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  1. They responded to realgamer on Twitter saying "no." to "announcement?"
  2. I think that some of it was because of that marketing lol. It should be dead, hence everyone shows up expecting the dead-ness. I went on Oct 4, and Nov 4, this year and it was ten times more packed in Nov than in Oct.
  3. If those are the dates, omg, it's two day after my birthday!! I'm so stoked.
  4. I'm the odd one out here, but I look forward to the Purge coming each year. IT would be awesome to see. AVP was one of the first houses I went to, I'd love for somehow to get it back. My fiance and I both love alien horror. Wishlist: -Alien Theme (Don't care about the franchise or if it's an original) -IT -Halloween (enjoyed the 2014 version) -Freddy (Loved the FvJ) -Original with the same vibes as The Fallen -Original with the same vibes as Giggles and Gore -Blumhouse -Original with the same vibes as Body Collectors -Original with the same vibes as Dollhouse Scarezones : -Purge -Something like Scary Tales -Aliens -Something that ties in with the event
  5. Sadly, very sadly, I wasn't able to catch this show this year. Can anyone message me with a youtube recording or a big spoiler review? This is the first year that I didn't make the show. ):
  6. https://twitter.com/HHNCrypt/status/906033153969491968 They have a tumbler on here that I'm thinking about getting. Anyone know how much they usually are?
  7. We're good over here, not much damage other than a few shingles flying from a neighbor and some limbs. Power was only out for about 4 hours last night. Water was off for a little longer. Hope everyone else is as well off!
  8. Man I knew that too (the ride thing) sorry! But they already have Despicable Me Minion Mayhem right down the way from T2. And they already have the Mummy ride, would they really do another Mummy theme? How would they do that? (I've only seen the latest Bourne).
  9. Is there any spec for this ride (I understand this isn't actually the thread for it, remove/move to the right location if needed) as in which "high-energy" Universal franchise?
  10. What do you guys think is going to happen with Irma heading this way? Will they take down the houses and such?
  11. I agree with this, the setup/breakdown/setup seems a bit extra. and I'm getting the same feeling from purge, even though that was my first year and I really enjoyed it.
  12. I'm pretty much excited for the sinister part, purge is okay, and insidious is okay. But okay so that's the last ip, so when do we get the originals? Some time this week?
  13. Do you guys think they're going to touch on the new taylor single and Swish, Swish by Katy?
  14. I'm probably going to get the shot glass, lanyard, and house shirt. Do you think that is the house shirt pictured? Or is it one of the themeing ones?
  15. Thank you! But I feel that Scarecrows-Dustbowl is probably the laziest name for a house, imho. I'm kinda hoping he's wrong about that. I agree. I thought the same thing, about the commercial. I wonder why. I probably won't make it there for my "first (legal) drink", but it's on my bucketlist. What would you suggest from there?
  16. Legacy said he's announcing at 1AM EST; His midnight. Unless they beat him to it, and he could be 75% wrong. https://twitter.com/HorrorNightsORL/status/900774675890003969 No icon theory confirmed? They also said not to expect an announcement today, in another tweet.
  17. Thank you! And I thought so too, on my fifth time watching it I kept looking and was like I recognize that guy(voodoo) and I bet I know where these guys go(the other originals). Really? I thought he looked an awfully lot like the Bayou of Blood scarezone guy. I don't watch AHS though.
  18. Is someone going to be lurking over there and bring the info back here?
  19. Which one(s) is(are) AvD? Which one(s) is(are) voodoo?
  20. Anyone got ideas for these characters? Important? Not important?
  21. I got that a lot over the last three days. LOL. Anytime! And watermelon Jolly Rancher sounds delicious. And I totally think that lady is hinting towards at least a mascot, she goes very well with a lot of the graphics on the website and such.
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