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  1. For all those auditioning tomorrow.... BREAK A LEG!!! I look forward to being terrified by you this year.
  2. I pestered my hubby into looking at the pics of burnt wood (he works with wood and is in the construction field).... First and foremost, if there was a small fire, the wood would not be burnt in select places. Fire rises, if it was not a designed burn, then you would not see an area of burnt wood. Three boards with very random spots of burning? The only way it could have burnt in a pattern like that is if it was held over a fire sideways or a torch was used. The middle piece was most likely held over a fire. Secondly, 2x4s cost $2 or $3 dollars. If these pieces of wood were burnt in a fire Uni could have bought more and not used them in a house. An inspector would never allow these pieces to be used for a structural setting. These are prop pieces. Or they are waiting for the junk pile. We will probably see an old burnt down building in the Jaws que.
  3. I've been having a few discussions with friends regarding HHN and we have found at least one discrepancy regarding house locations that has us confused. We have also been discussing the possibilities for the Observation Deck. Let me explain the discrepancy first. From HHNRumors (bolds inserted by me) It may be a mistake, a typo, or red herring, but why is half of SS23 available and SS24 totally unavailable. Does this mean SS22 will hold two houses instead of SS23? Why will SS24 be unavailable? Will we have another que line in a soundstage? Just confuses us ever so slightly. I would have thought SS23 would be 2 houses and SS22 only 1. Onto the Observation Deck. I know Shadow has stated that there will be no movie houses, but a look toward the past can show that no movies houses doesn't necessarily mean no movie based houses. IT was loosely based off of Event Horizon. Ship of Screams was loosely based off of Ghost Ship. The Skoolhouse was heavily influenced by Trick or Treat. So, could the Observation Deck be pointing toward a house loosely based off of a movie. One of the first things I thought of when I read Observation Deck was a laboratory. Could we see something along the lines of Splice? Scarepy HFTH loosely based on Black Christmas which was made by Copperheart, the same people who made Splice. Just a thought.
  4. Is everyone remembering to check the LT site as well? It was still redirecting last night. Since it was renewed, it may get the update we are all waiting on. The teaser site with all of it's clues is for us the fans, but now that Potter is open a simple page would be a far better advertisement for the GP. Could the LT site become our clue site?
  5. Hope this is in the right thread. Out of curioisity I sent HHN10 to Uni's text number and received this back. Universal Parks: Thank you for signing up for HHN Updates. U will get 1-3 msg/wk. Std msg chgs apply. HELP 4help; STOP 2 quit. www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com The mobile site is stil for 19, but it appears they have updated the texting service.
  6. JW, I couldn't agree more. Greek Mythology is as relevant as Cirque Du Freak and 100 times more frightening when it is pulled from it's traditional source. Just like many fairy tales are darker than the "disneyfied" versions we know, most myths have been watered down or changed by Hollywood. As for the gorgons having wings, I have two links. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorgon http://www.theoi.com/Pontios/Gorgones.html This second link has a classical depiction of the gorgon C5th B.C.
  7. My two cents on the scene names. SS23: 5. Medusa/Gorgon - Gorgons have wings. Will we see a return of the Bungee scare or will it be more like the scares used in Drac and Wolfman. 7.Army of Hades - One house with two references to Greek Mythology leads me to believe the entire house will be based off of it. Will we see the Minotaur's Labyrinth, Mt Olympus, Hephaestus' Forge? Sprung 1: 9. Museum Hallway - With a possible hhn history type theme to this year, will this house take us through HHN's history or will it in some way connect to the Greek Mythology house and history in general? Sprung 2: 0.Facade - Doesn't help much 3. Observation Deck. - If this is Frightanic, I hope they can pull it of in a tent. The first thing I think of when I hear Observation Deck isn't a ship though. I think of the Empire State Building or The Gateway Arch. I also think of observation points used by scientists in a lab or the watchtowers used by park rangers. Parade Building 1. Vortex - This vortex could be more like the one used in IT instead of the ones used with Jack, Chucky, and other funhouse type houses. 9. Rat Lady Corridor - Others have said it, but this brings to mind Dungeon of Terror. The Rat Lady's original home. And since Mae asked about her being in the floor, I don't think they will do that again. I vaguely remember hearing comments that the Rat Lady's view from that position could be very disturbing at times. These scene names seem to create more questions than they answer, but it's a start.
