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  1. I agree this could be our WWI house. When I first heard of nurses being cast, I thought of the novella by Stephen King "The Little Sisters of Eluria", which is a story linked to The Dark Tower. Short synopsis about the Little Sisters I could see our nurses being something similar (not the exact characters) to these "Little Sisters". So, I am in agreement with the thoughts that our nurses are some kind of vampire/succubus that are preying on the wounded soldiers. Dr. Jimmy, while anything whovian is most likely wishful thinking, we can hope that our nurses have some feline attributes.
  2. Doctor, I can tell you that the formation of my speculation began with a conversation that is in the Our Mutual Friend thread. As for the reasons I finally posted it, I am not at liberty to say. Further, I am not 100% sure of my speculation, but I am one who would rather post a speculation that could be wrong, if that speculation can spark a discussion that leads us to a more sound possibility. Onto the question of the casino, I feel from the information we have seen that there will not be a casino. I feel the Icon House will be in SS22 and is connected to the graveyard we have seen in the HHN game and the one referenced by our mutual friend. Once again this is pure speculation and a reasoned deduction rather than sure knowledge. Now for an observation. It has been discussed in the website thread that we will only have 6 games. This leads one to question what each game is representing, for they surely can't each represent a house. Unless of course, the House of Cards represents a house and The Thing is completely left out of the game. The other option is that 2 of the games could represent 2 houses. I find it interesting that the language we hear in the Machine game could be Spanish when the Spanish house is thought to be on a ship and the Machine game is very SnS. What if there is a greater connection between the houses this year then in previous events? Could our ghost ship link back to SnS? And of course there is that Raven inside of the Rune game.
  3. If not Spanish, it could be Portuguese. Those two languages are actually closer in sound. Although, the main voice we hear may not be in any language we know. Ran backwards, perhaps?
  4. There is English in there but it is predominantly Spanish, I think.
  5. This is a speculation I have been contemplating for awhile, time to let others see how they feel about it. Way back when, when speculation first began, there was talk of a house based on E. A. Poe’s work. With HOS announcing their own Poe house, speculation died down and it was assumed we would not get one. I, now, believe we were mistaken. When the clues from our mutual friend began to come, it was noted that they were arriving in couplet form. This inevitably led my mind back to thoughts of Poe. And I feel that there is a strong likelihood that we shall see a Poe house in Sprung Tent 2. The following roles are from HHNRumors.com. The interpretations are mine. Link: http://www.hhnrumors.com/?x=casting Sprung Tent 2: Blackjack Dealer – As has been mentioned by others, a blackjack can be a weapon. It is a baton that has been used by law enforcement. My spec for this role is a character from “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”. Bug Eye – a character from “the Tell-Tale Heart”. The old man with the vulture eyes perhaps? Seagull – Birds of a feather? Could this be our Raven? Poe also wrote several short stories with nautical themes. Wing – This, too, could be The Raven. I shall have to think more on it. Cards – This makes me thinks of “The Fall of the House of Usher”. Interrogator – “The Pit and The Pendulum” Aristo Dead – Fortunato from “The Cask of Amontillado or Prospero from “The Masque of the Red Death”. Writer – Mr. E. A. Poe Himself.
  6. This may have nothing to do with this HHN, but I love etymology. Elizabeth Hawthorn: The name Hawthorne came about due to Nathaniel Hawthorne's desire to be separated from his relative, Reverend Hathorne. Hathorne was an intrical part of the Salem Witch trials. It would be interesting if Hawthorn was a variation that came about for the same reasons.
  7. From http://www.hhnrumors.com/?x=casting Cast update: Writer in Sprung 2. Does this change anyone's theories? Makes me think of the discussion we were having in the our mutual friend thread.
