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  1. I find this discussion fascinating. I find what they did brilliant. An alternate reality is the perfect back drop to tie in widely different themes into one cohesive element. An alternate world would not be a monotone, simplistic, and conformed. A convincing alternate reality would have a multitude of regions, designs, lay outs, mythologies, ideologies, and creatures. To have a consistent look to the regions, a consistent creature look, the same beliefs and rituals would make an AR wholly unconvincing. Thematically speaking, to explore a world one would need to experience the variety of legends and mythos the world has to offer. With what they had originally wanted and then what they had to create to replace it, it was well done and kept the cohesion. If you were to create an event with an overarching theme (such as an alternate reality), how would you do it? What is your idea of an overarching theme that won't limit the varieties and differences needed at a haunted event? How would you overcome your creativity being hampered and controlled by others? Again with what they had, they did a beautiful job of trying to tie everything together. EDIT: hoping this discussion brings forth some wishful thinking creativity. What cohesive event theme would you want to see? How would you like A&D to theme an event and bring everything together.
  2. Have to agree. Each house and scarezone was a location inside of an alternate reality world. The whole event took place in Terra Cruentas. That's a very big tie in. Even when Elsa was foisted upon them, they at least had her telling the tale of Terra Cruentas which kept theming intact.
  3. Mr. Murdy has tweeted some more about the "Big Surprise Maze". It has a code name now. Tweets: HorrorNights: Gonna need to come up with a way to refer to the "Big Surprise Maze" as we move forward....can't just keep calling it Big Surprise Maze... I guess we'll have to give it a code name after all....I'm gonna call this one "Trickster" Will explain more and perhaps drop a hint later.. @HorrorNights Hmmm....well this is the west coast...if means something different in Calispeak Ignore the fact that he replied to himself. The poor man is sleep deprived and I sympathize with him. Remember, we have no idea if this maze will be shared with Orlando.
  4. More wishfully thinking: Edward Gorey and The Gashleycrumb Tinies!!!!
  5. Wishful thinking and thoughts about music: Marilyn jumped the shark years ago. He was trying to be shocking for the sake of shocking. Disturbing imagery plus good music equals NIN in my opinion. I want Trent. Trent > Marilyn.
  6. We would definitely be The Goonies. That would be the whole point in my fangirl world. I don't care who scares us. The Fratellis, the giant octopus, ghost pirates. I just want the sets. I have wanted to be a Goonie since I was 7 or 8. It's total wishful thinking. Nothing more or less. I don't even think it's possible. But I can dream. EDIT: To help with a time frame for Murdy growing up. If he is 46 or 47 then he would have been born in 66 or 67. Earliest for something released that he could grow up with I would say is 1974. That would put him at 8 at least. Latest. 1984 or 85 when he would have been about 18. And now I feel like a stalker because I've dissected his possible age timeline.
  7. My comment regarding The Goonies as turned into fangirl wishful thinking. I would love a Goonies house. I wouldn't care if it wasn't scary. Just being able to step into a recreation of it would make me fangasm.
  8. Every movie listed so far I have seen mentioned in some way. I would say late 70s early 80s. Has anyone ever suggested Gremlins or Critters? The Ghoulies? The Watcher in the Woods? I totally want it to be The Goonies because that would be totally unexpected and could be modified into a haunted house. And I love The Goonies.
  9. I did not get these surveys and I'm part of the panel as well. Where are my surveys? *angrily refreshes her email accounts*
  10. We don't have a site update thread so.... Site changed. Appears we have a new tag line too. "There's no better way to "end" your day at Universal Orlando."
  11. Read the histories of them, and you may change your mind. The "treatments" that were used in the past, the sanitary conditions, the abuse of patients, and experimentation done on them could change your mind. The patients were not the "frightening" element of asylums. The staff could be absolutely terrifying though.
  12. I'm going to ignore this. *fingers in ears* "LA LA LA LA. I can't here you." No bursting my bubbles. Bubbles doesn't like it when he gets burst. I've got at least 4 months before I have to consider leaving my fantasy world. The one where Orlando will definitely have a completely separate event from Hollywood. Not going to leave it until then. *stubbornly sits in her fantasy world* Yes, I can be entirely delusional and unrealistic about somethings.
  13. That's why I do it. Brain exercise. No more, no less. Creativity is an outlet for me, and it is far easier to come up with the starting premise. The intricate details of connections, history, character looks, speaking patterns, movements, environments and so on, take far more time than my two children allow. I can create the simple starting idea, and it gives my brain some peace. When real clues and rumors come about, I can begin to connect those ideas. Look for the patterns. Although, the thoughts and specs on 21 did eventually pan out. Ah, how I long for a day where I can l sit down and create without an interruption.
  14. Removing the gender specific prounouns to the description of 5.....we would have quite an interesting Icon pair. One can wish...... EDIT: Names given to the numbers by the source I was quoting. 2 - The All-Knowing 3 - The Creative Child 5 - A Dynamic Source My life path number is 22 - The Master Builder. My expression number is 5. Expression numbers are derived from the letters of your name. My expression number does not change when using either my maiden or married name.