  8. I have been reading the forums the past few days, and I have had an idea fermenting. I apologize if this is long. Actually, it's an expansion of other speculation. I am not sure if it's mature yet, but here goes.... The idea of an "entity", a root to HHN has been mention a few times. I haven't keyed into it until someone mentioned Cindy as being the root. I have actually always felt that the Storyteller's story fits Cindy. The story about the little girl who eats the monster. Anyways, the idea of Cindy being the "root" made my brain wander and made me realize we do have a common thread and at least two cases of possession with the icons. The common thread between the icons is one of those things that is so obvious, that you really don't see it. All of our icons, including Eddie and Cindy, have been defined by obsession/profession. Albert - defined by his experiments to resurrect the dead. It's an obsession and profession. He progresses from just playing with dead bodies to creating his own. Jack - from his continued use of the clown to the fact that he drove an asylum to emulate him, one has to wonder why he is obsessed with his profession as a clown. Mary - she killed people to cure them of there phobias, need I say more. Elsa - she makes her fictional worlds come to life. Cindy - Obsessed with revenge, she builds a world to help her. Eddie - an obsessed slasher fan becomes disfigured while trying to build the perfect haunt. Julian - becomes obsessed with "his" theater, ultimately resulting in his death and continued haunting of the location. Paolo - The obsessed director who wants "real" reactions and emotions, so he begins to create snuff films. Building off of the idea of a "root" is really not hard. An entity that promotes the singular obsession of a given person. Driving that person to a manic and homicidal point, at which the entity is able to feed. As for the two cases of possession. We know Dr. Agana was possessed. One can assume that was by her grandmother. I may be wrong, but I don't believe that was ever pointed out as fact. Elsa Strict gives us a poem about a little girl eating a monster. Taking in and beating the monster. It rings of possession. I have no idea if this will come to fruition, but I can see it as a 20th Anniversary reunion. A family tree. Something that brings everything together. An entity that feeds on fear and obsession has controlled our icons. Influences them. What or who that may be, I can not even begin to guess.
  9. I found a very interesting link today. If you google halloween horror nights 2010 it shows up. It appears to be for HHN Hollywood only. Why don't we get updates? http://signup.universalstudios.com/form/651
  10. I know I'm a pain for taking so long to reply and for looking into things too far, but.... Why is Universal all of a sudden pulling permits for construction through Orange County instead of the City of Orlando like they always have? Why is there not a Permit or Parcel number on that permit? Why can't I pull up a single permit through Orange County for any of Universal's parcels except for one permit from 2003? Regarding the statute that was renewed last year, the one which pertains to theme parks...If memory serves me correctly, it was already in place and just renewed. It prevented blueprints from becoming public record due to trade secrets, but it did not prevent permits from being public record. Also we can see permits on the City of Orlando that have been pulled this year, so we know Uni still goes through the City of Orlando. EDIT: I'm also bothered by the Notary checking the spot Personally Known, but that me be my dealings with notary issues. I deal with them a lot in my line of work and I rarely see that anymore.
  11. I have been gone for awhile (my daughter had to have surgery so I've had other things on my mind) so I just skimmed the thread. I'm very worried by the fact that we have yet to see permits pulled for construction, but we are receiving rumors that construction has begun. I can see 3 reasons for this... 1) The construction is being done in a prefab way. They are building things offsite so we have no need for permits right now. 2) Universal has managed to find some way to make permits nonpublic record. 3) We should look farther into the permits listed with the prefix SCN. I was the original source for the permit for Creatures that HHNRumors mentioned a couple of months back. It is thought that SCN implies the permits have been scanned, but it is a good idea to keep in mind that Uni may try to fly things under the radar. I researched permit codes and the only definition for SCN I could find was Special Change Notification. We may want to watch which previous permits get the SCN treatment. All that is needed for a permit is blueprints, which is a basic layout. You can tweak interior decoration all you want, the layout is all that is required for the permit. I'm really not sure which theory I feel is more likely. Maybe the prefab? As it makes the most sense. Sunshine laws makes it difficult to deem things nonpublic records, and scanning seems to make the most sense for the SCN permits.
  12. Crap I'm double posting. B...I can understand your thought process on the trees, but..... I'm probably at least a decade younger than you. If they are playing to mass appeal (which SAW proved they thought of) by the time the trees became semi prevalent to the masses, they were humorous, not frightening in the least. Really, bucket lunches?