  8. Legacy, you have misunderstood me. I am not concerned with the rhyming of words, but interested in the meter and cadence of them. A rhyme, a poem does not make. Poetry relies on meter, cadence, rhythm. It’s the number of syllables in a couplet that matters not if the end words rhyme. Although, they usually do. Or better put…. When it comes to words that rhyme It oft can take such precious time To find the words with proper pace That gives the poem its proper face The ebb and flow of metered voice Does not rely on rhyming choice Instead it needs the words to meet A certain set o’ syllabic feet Sin, I could not agree more with your thoughts on haunts and would like to add my own. Hasn't everyone noticed how similar movie themes seem to come about around the same time? This is not because movie studios share their ideas and decide to release similar movies all at once. It’s just part of the creative world. Certain concepts seem to gain popularity at the same time. Chalk it up to the string theory and morphic fields. Kudos to anyone who gets the morphic fields reference.
  9. Do you think we could be joining The Dead Poets Society, Sin? I've noticed the couplets from the beginning and find it fascinating. They are not quite iambic pentameter. But it does take some work to achieve the proper cadence and rhythm our mutual friend has achieved. The metered word is not the easiest route for one to pursue when giving clues. Is it just a like of poetry or is there more to it? If each clue alone points to a single house, why can't all the clues brought together point to a theme?
  10. Before I change my opinion on the location of The Thing, I have three questions. 1 Do we know of a scary scene in the movie that has the pool table in it? 2 Do we think Uni will use a pool table scene in another Thing house? 3 Do we know if this is the pool table that was used in the first Thing house, Creatures, & Silver Screams? A pool table is a rather large set piece, and would most likely be in a prominent piece in a house scene. If Uni gives The Thing the same treatment as The Wolfman, we should see very precise replication of the movie. That final question to me is the most important one. If memory serves, the pool table we have seen previously is very different than the one we see in the screen cap. Although it would be best to ask a certain ginger and mullet wearer about the similarities between the two tables.
  11. When I first thought of the spec, I was thinking more along the lines of imaginary characters that kids are told are real. But with the holiday house idea taking hold the presidents make more sense. Ideas for Mighty: The Great Pumpkin, a bald eagle or Uncle Sam. As for Watch, see Legacy's post. Watch can be a noun or a verb. EDIT: I am still leaning toward SS23A for The Thing. The roles seem to fit better for it. One more edit: I want Mighty to be the mighty groundhog.
  12. Moving some spec from the Our Mutual Friend thread. If I were to choose a house location based on temperature, I would have to go by previous house locations. We have only had one house that specifically used snow with in it, that would be PS:HFTH. It was located in SS23. Also, theming (lighting, scenery, effects such as wind that can be felt and heard) can all trick the mind into believing temperatures are colder than they are. This post seemed to sum up the conversation well. This is in regards to a possible "Casino House" in Sprung 2. I agree that we should look at all possible interpretations of the code names. I also think, if A&D were going to do a casino, that they would place it in an SS. But... Believe it or not the number of Icon Houses inside is almost even with the number outside of the sound stages. 2000 - The Fearhouse was Jack's house and it was located in Nazerman's 2001 - Run was suppose to be the Icon house, it was in Earthquake/Disaster. If memory serves, Jack was shoehorned into Superstitions which was in Nazerman's 2002 - Screamhouse was the first SS Icon house 2003 - All Nite Die-In was in an SS. 2004 - No Icon. 2005 - I'm so not starting this old argument so will err on the side of caution and just say SS house 2006 - 4 icon houses. 3 in a SS, 1 in Jaws. or 0 Icon houses since it was a reunion. 2007 - If the NLC 3 count as Icons then 4 Icons again. 1 in a SS. 3 in Disaster, Jaws, and Tent. If the NLC 3 don't count. 1 in a tent. 2008 - ROF in Jaws. 2009 - Silver Screams in Parade Bldg 2010 - Hallow'd Past in Parade Bldg. Depending on how you wish to add it, we have 5, 8 or 9 in SS's including the Parade Bldg as a SS. 4, 5 or 7 outside. I may have missed a variation there. Something to remember. It is not unusual for code names to be numbered even if there is only one instance of a character in a house on a cast, although it does usually mean multiples. But, if we saw characters such as Goblin 1, 2, 3, & 4, it usually doesn't mean 4 goblins per cast. 1 & 3 would most likely be cast A and 2 & 4 would be cast B. Goblin is purely an example. To my knowledge no goblins have been cast. And now, to a speculation on Disaster. We've seen fairy tales and urban legends from Uni, but what if we are going to see a different set of legendary characters. The roles I am about to refer to can be found at http://www.hhnrumors.com/?x=casting Woodteeth - Tooth Fairy Dwarf/Dorf - Leprechaun Love - Cupid Watch - Santa Claus Egg - Easter Bunny Grass - Camo Scare - Plastic Easter Grass Top Hat - Frosty the Snowman Just a thought.
