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  1. It's over! HHN25 was probably the best time of my experience with HHN. </3 What do I do for another 348 days?

  2. This week is going to be a blast! Birthday tomorrow, Employee Preview Wednesday, HHN opening night Friday. <3

  3. In 37 days I will experience the TMP for HHN25. In 39 days I will experience HHN25 to the fullest.

  4. Less than two months, it's creeping up slowly but the adrenaline is kicking into overdrive with each announcement.

  5. 65 Days; 2.166667 Months. I can almost taste the fear.

  6. Counting down. Jack is Back!

  7. My horror movie marathon begins tonight at probably 6 because I'm lazy and hungry.

  8. Rumors and Speculations...excited and worried. Ready for this event already.

  9. Let the countdown begin...148...

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