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  1. Dead Exposure - Under/Over scare As for the fire codes. At least 5 permits have been pulled that address last year's problems with the inspector and implies the possibility of ceilings. I do not have access to the permit site right now so I am unable to supply you with the permit numbers.
  2. Regarding the open ceilings: If one were to look deeper into the permits, one would see that closed ceilings are a possibility this year.
  3. I see my comment about IT took flight. I did not intend for that to happen. It was a simple observation combining two possible theories and my own fanaticism, as I stated in my later post. Yes, there is a big screen version being made. Yes, WB owns the rights. No, I don't think it will be at HHN. The literary references by Mr. Belsaco are interesting, but I don't thinks it's the source we should be looking at. Literary quotes and quotes by authors, in general, are very common. All you have to do is google a subject such as fear + quotes and a plethora of famous quotes by famous people appears. Author's quotes and their works tend to be easily found, being that words are their bread and butter. The content is most likely far more pertinent than the source. As for novels or literary adaptions at HHN, we've seen it already. Small homages to known works. The Legend of Hell House/The Haunting of Hill House were payed homage to last year. I would love to see Poe's work brought to life at HHN. It would be enjoyable in every aspect. The visuals, audios, smells, physical sensations would be amazing. Hearing the swish of the pendulum and feeling the pressure as it displaced air. A room that seems to be consumed by the beat of a heart. The soft rustling and strident call of a raven. The smell of bricks and mortar and decay while walking through a passage way, hearing muffled screams and cries coming from the walls. There would need to be a room devoted to the Conqueror Worm though.
  4. No offense taken, Doc. I was ordering my copy of the special edition copy when I read the rumors/specs about an anniversary and literary references. I was actually hoping the post would make people think out of the box. Although if the hints do end up leading to Eddie as has been suggested, then my King reference is still good.
  5. There is a 25th anniversary for a horror novel this year. It! Yes, I know King is rumored every year and being a fanatic of his work I cannot help myself. On the addition of German to Emeric's latest comments. Strasbourg is a Franco-German town. It's actualy changed hands between the two countries a few times.
  6. I am where the spec started. I've been following the permits since 08. I find them and the process endlessly fascinating. In 2008, 8 permits were pulled. In 09 and 10 only 7 permits were pulled. This peeked my interest and I went on a permit hunt. In 09, I found an 8th permit pulled for HHN with the prefix PRJ that listed the master permit number as the permit for SS23. I went back to 08's permits and found no permits with the PRJ prefix pulled for that year's HHN. In 10, the same thing. 8th permit with prefix PRJ with master number being for SS23's permit. SS23 was the only location with 2 houses, so I assumed PRJ could stand for project and have something to do with it being for two houses. There is a PRJ permit that has been pulled for this year, but it's for B79 or the parade building. Using my observations and assumptions from the previous years, I deduced the possibility that B79 could hold 2 houses this year. There are things that could support this theory. 1 There are other ingresses and egresses to the Parade Bldg that could be used. 2 The Parade Bldg is large enough to hold 2 houses 3 The permits were pulled almost a full month before they were pulled last year, giving more time for construction. 4 The appearance of a facade in a non usual place suggesting a possible change to the queues. 5 Is the big one. Adding a 9th house it the only way an upcharge/extreme house can happen. Noone, GP or the fans, would appreciate the loss of a house. Especially considering we would have to pay the same or more for less experience and if we wanted to experience the same number of houses as in previous years there would be an additional charge. As stated this spec is based on my assumptions and observations. There is support, but my interpretation could be misguided and wrong.
  7. Since I am the auther of the stated theory, let me defend it by stating only 7 permits were pulled in 09 and 10. Universal actually has a history of pulling only one permit if two houses are in one location going rather far back. 01 only had 3 permits pulled. Run/Mummy 2 and Terrorland/Pitch Black (Terrorland would be the permit name for ST1) shared permits since they shared a location.
  8. Because I find the process and subject highly interesting, here are two links to the current status of the Bloody Mary trademark This one is the specimen sent to show usage of the mark. http://tmportal.uspto.gov/external/PA_TOWUserInterface/OpenServletWindow?serialNumber=77450225&scanDate=2010071563726&DocDesc=Specimens&docType=SPE&currentPage=1&rowNum=2&rowCount=12&formattedDate=14-Jul-2010 As you can see, this shows absolutely no image of Mary, just the words Bloody Mary. Here is a link to the response from the Trademark Office http://tmportal.uspto.gov/external/PA_TOWUserInterface/OpenServletWindow?serialNumber=77450225&scanDate=2010080334131&DocDesc=Offc+Action+Outgoing&docType=OOA&currentPage=1&rowNum=1&rowCount=12&formattedDate=03-Aug-2010 Seems the trademark is still not registered.
  9. Ahem.... I will still be a CRO. That whole mommy thing and living two hours away will hinder my ability to be on site.
  10. Considering the sex of any skeleton and/or mummy is general based off of the pelvic bone, I have to wonder why you have determined the sex of this particular mummy is male.
  11. I have to agree that Shadow Creek sounds more like a military facility. Also compare the Shadow Creek image to the Sprung tent facade we have.
  12. Regarding the FB pages. It appears that Mary Agana has joined FB as well. Posting this from my phone so unable to include link.
  13. Run: Hostile Territory was in 2006 not 2004.
  14. Yes, the original Run was based off of a game. A game very similar to The Running Man, but that would make it movie inspired.
  15. How about Test Subjects? A military experiment gone wrong. If DOW = died of wounds, we may get more zombies or some form of genetic mutation.