  13. To me, S&S is fair game. Anything that was new last year was not part of the past, but the beginnings of the new era. As for The Thing, I think it's highly likely that A&D may have had little choice in using it. It is more than free advertising, it is advertising that produces a revenue. The powers that be could hardly be faulted for doing such a thing. This, for me, answers why we could be seeing a backtracking on the no movies. And to play with semantics a little....Technically, since this is a reboot/remake/prequel, whatever they want to call it, this incarnation of The Thing is a new era of darkness. It is a new era for the movie franchise. It is a new plot with new characters. So it's new! As for the specs on the tent, I shall be posting that in the spec thread.
  14. So, I'm thinking we over thought the first clue and the people who suggested it meant The Thing were right. Clue 1 - The Thing and I'm going to speculate that it is in SS23A. Clue 2 - Saws & Steam in Jaws. As a side note, I can't remember where a read the rumor, but there was a rumor that we would see a SZ from last year turned into a house.
  15. Two Sarahs come to mind, one more likely then the other. Since I love Labyrinth, the lead female role was a Sarah, but.... With the other roles cast in this particular house, the most likely reference could be Sarah Winchester. The Winchester Mystery house would be a great inspiration for a house. It was the inspiration for Stephen King's Rose Red (only mentioned to show how the house can inspire), and it was one of the locked case files from the 08's LT.
  16. No, more along the idea of the Triple Goddess. The Norn The Moriea The Parcae Even The Morrigan Interestingly enough, the Triple Goddess is also a represented in the form of the Maiden, the Mother, the Crone. Maiden - a woman in the beginning of her life. Mother - a woman who is in her mid-life Crone - a woman at end of her life, stoically awaiting Death. Living, Dying, Dead. But this could just be my esoteric view on things.
  17. I think a better question is: Why three people? Not who they are or what they've done, but why three? It's been mentioned by Dr. Jimmy and myself that the usage of three fates is a rather common occurrence in religions. If the clue is pointing us toward fate, could the usage of three be pointing to three icons?
  18. I was actually thinking about the detective angle due to Colfer's use of Noir and Jobs apparently quoting Columbo's "...just one more thing". And I was hoping it would point to the Murders of the Rue Morgue, but alas HOS appears to be doing Poe this year. The LT connection was also a thought. And hopefully that's it.
  19. I cannot help but to agree with Jeramy. I feel there is more. Why hint at something we have already speculated on? And most of us have assumed? It is a nice little couplet though. Other than that, I have yet to form a full opinion.
  20. With the exception of IFB and if CP is Central Park, and that's the initials used for it in the past, this is very similar to the set up from the years prior to the IOA move and 06. I would say a stage show may be likely.
  21. Break a leg to all our returning scareactors who have auditions today!
  22. Or.... Since A&D read the boards, they could just be messing with us.
  23. One thought toward literature. The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey. Be it a house or zone, a literature theme would be nothing without them. A is for Amy, who fell down the stairs B is for Basil, assaulted by bears......
  24. Thanks for posting those JW. I have had to rely on my phone to post recently, and couldn't find my post on Rumors. And I couldn't pull up the permit site from my phone so... Thanks again.
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