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  1. If you look at the construction pictures, this is exactly what is happening. So far, I like our street backstory. It is the one year that set design won't totally take me out of the story. I'm always distracted by the set pieces because I know they are set pieces. Seeing Mel's, Rockit, HMU, Simpsons, any of the attractions really takes me out of the zone. This year Uni is the backstory and the sets make sense.
  2. It's probably hype, but I wonder if we are looking at this with all options in mind? Why does it have to be scareactors? What if it's something more like Moaning Myrtle? A quick sound of breaking glass, zombie moans, banging noises, there are a number of noises that could produce a quick startle scare. I still want away to shorten the wait time in the women's restroom.
  3. I like the idea of no "safe zones" and I really wouldn't mind if they scared people in the women's restroom. It could cut down the lines! Seriously, I hate waiting in lines for the houses so I get the express pass. The women's restrooms need express passes. I would do pay for it, no matter how much it cost. But you're probably right, laws and such. Blah... Love the pic. P&T looks awesome so far.
  4. Interesting. The history behind the spelling of Hawthorn can be traced back to the Salem Witch Trials. Nathianel Hawthorne changed the spelling of his name due to his ancestor's connection to the trials. At least the US History.
  5. A comment from Uni: (This is located in the comments of a question regarding safe zones) "Who said shops and bathrooms will be safe zones...?" If someone can link or get a screenshot of the comment it would be appreciated. I have only phone access right now and well, I'm still technologically impaired. Also, if anyone is willing to teach me how to do these thing via phone it would be appreciated.
  6. Since games are still being hinted at: How does everyone think they will be done? LT, something like LT, or website games? Will we explore a backstory? Do you think it will center around a house? Dead End since it's in Carey? Or will it be around The Iniquitus.
  7. I think sidewalks are going to be out of bounds for the scareactor, unfortunately. They are a tripping hazard and litigious guests are a sad reality. I know everyone was saying BG made it work, but BG doesn't really have sidewalks, so I don't think it's a very good comparison. Now, if the scareactors are allowed to give chase, then I have a simple solution for us "diehards" who wish to immerse ourselves: Think of the sidewalks as out of bounds for yourself. Do not walk on them unless you need to enter a building or use a restroom. Stay to the streets. If you need an immersive "excuse" to add to the horror, then consider the sidewalks a dead end. Our backstory for the streets is: Uni is being overrun by monsters they dug up. The majority of buildings at Uni are facades and we cannot enter them. So, if your are trying to "escape", you would not want to corner yourself against a wall.
  8. I believe Brushwood was the guy who did the video trick. He has been at the event more than once.
  9. I saw it posted in the Dead End thread. I can't figure out if it's Uni or some dedicated HHN fans. Your opinion, Doc? I'm leaning toward fans, because some of the information posted for Meetz seems a little too risqué for Uni.
  10. Um.....Did you read that whole page? You may have just stumbled upon our games. Unless it is ran by a very dedicated HHN fan, it mentions almost every Carey, Ohio link to the event. EDIT: I look into it more, and I'm thinking it is just a group of dedicated HHN fans running it. If that is the case, the description of the Hartford Mansion isn't from Uni.
  11. Hmmm, I'm trying to remember how early the houses opened for the Passholder party last year. I don't think we had to wait till 5:45 for The Forsaken and I think the In-Between opened like 15 minutes after that. I've gone to many years, times have started to blend together. I need to come up with a game plan for this year, and with Jaws being gone, I'm just not sure which way to go.
  12. 20 mannequins dressed like zombies, 2 or 3 live scareactors, me a cowering ball of OMFG!! this is not cool. The room made me whimper like a small child. I literally finished that house in a dead run to get out. I also pushed my sister toward the zombies.
  13. There better not be any Edwards. I would mock the Edward scareactors mercilessly. And it would border on torment and torture. Anyways, Edward isn't a real vampire. He belongs nowhere near HHN.
  14. I'm torn too. I love Finnegans, but the Passholder party is going to be a great for me on the 21st. I think it's the only way I will be able to get into the event early due to timing issues. I think I may skip it on the 22nd. That way I get my Finnegans fix on opening weekend. Also, with house locations this year, I don't know if our usual game plan will work. So, I think it will be cool to try something new one night. Btw, has anyone heard call times? Do we know which houses will open when?