  13. I always do a parcel search on Uni. It brings up all of their permits. When I tried it about 45 minutes ago, none of the parcels would pull up. I go a message that said we cannot process your request at this time. It could be that my internet is acting up or that Orlando Permits are updating. I will try again. EDIT: Apparently it was the site or my internet connection. No new Permits. But, I have a hubby who works in construction (Florida construction), so if Uni is going to start building by next Thursday...going by the 3 week idea...then we need to see a permit by this week or tuesday of next week atleast. If they leave us clues so be it...if not it's back to last years HHN 19 well HHN 20 permit pulls
  14. There is more involved. Gooogle Orlando building permits and play. I'm having a hard time figuring out the PMs here. PM me and I can tell you more.
  15. It may be my internet connection, but I haven't had a problem until now. I am receiving an error message when attempting to look up permits for universal. I do a parcel search. I have tried IE and Mozilla. Look for permits tomorrow or later tonight.
  16. Because I'm OCD and I feel the need to entertain the masses. Ms. Weiner claims Universal paid her for licensing in 08. If Uni did, it was a grand mistake upon Uni's part. From uspto.gov Here is the link to the page I qouted from http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=77450225 It's the status record of the trademark application. http://tmportal.uspto.gov/external/PA_1_0_LT/OpenServletWindow?serialNumber=77450225&scanDate=2008072956824&DocDesc=Suspension+Letter&docType=SUL&currentPage=1&rowNum=4&rowCount=7&formattedDate=29-Jul-2008 That is the link to the suspension notice. As of July 29, 08 until January 29, 2010 of this year the application for the trademark was suspeneded.
  17. Because of things I have read from another community, it does not surprise me that Ray isn't in the know yet. If history repeats itself, he wouldn't start work on the website till late May or early June. The teaser/clue site doesn't go up until July usually with a full site launch at the end of August. As for the "arts & crafts" house, we may want to think about scrapbooking.
  18. Actually it's neither the myth or the character Uni created. The trademark application is for the name Bloody Mary specifically being used at haunted house attractions. But it's only an application right now, not a registered trademark.
  19. Unless someone can explain to me how a person can claim a trademark that does not exist, I am going to have to insist that Mary will be making an appearance if is there is a reunion. The trademark has never been registered and didn't even reach the half way point until March 2010. Someone please explain to me if Uni seriously messed up this much. I never saw a copyright for Mary on Uni's site and the only person who claims she was paid is the person attempting to make money off of this.
  20. Since some of the proposed names could be scarezones, I must say I hope Cirque Du Freak is a zone. I believe that it would be very much like Midway of the Bizarre.
  21. Thanks! I knew I had seen it somewhere I just couldn't think of where. All I could think of was the video. Dr. Jimmy, if I remember correctly, the pictures of The Hallow entrance were taken from the Simpson Ride area last year. That would mean this is Sprung Tent 1. Rach, Frankenstein does make sense with the codename Geppetto, but I think I will have to wait for future pictures before I commit myself to a theory. I could see that arch being turned into a factory door or even being an entrance to a military academy since Childs Play 3 (I think 3) took place in a military academy.
  22. The picture of the facade for the sprung tent made me think of last year's second teaser video. Check it out and tell me what you guys think. At 0.05 to 0.07. EDIT: It really could be just me but the shape of the archway seems almost identical.
  23. I've been rereading this thread and I must say I have a problem with one of the houses on the list. Cirque Du Freak seems extremely out of place. First, I must agree with TJ229ER on the fact that it is not really well known. Second, it's target audience doesn't seem to be those of HHN age (I could be wrong on this I have never read the books) Lastly, why would we have 2 vampires houses in the same year? I think the art work seems rather rough, but the only form I have seen it in has been posted on here. A bigger picture would be needed before I formed an opinion on it. The tagline is interesting. It makes me think the usher character is nothing more than a way to advertise. It is rather cliche, but some of the past taglines have been cliche. I think I will have to ponder it some more.
  24. Sorry but KING would be awesome. *fangirl squeal* We got Once Upon a Nightmare last year, and Saw is most likely going to be a house this year. Could we see a Night of the Living Dead with Saw this year? It's been mentioned other places, and I must say I agree with it. A Night of the Living Dead scarezone would be awesome. A zone that actually portrayed the origins of today's zombies would be great. Put it in Central Park. Make them mind numbingly slow, with the groans to go along with it. To touch upon that part of horror history would be a beautiful thing to me.
  25. Thanks Nick!!! You know your site is priceless, right? It helps keep us balanced while impatiently awaiting news.
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