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  1. I've heard that diagon will be open for hhn for sure.
  2. I was thinking that. <wishful thinking> Announce final IP today, then tomorrow do a full reveal~ </end wishful thinking>
  3. Are they doing two casts because of the longer nights? Or will they be adding additional show times? The Icon Maze sounds like it will set the backstory for some of the icons then, for us newbies; like seeing Storyteller in a Scary Tales scene.
  4. I'm really excited for this house in all honesty, Purge is a top favorite of mine. And I wanted to spend the whole time in the zone last year. To experience it as a house will probably be awesome too. Most anticipated house, beating out Insidious.
  5. I would be totally freaked in that house though.
  6. I think they were talking about Express Passes, and I believe Employee Preview was until 12 last year.
  7. Last year was line up for Bill and Ted, for me. RHPS wasn't bad. But I have a feeling the Jack show will be line up as well.
  8. I for one am almost disappointed, this time last year I was talking with friends and looking at billlboards deciding which houses to hit and such. I feel like it just isn't feeling like HHN is coming up, I know this drama is seriously hurting HHN. But I am not opposed at all to the thought of Purge coming back, it's personally in my top ten favorite movies.
  9. In 37 days I will experience the TMP for HHN25. In 39 days I will experience HHN25 to the fullest.

  10. Congrats! That is true, I could definitely see it being the Scream announcement.
  11. HHN - Orlando ‏@HorrorNightsORL 2h2 hours ago Keep running and don't look back... #HHN25 47 retweets 110 favorites HHN - Orlando ‏@HorrorNightsORL Aug 8 You can’t run, you can’t hide. The Bride in Black will find you in Insidious at #HHN25! So the question now is when?
  12. Maybe "Jack's Maniacs" is the story/theme of the Anniversary house?
  13. I didn't even get the feeling of something coming.
  14. On the contest, there were four boxes with locks.
  15. I haven't even been through 10 houses. LOL. So Currently: 1. Giggles and Gore 2. Dollhouse of the Damned 3.Halloween 4. Roanoke: Cannibal Colony 5.The Walking Dead 6. From Dusk Till Dawn 7. AVP 8. Dracula : Untold I'll edit this when I go this year (:
  16. Does anyone have any ideas when the reveal of what's behind the first lock will be?
  17. Which means that our leaked list is still spot on. All the way. I'm super excited for Run, I might just pop by Disaster to catch a glimpse.
  18. At the Guest Drop Off loop there are ALWAYS taxis waiting for people. Yellowcab/Mears is the provider I believe. Three miles might be like $10 if I remember correctly.
  19. Screamscape posted : (7/30/15) I've heard for some time now that we would see the return of An American Werewolf in London maze for some reason for HHN25. I'm not quite sure what the planned improvements and changes might be, as the original maze was pretty darn epic to begin with, but a Screamscape source has confirmed laying eyes on it under construction once again. According to our source, they passed by one of the soundstages which had one of the giant doors left open and they clearly spotted the entrance to the Slaughtered Lamb pub as they passed, which served was the entrance to the original maze. Elsewhere in the park they also spotted a large "RUN" sign in place near Disaster, which also seems to confirm the rumors that the old "RUN" maze will also return in Disaster's queue.
  20. I mean it would make sense due to the fact of how the last one ended. One of those screen shots was from the last one I think, thr prayer circle.
  21. Announcements are soooo slooooow. >.< I'm ready for the next one. For me, everyone I know is going like this: Announcement WOOO Dead for two weeks+, asks me for every little detail. Announcement WOOOO Dead for more time, asks me for every little detail. Half of them are so bored they are contemplating not going. >.<
  22. Isn't supposed to be blizzard or was that just the code name?
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