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  1. It's their 10 yr anniversary this year, too. It would be an awesome tribute to CSW.
  2. Since several of the code names have flower themed names, DG could be Daffodil Gold.
  3. Yes Chris, you broke my brain even more. I'm still confused. 8 statements = 8 zones, but was beast apart of the zones? Do we know for a fact that the "guesses" we're right? If they were then we have 8 zones/roamers/hordes figured out. If beast is a new code name for a different zone, then it would be a 9th zone/roamer/horde group. I'm bad at math but not that bad. So do we have the 8 statement right?
  4. Got it! Still means there could be 178 scareactors on the streets during the casts. Roamers or not. That is a lot of freaking scareactors in the street at one time. No more complaints if this holds up. Don't care if it's not a set scarezone. 52 more scaractors is nothing to blink at.
  5. But 1 klownz 2 vampires 3 chainsaw 4 rat lady 5 ghosts 6 prisoners 7 trick or treaters 8 dragons warriors (memory based not clue based) That's 8 not 7. Then you have the 36 So. 320 total compared to 252 then add the 36. So 356. I'm so confused. Have I ever said math is not my strong suit?
  6. Still not understanding. So 20 x 8 or no. Even 21 times 6 is 126. I was thinking more zones would = less cast per zone. Help?! Does it appear that we are getting more street scareactors as compared to previous years? I can't help with "Beasts" yet. Need to know the answer first and process.
  7. Wait. Let me understand something. Out of the 8 zones, be them hordes or what not, there are 20 scareactors per cast? That's 160 scareactors in the streets at one time, not counting this possibly new 18. Last year 6 SZs, 20 scareactors each cast, that's 120 scareactors. I don't wanna hear any more complaints if this is right. If we get 20 per cast that is 60 more scareactors without this new possible SZ 18 more scareactors. And no I can't add to spec. In blown away by possible numbers. Sorry got carried away. 40 more scareactors besides the 18. I will see if I can post screen shot of editting issue tomorrow. On phone.
  8. You were suppose to congratulate me on my weight loss. But Mars rules fire signs. How esoteric do you want me to get. I can delve into the realms of astrology, paranormal research, pagan beliefs....
  9. 2 Ts or 1 pi is still represented. And I just realized I wrote pie. Damn diet. But since I can totally brag as everyone will see it. I weighed 140 before I became pregnant with my son. Gave birth in June and I weight 128 now!!!! Back to spec. So Jupiter is the King of the Gods Male symbol is male. Alpha is the beginning. Pi is the infinite.
  10. It does appear to spell Leotta. As for symbols, the ones I can make out are: The L & E look similar to the symbol for Jupiter. O & 1 T looks like the male symbol. 2 Ts together looks like pie. The A resembles alpha.
  11. EVPs. Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Used regularly on Ghost Hunters, Fact or Fiction, and by average every day paranormal researchers. I've heard EVPs that are as clear as day and can make your hair stand on end or that can reduce you to tears. Love the pic used for this.
  12. I believe there is a camera on him on his website. As for the claims, I may not believe all that has been said about him, but he does have a presence to him. One of the people who I spoke of was a skeptic as well and went on the tour because I spoke of him. She is no longer skeptical of Robert. It interests me as well. And the message is in metered voice. I shall hope we hear more from this mysterious friend. Btw, retcon is the reason I will accept nothing to eat or drink from gorgeous men in vintage military coats. Spec: I wonder if you are onto to something with Robert, Doc. Little possessed dolls can be so creepy and it would make for a great investigation into paranormal activity.
  13. If that doll ever shows up anywhere near HHN, I would seriously consider not going. He does travel. He made a trip up to the Belleview Biltmore in Clearwater during a Paranormal Convention. The TAPS guys were there and I wanted to go, but I found out Robert would be in attendance. I didn't go. That doll freaks me out. Even pictures of him give off bad juju. And I know people who have gone on the Key West Ghost Tour he's apart of. They've had weird experiences while in his presence.
  14. I remember the monkey and the plushie. Spec thought: Besides the which one is real scare tactic we will probably see this year, I love the camo scares like the plushie and the Easter grass. I wonder if there are any possible scares like that for this year? Maybe in P&T?
  15. Awesome souvenir and I don't know if I should feel proud or ashamed that I was right. I see way tooooo many baby doll hands in a day. Six year old daughter = bombarded by baby dolls. Also if we ever have a Barbie house, I will totally be able to name the Barbies for you guys. Back to spec. I think we've figured this one out. Victorian house. Another thought I had was how much Uni loves playing with us. All the IP houses, spec on 100 yrs of horror house, why not post a pic like this? Everyone is going to go for an IP or 100 yrs of horror. Like the Xmas pics last year had people saying it would be a Black Christmas house.
  16. Thanks JW. Looking at that pic, I think Uni may have placed "dummy" heads on regular baby dolls. Wish I could have taken the UTH in 07, so I could have had a chance to view them with the lights on. So we know these dolls were used in Dead Silence now.
  17. Observations regarding the doll. It's not a puppet. It may be painted to look like a puppet but it's not one. The mouth is fixed and the side seams are painted on. The puppet may be a marionette instead of a ventriloquist dummy. Or Uni didn't bother with making a true dummy. As for the hand in the pic. It's a regular baby doll hand. I'm going to speculate that this is from our "Victorian House" and it's a child's room.
  18. I'm gonna jump in on the King discussion just for a moment. It is up to the Master of Horror himself to decide to contract for a haunted house. His decision and his decision alone. If he wants it done, he will approach the Studios or BG or where ever he wants to see it happen. We know he's been burnt in the past regarding movies. He has become very protective of his properties. I also wouldn't count on a meet & greet with him, if we ever do get an event. He rarely does speaking engagements, and he isn't very fond of them. Has for anything linked to him being at this year's event, it would be all over The Dark Tower forums, and Uni would have announced it already. He would indeed be a bigger pull for the masses then SH, AC, TWD, or P&T. Also if he agrees, people would have to accept a non-Kubrick based The Shining. He despises that adaptation.
  19. Thanks! I only remember us rocking out to Don't Stop Me Now. Oh and of course Time Warp in Creatures queue. Ah memories. That was our second house together and I felt mortified because that house scare the hell out of me.
  20. The only music I remember was from the queue. Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Inside the house there was no music. Sound effects but no music. I would be disappointed if we didn't get some pipe organ music in this house, but other than that I think no music is good music for this style house.
  21. My fault Doc! I got confused by the Teen Wolf reference. And I don't understand sports. The only sport I ever watch is stock car racing. Any other way to point me toward the answer?
  22. I have no idea if it's right, but it was a good guess. I just had to have someone explain it to me. I'm such an eighties child that all I could think was: "No, he played basketball. Why would someone say he played lacrosse?" I now feel old.
  23. No he isn't. He also looks like Marty McFly. I can't keep up with remakes of my childhood favorites.
  24. The phrasing of the clue, specifically the words "comes back", lends itself to being something we've seen. I do not wish to denigrate your guess, but I feel a Skoolhouse/Traditional Trick r Treat style zone is far more likely.
  25. I'm so glad you said that. While I would love to see a werewolf/vampire battle zone, I don't think I could live through the squeeing from fans of a certain book series. And you know they would squee, intolerably squee. Or maybe just b & m about it being a rip off.
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