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  1. This tweet cements my views on a pattern: Fear will infect you - DE2 Fear Rules - TrT Our houses are built on fear - above tweet What are you afraid of? - part of the video.
  2. Before anyone reacts to the UOAPB tweet, here's a reminder: We had 5 duplicate permits that were errors already this year. This new tent permit may well be another error.
  3. I missed this earlier. You choose your Legion. Find the one with the traits most like your own. I'm 5ft 1, sarcastic to a fault, and love riddles and games. The trickster Morphan fits me, but there is Bacc and Strengoit as well. I refer to myself as a baccamorphagoit. The Morphan part wins out most of the time.
  4. The trademark posted to IU is for jewelry. Standard Character Marks must be for specific usage.
  5. Since things I post end up over there anyway... Does someone want to tell IU that the trademark is dead? There are no longer any rights issues regarding Bloody Mary. Friendly reminder for here as well. ^That's my illogical optimism. EDIT: IU post no longer needed. Optimism and reminder stand.
  6. Hadn't that already been confirmed? Life is going to be so much easier when I'm not closing at work then waking up to get the kids to school. I'm surprised I've been able to keep track of anything. Bring on the summer!! I may actually get more than 4hrs of sleep!
  7. I've matched the originals to the Legions. I'm just not going to be more specific about that yet. Originals: DE2 = Kerezan Morphan = TBA Maschorian = TBA Cerebin = TBA Strengoit = TBA Baccanoid = Will they appear? The IPs are just for fun and I can link the remaining IPs to the Legions as well. When it comes to story building and potential games, originals are more important. I'll match the SZs to Legions as soon as info for them is available. Since I tweeted them, for those who want to see the Legion Lineages:
  8. I wouldn't put too much into my ability to place houses into Legions. I've been playing my own annual game of "Match the House to the Legion" since the Legions were introduced in 2012. Although, this year it's a little easier to do. Originals are always easier to match. I have Maschorian, Kerezan (DE2), Cerebin, Morphan, and Strengoit matched. The Baccs are the only ones missing. The Baccs missing, of course, makes a possible 10th house very, very interesting to me. I have a streak of optimism that remains illogically hopeful for things that will most likely not come to pass. For IPs: Morphan = TrT Cerebin = StrTh
  9. Depends on what you consider to be blatant. Blatant connections for me are usually not the same for others. Nods to past houses, past stories, and IPs are very obvious to me. Interstellar Terror was blatantly Event Horizon to me. While others have associated it with a video game, Roddy's cameo in the house cemented the Event Horizon connection. I knew Run was a homage to The Running Man in '01. I can connect things very easily. I've said it before, but not recently: I am one step away from being a conspiracy theorist. I see obvious connections to the past in the remaining originals, but that is me. I see patterns, tropes, and similarities with ease. I can, also, match all of the originals to the Legions of Horror. There's only one Legion not represented.
  10. You are on a boat!! You're stuck with it now. Ship is happening...
  11. 1. Weeeellll......it's so easy to connect things to the past. 2. @Ecto_Freak please report! Are there auditions for bikes? I think the first year we had bikes was '06 Deadtropolis.
  12. I agree. They just need to adjust the tracking a bit more Everything should be clear after that. Still killing me, Smalls. One of these things are not like the others... Well, two, although, technically the second still connects. It was a zone It had a home Was not alone So not its own When Snacks is finally figured out, I'm imagining much face palming. It's one of the easier ones to decipher. You just have to think like a an evil riddle maker. HHN spec and LT games share this in common: They are simplification and overthinking combined. Not sure if it's true, I haven't seen an audition that listed them. My guess would be for an NY zone if they do have bikes again. The only places I've seen bikes are NY and HB. HB was in 07. The caurosel bikes.
  13. 6/7 seems plausible for an update. The buy1get1 sale ends 6/6. If the orignal timeline was for the 10th and something caused issues, 5/24 is plausible as well.
  14. I'll watch for another tent permit. I'm still sweeping the permits as often as I can since new addresses are being used. The only other Universal tent install that I've seen was near SS33. The tents (there were two) weren't large enough for a house, and were most likely for a media event.
  15. Permits don't post all at one. The MiB permit is only for the tent, not the construction of the house. We only have 8 house permits as of right now.
  16. Permits for SS25, B40 (Shrek), and B79 (parade bldg) have posted. MiB Tent install has posted as well. I'm getting ready for work. They are on my twitter feed.
  17. Moved some TrT posts into the TrT topic. A quick word regarding linguistics, semantics, and language. Words can have many meanings beyond the ones that are most familiar. Take sleight, for instance. The first synonyms that come to mind are sly, deception, trick. Other synonyms to sleight are dexterity, nimbleness, adeptness, quickness, stratagem, skill, craft, scheme. When creating or solving riddles/hints/clues word choice is important. Words can be used to confuse or to clarify. Using a synonym can, sometimes, alter perception and solving paths. Sometimes, a synonym is used to highlight a difference. To figure out Clue 7, we have to figure out what definition @Legacyis using for sleight. Is sleight a trick or skill.
  18. We’re throwing you head first into the world of this cult Halloween film, and putting you in the middle of all the grisly scenes and demented characters. These guardians of Halloween will teach you the traditions of the holiday as you find out first hand the consequences of breaking those rules. With monsters around every turn, you need to pay attention…or suffer the ultimate fate. And then there’s Sam who keeps a watchful eye over it all. He’s the keeper of the rules and the spirit of Halloween. He may look cute on the outside but you don’t want to get on his bad side… or the receiving end of his lollipop.
  19. Which is why he chose it. Oscar Wilde is the correct answer. I got us bonus points, though!
  20. There once was a carny named Murdy He was known to be quite wordy In a fit a peek Revenge he seeked And know he's playing dirty
  21. 8am has come and gone Though, Murdy was a-tweeting Updates sometimes take too long And leaks are always fleeting Sometimes, I'm still able to speculate. Sometimes, my speculations are right. Now, where's our update, Uni? Just give it to us! We've seen it! We know what it is, don't we? Sometimes, things are more than they seem.
  22. Has anyone suggested a possible midnight update, yet? No, I don't know and it's not a hint, but... Murdy tweeted his typical something wicked this way comes at about the same time the vid was released. Given time differences, the error may have been due to a Hollywood time schedule. EDIT 12:03am 5/16/18: Well, that idea didn't pan out. Oh well, suppose we will have to wait until 8am Cali time.
  23. #SignalFound #AdjustingTracking someone's probably adjusting employment as well
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