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  1. I have a quick question. Does anyone here know how NickC's site works? The reason I ask is I noticed something on the 91 video that seems to really stick out, but it is also on the 06 site that Nick saved. If you watch the 91 video, a still picture of Frankenstein kinda slides into and out of frame. It really doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the video. It is on both the new site and Nick's site though, so I'm just not sure of what to make of it. Does the site that Nick saves remain as it was, or can things (like videos) change on his site if the official site changes them? Pardon my computer illerteracy, but thank you to anyone who can answer.
  2. Clues must build up for me. It took me about a week and a half to figure out the doc was female last year. I shall give it time. I miss you too, Scarier!!!!
  3. Sylvia, check out the LT thread from last year on the vault. TJ told me I had basically guessed everything right and that it had nothing to do with this years event. They just wanted to see how far we would research clues. They didn't count on people would were already into the paramoral and knew of the cases the referenced.
  4. I really wish I had the free time I had last year. Halloween Ball sounds amazing. Child to take trick or treating makes it impossible. I have spotty interent access right now but make sure you post any inconsistencies on here. I have the ability to spot connections and patterns. I may not spot them myself but I can make them fit together.
  5. Brava, good doctor. You either have an eidict(sp?) memory or have been able to research. If we do indeed get the usher as an icon, I look forward to a few good nights of psychoanalyzing with you.
  6. It been awhile since I posted on here. Been hard to find computer time since I started working full time again. Fubar's post made me think of another possible magazine. Rue Morgue
  7. This year did seem to have a good balance. I would have liked to have more members to the CDT and seen Sting Alley used, but other than that this year was good. It's really hard for me to picture twelve distinct scarezones. I just can't imagine where they would put them all. I could see them possibly adding something to Amity and making it it's own zone, and there is that area between Mel's and NY near the lagoon. So that would take us to 11, but I'm not sure if those areas could be used. How packed was Amity during all the LT stuff this year? If they were able to function with a large group of CFO's in the area, maybe we could see another scarezone there. I like the number of houses this year. The only way I could see more houses next year is if they used the Herc/Xena building or added another house to the soundstages. I know they were working on the Herc/Xena building earlier this year, but I have no idea how far they have come on getting it up to code. So am I missing anything when it comes to places for more houses and zones or is my memory working right? I rememberd trying to figure out where they would put everything and how they would staff it when I did that survey.
  8. My first year was '98. I was 18 and it was my first trip without my parents. I went with my hubby-to-be (we've been together forever), my friend and her boyfriend. The things that stick out for me are: The streets - they seemed packed with scareactors. This year seemed to bring back that first feeling I had. The CDT - They are what made me addicted. Watching them heard the crowds and clear the streets for the parade was a very beautiful site. The Parade - Loved it!!!! Miss it!!!! Want it to come back. The Midway - My first scarezone, my favorite scarezone. The atmospere was perfect. The scareactors were on their game. You could barely see the hand in front of your face. Shaker cans!!! Scrapers - The scrapers some scareactors had are something I still miss. They always make me jump. I only went through one house cause the other people I was with wouldn't go into them. It wascFrightantic and the level of detail to it absolutely amazed me. By the end of that night after watching one of the more cheesy (no I don't remember which one) I was hooked.
  9. The only icon they had before 2000 was the Crypt Keeper. There really wasn't any icons till Jack. When I think classic my mind wanders off in far too many directions. Is it classic movies? Sci-Fi? Horror? Is it cult classics? Is it classic Halloween? Classic fears? I'm going to be pulling for Stephen King till further info comes out. I can't help it. I'm addicted to his works and was far too excited at the possibility of him being involved this year. So yep, until further notice, I'm going with the master of horror himself. For me that would be classic.
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