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  1. L F B does come from Lyman Frank Baum. But L F B became something else. The Evil Queen was in ST3. She played a very specific role in that house's story. Snow White is out of the way, now. She led you to the Evil Queen. Scribes and evil ruler must be combined with the story in ST3. Oz assumptions were made for a reason, and L F B is why those assumptions were made. If Once Upon a Time taught us anything, one "big bad" at a time is the best options for a story.
  2. One more clue: This one goes along with evil ruler. L F B
  3. Agreed. Also, KKfOS would be a closer connect to Interstelar. I missed this. Snow White leads you on to the right track. My clues: ST3 holds answers evil ruler, Snow White, and scribes will lead you to the path Oz assumptions were made for a reason Hopefully, that helps.
  4. Themetically? Are you sure? BC2 was a hodgepodge of slashers. Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper primarily. Halloween and HoB fill the slasher role. Then there's the zones: AiW, PoW, and FT all link to the ST franchise. PoW should be definitely represented. Doomsday was cannibals and SSin (needed an abreviation that wasn't SS) will have cannibals. Creatures involved a meteor crashing to earth. Poltergeist is a traditional ghost story, and RoF was aiming for that. There's, even, comparisons to be made between Mary's mirrors and TVs. While tropes and themes are easy to spot when really looking, there's much to compare between 18 and 28.
  5. There's plenty of mirroring of 18 going on in this year's event. It's downright frustrating that there is absolutely no hints of an icon. Look at the rumored house list, then play match the theme to 18's houses and zones.
  6. It's been a bit since I've reviewed his clues. The scribes and an evil ruler are on the right track, though.
  7. The possibility has always existed for "Oz" to carry the ST franchise name. I've been adamant about using StrTh instead of ST for awhile now. A review of ST3 may help figure things out.
  8. Maybe? Yes, it does. Let me update: Announced Originals: Slaughter Sinema - Morphan DE2 - Kerezan Carnival Graveyard - Maschorian Rumored/Speculated Originals: Meteor: Strengoit (This one is theory. Need more info) Poison: Cerebin Scarezones: Vamp '85 - Strengoit The Harvest - Baccanoid Twisted Traditions - Morphan (possibly Cerebin) Killer Klowns - Cerebin Chucky - Morphan Announced IPs: TrT - Morphan Stranger Things - Cerebin Rumored/Speculated IPs: Poltergeist - Kerezan Halloween - Kerezan HoB 2.0 - Maschorian Edit: I'm going on more limited info than @Legacy I haven't seen as much.
  9. Assumptions made...always. I suppose one should temper their Oz hopes while leaning towards Oz. Which probably makes no sense, but trying to make sense is beyond my capabilities at the moment. Also, since you decided to confirm... I stated previously that sometimes I can still speculate and still be right. Those who followed the guess the codename game may understand what I meant now.
  10. "Cheese" has an important place in horror history. Over the top gore bordering on the ridiculous were genre changers. Schlock horror can surprise with scares and gave rise to the "torture porn" that is so well loved today. Fairytales are the original horror stories. The "happily ever after" that Disney created does not exist in the original stories. Baum's Oz has always contained imagery that is downright terrifying. Someone mentioned Return to Oz and wonder if some of the imagery could be seen in an Oz style house, the answer is yes. While direct copies from the film couldn't be seen, the characters themselves could be used. The Wheelers, Tik Tok, Mombi, Princess Langwidere, Tip... The steampunk stylings needed for The Wheelers has already had groundwork lain. PoW was very steampunk. A hall of screaming heads for Princess Langwidere. Those thirty heads weren't a Disney invention. They are Baum's. There were 14 Oz novels by Baum. There's plenty of source material to mine.
  11. Fixed it for you. I just copy the link and paste it. I don't know why it works for me.
  12. So, life has made it difficult to post and follow things. Not going into detail, but I've had to focus on family. The above quote goes back to my Rainbow clue. Rainbow is a compound word, and the clue was a compound itself. Many paths to the same basic answer, since there are many potential inspirations for the house. Reading Rainbow = Geordie = Jordy The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill is based on Stephen King's short story The Weeds. The Weeds was inspired by Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space. One could say that rainbows are a compound of colors. There's another potential reference which is, obviously, heavily inspired by The Colour Out of Space and that is Annihilation. *Random Trivia (which I can't remember if I posted or not): Stephen King has only ever played a titular role in one of his screen adaptations. He played Jordy Verrill.
  13. Well, we can make an educated guess about when an announcement is likely to occur:
  14. While Winter's Night didn't hold the casual fans as much as the Collectors, the Weeping Angel was indeed a big part of the initial hype for the house. They posted the angel's image on FB....Don't blink!! was repeated ad naseaum in the comments. ^This is accurate
  15. Thoughts on the images in the postcards: In 2013, a series of emails were sent out regarding the history of LegendaryTruth. Each email contained images. Some of the images we titled, some were not. Part of the game that year was determining what the untitled images were. Of the 14 postcards, only 5 are titled. Three are locations. Two of those locations will likely make appearances in the house. The other two titled images are works of art. Guernica is not in France and was not in France in 1982 (Thank you for the info Dr. Jimmy). The Thinker is in 28 countries. Guernica was commissioned In 1937 by the Spanish Republican government for the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne. The work is a response to the bombing of Guernica. The painting shows the suffering caused by violence and chaos. This painting is not a scene, but what will be seen. The Thinker is a part of a larger commission. The original cast is currently housed at Musee Rodin which was Hôtel Biron. The Thinker was a part of The Gates of Hell. The Gates of Hell are depicted in postcard 11. Postcard 10 shows the July Column (Colonne de Julliet) topped by the Spirit of Freedom (Génie de la Liberté) and is in the Place de la Bastille. Still working on the other images to figure out what they are.