  15. You forgot one! 23 has always been my lucky number!!! It has shown up quite a bit in my life. From randomly being given 23 as my swim team number, my friends choosing 23 for my pager code because it was the day I received it (yes, I'm old and had a beeper in highschool), to my now husband proposing to me on November 23rd. There are more times as well. It has shown up in my life for years. So, my wishful thinking for this year: Best HHN ever for me!!!
  16. This unfortunately made me think of "Live Like You're Dying", which led to a whole Saw type premise for the event. Icon puts you in terrifying, horrific, and deadly situations so you appreciate life and if you survive, you totally become a part of the YOLO brigade. Can't think of a catch phrase to go with the "like you mean it", but yep, I could see marketing trying to throw that kind of monkey wrench into the works. Not really wishful thinking, more of a horrified thinking. And not in a good way. Please, please. pleeeaaase, Marketing, do not try to incorporate the "like you mean it" into HHN.
  17. As I mentioned previously, I think last page, I don't think this is possible. Burlesque tends to run into R territory. Tone it down to an acceptable PG 13, and you rob it of its original glory. HHN has become far too commercial for us to get a true burlesque show. We can't even get the Hollywood style go-go dancers. I would love it. But considering the uproar created by B&T last year, I'm just not seeing anything risqué making it into this year's event. Just the use of a pentacle or pentagram symbol in a show would probably cause a hissy fit from some people. Scantily clad females writhing on stage in sensual positions would probably cause heads to explode. Nevermind the innuendo that goes along with burlesque. I mean just think about the complaints about the billboards..... EDIT: Not trying to kill anyone's wishful thinking, just trying to throw an element of realism into things. Nothing's worse than wishing for something, then hearing we are getting that something and that something doesn't live up to what was envisioned.
  18. Magic shows are in the same ranking as circus acts for me. If I want to see one, I'll go see one. Usually with my child in tow. I have no interest in seeing one at HHN. They are crowd eaters. as long as others go see them, I could careless what they are. The acrobatic, "circus" shows were no better and no worse. They were average. Nothing I had never seen before, and definitely not something I would waste precious house time on. Growing up, those types of acts were a dime a dozen at BG. I saw them regularly. While impressive feats, by the age of 13 they became stale, predictable, and repetitive to me. Which is why I stated toning down the elements of a show like JW posted would truly kill it. I would predict after three years of "circus" style shows, we would be visiting this topic again and people would be wanting something new. Just as has be done with the magic shows. I can agree with Liz, the street performances that actually relate to the event are more enjoyable and I'm more likely to pause and watch.
  19. I'm feeling the vibe that people want back the types of shows from the 90's. Interesting. I saw Inferno in 98, because there were 5 houses, 2 scarezones, and the lines for the houses were impossibly long. I wasn't impressed. I watched Kiss Army perform. Again, I wasn't impressed. I'm not a show person when it comes to theme parks. Everything I saw in Inferno, I had seen performed during the day at BG. Personally the type of show that JW posted is extremely different than Inferno. JW showed us a dark and macabre burlesque show. Inferno was a circus act done in monster garb. I would love a show like JW posted. I can see circus acts elsewhere. The only good it would do for me is eat crowds. Death Drums had it's shtick of a moving platform. This was something new. The dancers were good. Would I go out of my way to see Death Drums every year? Nope. EDIT: Before Chris calls me out on it. If there was a promise of eye candy in leather pants, I would have to stop and watch Death Drums at least once to get my required dosage.
  20. Love this, but I saw many things that would never allow it to become a part of HHN. Far too risqué. Would something like this, if it were toned down, still be as good? Because it would need to be toned down a lot, for something like it to ever appear at HHN.
  21. This is how the cases were presented in 2008 and I believe 2010 as well. Horrornights.be as the 08 website. You will see other classified cases not related to the Bloody Mary case. Each of those case numbers are also zipcodes for other areas.
  22. Only if the guests have croquet malets. Hmmm, now I'm picture a Whovian/King crossover. Minotaur in the hotel anyone? You would get a Dr. Who representation and two King novels in one house!!! Ok, that's pure wishful thinking and maybe a little insane.....
  23. I agree with this. I think of it every year and it's always on my wishful thinking list. Chris, I want King houses!
  24. Same thing that happened with Dead Silence and Doomsday? Although those both came out in March, the houses coincided with the release of the DVD. Besides, if it bombs in the theaters that doesn't mean it won't have a cult following. And Dead Silence and Doomsday both bombed in the theaters. Now, I would have one requirement of a Mama house: The scareactors portraying Mama would have to move like her. Having seen the trailers, the only thing that appears to separate Mama from other supernatural entities is the way she moves.
  25. It was more of a reference to the original premise behind The Hallow. You would probably like a house based around Faeryfolk. They are tricksters and pranksters. I've always wondered why A&D has never attempted a house with them. With the success of Scary Tales, I believe it would be a popular house. They would have to display something closer to the original myths, instead of the sugar coated versions most know. The Sidhe (kinda represented in Gothic last year with the winged cat or Cat Sidhe), Selkies, Kelpies, Redcaps, Will o' the Wisps and so on.
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