  16. I'm not sure if this should be in this thread or not. Feel free to delete or move. While on the UTH tour last year, our guide informed us that the reason scareactors were not placed inside the coffins in Drac was that Uni had bought them used. Uni was not allowed to put people in the coffins for this reason. It was an interesting tidbit of info.
  17. I fully agree. Which is why I stated that my observations do not give authenticity to the picture. But like MrBungle, I cannot dismiss this image as an outright fake. I remember last year images of concept art that were dismissed as being fakes, and that the character they depicted would not appear at the event. Yet Julian did appear and ushered us all into the Universal Palace Theater. So allow me to once again play Devil's Advocate. Since this is the Parade Building, which will most likely be a HHN History house, an image of Mary would be very fitting. Further, the image appears to almost be a negative image. Mary showed up in several houses as a projection in 08. A small projected image of a character that Uni cannot name would pay homage to the icon rather nicely. EDIT: JW - Could you flip the image horizontally and invert the colors. I am having issues with uploading pics from my comp. Thanks so much.
  18. Ok. Several thoughts regarding the image of Mary. 1) it appears the light is coming from behind the picture. (unless it was photoshopped to lighten it) 2) it appears to be textured. Which leads to... 3) it is either a painting, done in charcoal, or is some form of projection viewed from behind. (It truly appears to be on some kind of screen or cloth or mesh) None of these observation of course help to solidify whether the item is real or not, but atleast it may help explain some of the abnormalities and flaws with the pic. EDIT: Since I can not figure out how to upload pic from my computer. May I suggest flipping the picture horizontally.
  19. During the conference call with TJ at the end of the game in 08, it was confirmed that these cases were nothing more than window dressing. They were there to add to the experience, but were not clues. TJ also confirmed that we had guessed the majority of them right. He never said which ones were right. Going by pure memory, here is the list we came up with: AHL2 - Amityville Horror AIL3 - Alcatraz Island CDL2 - Charleston Dungeon NYL3 - The 13 Curves SLL2 - St. Louis Cemetery SWL1 - Salem Witch Trials WML2 - Winchester Mystery House All of the hauntings occur in the zip code that is provided as the case number. 11701 - Amityville, NY 94129 - San Francisco, CA 29401 - Charleston, SC 13215 - Syracuse, NY 70119 - New Orleans, LA 01970 - Salem, MA 95128 - San Jose, CA 32819 is the zip code for Universal Orlando.
  20. It can be done. You know I love to play Devils Advocate. Greek Mythology House – What are Greek Myths? Stories that attempt to explain the existence of man like all religious stories. Therefore myths are stories. They could easily be told to us by Elsa. The StoryTeller was supposed to be placed into an ST house in 06, but things fell through and we did not get our eighth house till 08. Elsa could easily be the one who brings this house about. It does bring a new element to her. I apologize for not being able to reveal why I believe this next theory, but…. Second house in SS23 could very well be a Scarepy style house, which of course brings the possibility of Jack once again participating in it. SS22 is still a mystery. With the information received recently about the Disaster house, there is speculation that this house could be Scarepy. The description of the facade does not bring to mind an asylum though. Ladders on the outside of a building make me think of an industrial warehouse. Carnie, Mechanic, 1980s style van…could A&D attempt to converge Eddie’s two storylines. Edgar Sawyer lived in a trailer park on the 1980s. Eddie Schmidt was carnival folk like his brother. It would not be odd to see an industrial complex filled with Carnies and Ride Mechanics, all of whom work for Eddie of course. Jaws que is the hardest house for me. After the last two years of placing the house with the largest GP pull in this location, I have to wonder if Uni will once again place their “most Important” house here. Since I am not privy to some information, I must continue my suspicions that this will be the Icon House. Not Morpheus though. Can you imagine the confusion the name Morpheus would cause? Hypnos or Phobetor? Hypnos is the sandman and better known, but Phobetor is the god of nightmares. Hmmm..I must wait and see. The Parade Building will be the HHN History house. Tent 1 is interesting. We have a museum, a doctor and a mummified girl. We have two doctors that we have seen at the event. Dr. Mary Agana and Dr. Albert Caine. Dr. Caine seems to be from the Victorian Era, and appears to have had some money. Have you heard of Cabinets of Curiosities? I would not be surprised if Dr. Caine had his own collection. It would be a different approach to his character. Tent 2 my personal favorite since it housed the most terrifying HHN house in my experience. No movie houses yet nothing is ever new under the sun. HFTH was a house that was inspired by Black Christmas, but of course used original concepts. Unlike IT which paid homage to the movie Event Horizon, HFTH gained its own identity separate from the movie. Splice is not an original concept. Think of The Island of Dr. Moreau. The Dows will have shaved heads. Interestingly enough, the creature from the movie Splice is referred to as a human chimera tying into the myth theme. Gene splicing and manipulating DNA is a very common trend in horror. Not to mention a trend toward Doctors creating human monsters (The Human Centipede). So while the house may not show homage to a movie like IT, it could be a mixture of inspired imagery and ideologies that span the spectrum of movies that lie within a given trend.
  21. Break a leg to all who are attending auditions today!!!
  22. Nightmare Man, huh? Maybe some of the earlier Greek myth specs will come to fruition. I can hear the commercial now. *wanders off singing "Mister Sandman, bring me a dream. Make him the cutest that I've ever seen. "*
  23. Since no one has mentioned it yet. Bedclothes or bed clothes are not pajamas. From Free Dictionary Wonder if it will be like the plushie from chucky?
  24. No one seemed to pay attention when I mentioned it.
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