  16. Actually, women do give their out-of-wedlock children the father's surname if they know it. Happens all the time. And yes, strong emotions can make people act strangely and completely illogically. Of course, you missed where I conceded that other connections such as (Aunt Em) make your scenario more likely.
  17. Strong emotions do strange things to people. The initial euphoria of a honeymoon in Paris while knowing your child is safe with your sibling could cause a person to not ask about a child. Grief could do the same. Kim and Charlie do not share a surname. There's only a few options for that. - Charlie is illegitimate. He was born out of wedlock, and was given his father's name. (Can apply to Kim or Emily). - Charlie's father has died. Remarriage as occurred (can apply to Kim or Emily) - Charlie's parents divorced. Remarriage (Kim). Reverted to maiden name (Kim or Emily). We know Emily has married, but we don't know her new surname. - Charlie's parents are married. Mother didn't take father's surname. (Can apply to Kim or Emily). This is the least historically likely scenario. While women were not taking the man's surname in the 80s, it was far less common than it is now. And that's another interesting tidbit. Why isn't Emily supplying us with her brand new surname. She gives us her middle name and nicknames (more on those later), but never signs with her brand new married name. While legal documents take time to change, a good number of women begin signing correspondence with their married names right after the wedding. Even when that correspondence is to family members. Magnus is an interesting addition. Australian with a Scandinavian name. The name may merely be an Easter egg for some of us. Magnus was a very popular Viking name. Rick Spencer wrote a book - Icebound: The Viking Cipher. A&D knows some of us love etymology and we wouldn't be able to resist researching Magnus. It means great in Latin, btw. Speaking of etymology and history of names: Emily Alice is an interesting choice. Emily is shortened to Em in the postcards. If we go with Emily being the aunt, then she is Aunt Em. Emily is the real name of Aunt Em in the Oz books. And Alice as the other name. Of course, Alice makes one think of Alice in Wonderland. That makes two names linked to stories used in Scary Tales, both of which had their own scarezones in 2008. There's rumors of an Oz house for this year. And the other link that I can't ignore: Alice didn't just go to Wonderland through a rabbit hole. Alice went Through the Looking Glass as well. Easter eggs for my favorite icon? Nods of remembrance for those of us who obsess?
  18. I was thinking the same thing. It's one of those things that could be either. The fact that that she doesn't ask about Charlie in the first postcard could make one question Emily being the mother, but the first postcard starts with Emily answering a question. The first postcard isn't the first correspondence. Or Kim is watching Charlie for Emily while Emily is on her honeymoon. Charlie living in the same house when older would make sense if he was raised by his aunt.
  19. That's the picture I was looking for!!! Thanks for finding it.
  20. Depends on which McPherson you are talking about. Journal McPherson (Agana's patient) or House McPherson. Journal McPherson was born 11/26/1918 and was killed by Agana 7/22/1958. I couldn't remember House McPherson's info, and couldn't find it. DE was in 08. My guess would be House McPherson died in 2008 not 05. If he was born in 80, then he would have been 27 or 28 when he died depending on the date of death. Interestingly, Mary Agana was 38 when she died. She was born April 3, 1920. We know she was possessed by her grandmother prior to being pulled into the mirror. Mary Worthington (grandmother) died in 1908. I don't think we knew her age, but for theories sake let's say she was 38. If Mary Agana had an illegitimate child and that child had a child in 1980, that grandchild would be turning 38 this year. There was an Easter egg in Ash last year for Mary Agana. 15 year old Mary Agana advertising her babysitting services. It was aged. The rates seem very 90s. It's a potential storyline. Grandmother possesses granddaughter leading to granddaughter being trapped in mirror world. It would be a cycle. We could have a new Mary possessed by the old Mary.
  21. What if there's things to spec about in the postcards? Like: Who is Charlie? Is it the same Charlie? Is it a new Charlie? If new is he related to the old? Since Charlie was an integral part of the 08 backstory, is the introduction of this new/old Charlie and backstory going to play a larger role in the event. Is Emily Charlie's mother? Aunt? Is Greg his father? Uncle? Stepfather? It appears Emily is Kimberly's sister. She references Mom, not your mom. So Emily is definitely neé Duncan. We don't know her married name. With the introduction of this marketing (A&D creating backstory) will we see greater connectivity between the houses. There's plenty to spec about within these postcards that isn't solely related to DE2. EDIT: Original ARG backstory for McPherson Charlie was born 11/26/1918. He was Agana's first victim to die from immersion therapy on 7/22/58. He was 39 years old. I cant seem to find a clear image of the press pass from the facade to verify the house story and the patient story match up.
  22. There's a third one now and I'm in full on research mode. 1192 E. Findlay St, Carey, OH gives me Frederick Brothers IGA when I google it. Imagination was an 80's UK trio. I've listened to some of their 1982 releases. Singles in 1982 were: In the Heat of the Night, Just an Illusion, Changes, Music and Lights. Pere Lachaise is the largest Cemetery in Paris.
  23. There's another tweet as well. I'm having a fangirl moment and my phone isn't charged and my tablet sucks for saving pictures/links. Remember when I said if the Ifrit was doing what I think he was doing, I'd have more respect for him. The rhyme had two potential endings that I saw. They were LT or A&D. I think he was bowing out so he wouldn't step on toes for any story building.
  24. A&D is getting creative with Chucky just like they did in '09. The house had many toy monsters. If the costume isn't too cumbersome or hot, I'd love to see the Barrel Monkey on the streets. Also, the wording of the description leads me to believe we are correct in our speculation. "Chucky commands" "he dishes out" Chucky is most likely going to be a puppet with a voice actor.
  25. I tried to fix it!! It won't exit the quote box!! It let's me exit the quote box and type in it on my own post..
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