  15. You do realize that the event hasn't always been 7/8 houses, right? 91 had 1 house. 98 had 5 if I remember correctly. I think 01 only had 5. Chris probably has the house count somewhere.
  16. I've had this conversation one too many times to have faith in people. "I need to cash my check." "I can help you with that. Can I see your ID?" "I don't know you, why should I show you my ID?!!!!" (exclaimation points to illustrate the indignation that I would have the audacity to ask for ID.) As for the other two houses. I'm going with: Haunted Mansion And Classic Monsters done in black light strobe effect
  17. You have way too much faith in the general population. I've dealt with enough of them over the years to know that even the kids who call themselves "gothic" don't know what they're talking about. Use terms like gothic or baroque architecture or style in a conversation, and the response I usually receive is either a blank stare or oh like those kids who dress all in black.
  18. I have to point out a small flaw in your examples: 1 The Thing, Saw, Doomsday and The Wolfman are movies. Their names are very distinct and descriptive. 2 Creatures! is also descriptive. You will be encountering creatures in the house. 3 Zombiegeddon is a combination of zombie and Armageddon. Once again pretty descriptive in what to expect from the house. 4 The Spawning implies that something is spawning. There is some form of creature breeding, this creature is most likely fish/amphibian/reptile like. 5 The Hallow gives the impression of Halloween. A hallow is a sacred artifact. 6 The Forsaken is also descriptive. You know you will be encountering a group that has been abandoned (usually by God) and are helpless, soulless, and lost. Gothic is very nondescript. Depending on cultural influences and exposure it could mean a vast amount of things including a bunch of kids dressed all in black hanging out at the mall. I hope there is more to the name. If not, it will be ok, but the name will be lackluster. EDIT: In the initial tweet, it is GOTHIC, not Gothic. We hhners love our abrieviations. Could GOTHIC be an abrieviation? Gargoyles Of The H I Catherdal. I have no idea what the H and I could stand for.
  19. Hollywood posted the same image for their commercial. Orlando's as more likes. So it appears the commercials for both events will be the same or similar.
  20. We would first have to determine who the classics were. Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Mummy, Phantom, Hunchback, Dr. Jekyll, The Bride, The Creature? Which ones would be showcased? Would we get 6 or 8 Classics? And I'm going to end up really wanting this if I keep speculating about it.
  21. The voice could also be the voice of Darkness. I do feel that the Classics are very plausible. It would be very interesting if they are incorporated. I could see the "tribe" aspect that has been mentioned working well if each Classic had their own scarezone of minions.
  22. If I remember correctly, 08 LT site went live only a week or less before the full reveal. The actual investigations for LT in 08 didn't start until a week or two after the event started. So I would say we are getting something closer to 08's LT ARG. 2010 was a disappointment because the investigation stopped after the full reveal.
  23. I have some good news for my fellow fans, but disappointing news for myself. I won one of the 11 exclusive tours, but I was unfortunately unable to accept it. I could not find someone to watch my children during the tour. So if you didn't receive an email saying you won, there is still the opportunity to win. I just sent the email turning down the prize. I was unsure where to post this. If there is another area it should be, please feel free to move it.
  24. Gargoyle pic is up on the google doc. I'm going to guess the other facade is our Victorian House. As for the DE/Monster house. With a typical amount of 10 scenes per house, I suppose Dead Silence could make an appearance in the house. Or it's possible the clues are a kind of red herring. I remember those photo's from 07, I think they would work great in a DE style house and the continued use of Dead Silence photos continues that rumor.
  25. I did not forget him. I also hope he makes an appearance in the classic house. We are speaking about clues for the masses though. I would love Erik to be the Icon, but alas the GP just wouldn't get it or him. He would actually fit too. Buried Artifact His use of magic His ability to manipulate and control others Unfortunately, I can hear the reaction in my head now. "A character from a musical? LAME" "What is he going to scare us with, horrible singing?" Few know his true origins, and even fewer are willing to learn them.
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