because I, for one, cannot handle leaving my bathroom door open because of the mirror. Strobes disorient me to the max, and definitely definitely should be incorporated in the mirror one! Think of the confusion!
  18. Clowns are the most scary/creepy thing for me. So I was terrified and loving it in Giggles and Gore. Some parts of the house weren't all too scary and felt like place holders but what really got me was the final clown with the chainsaw a.k.a. my worst nightmare. I wish it was more like that part. I loved the interactive buttons inside though. I want more of those!
  19. Last year was my first HHN ever. I enjoyed the event, and went a bunch of times. Though, I felt that the scare zones weren't scary. Purge got me a few times, and Bayou got me too. But Maskerade and Face off was just meh. I would like them to be more involved next year, with more scares and better scares.
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