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  1. Haven't seen it myself, but from descriptions I've heard there is a lab in the movie. Only movie I could think of that had a lab. Unless the clue is solely referencing sound waves. In that case, I would guess Silent Hill or Silence of the Lambs. Just guesses, and if The Ifrit is keeping to true jumble style, this first clue actually gives us nothing. We can't guess, because the riddle applies to the bonus word. We can't get the bonus word until we receive the rest of the jumble. EDIT: Sometimes I hate that my phone knows what I talk about most. It autocorrected seen to scene because I type the scene too much (house scene, movie scene).
  2. Oscilliscopes are used to show wave forms, like sound waves. They are used in many fields including telecommunications. Cry, wail, and mute relate to sound. C and L would be the circle letters, if oscilliscopes is correct. Jumbles are harder when you aren't writing in the boxes. I think my circle letters are correct. Someone want to double check me? Keep thinking of things to add. Oscilloscopes are also used in the medical field. You would also see them in labs. They are the monitors that show wave forms. Cabin in the Woods.
  3. In jumbles, you usually have multiple words to unscramble. Each word will usually have one to three "circle" blanks. The circle letters end up giving you a final bonus word that you must unscramble. Side note: oscilliscopes is a common misspelling of oscilloscopes. Ifrit, did you misspell the word?
  4. There are twelve blanks and twelve bold letters. iolccseilpso are the bold letters. And oscilliscopes is those letters unjumbled. C and I in the circles. The answer spot is done in typical jumble style. I spelled oscilloscopes wrong. Ignore oscilloscopes guess.
  5. Dealing with cranky 10 month old so no time to try to unjumble. I believe the letters that need unjumbled are: iolccseilpso
  6. It's close to the entrance, but I think it could work. That street is longer than it seems, and the line would have to go all the way back to SS 21. I don't know if it would work, but the line could start farther down Nickelodeon Way so the entrance to the house wouldn't interfere with the park entrance. I do worry about exiting though. Could a house in SS 21 exit near the Rockit entrance? I hope I'm making sense. I'm a landmark person. So it's hard for me to explain when I don't have the ability to post images. (On phone) Just trying to figure out how to get us an 8th house back.
  7. No. There is actually an entrance to the Studios near Blue Man group building. You have to walk toward the Blue Man group building then take a right. I've used it when crossing between IOA and the Studios. There is never a line, and they swipe your ticket and fingerprint right there. If I have it right in my head, you end up entering the park on the street in between Despicable Me and The Universal Store. EDIT: I'm awful at figuring out where the sound stages are. But I'm almost positive that they directed people to TNA through that entrance/exit.
  8. Quick question. How plausible would it be to use the side entrance (the one near Blue Man building) as an entrance/exit for a house in SS 24? EDIT: To make the question clearer. I mean the side entrance into the Studios.
  9. The fact you don't think alike was proven last year. Let's see if the Ifrit can do better this year. Besides, it's something to do. It entertains during the wait. It also gives a chance for the younger generation to learn. The doomsday clock and Cold War were still talked about in my youth. I was 9 when the Wall fell. I remember watching the news stories. I did my Current Affairs project on the fall. It was one of those moments in time that stay with you. Btw, the doomsday clock's last official reading was 5 minutes to midnight. This was in January 2012. I wonder if it will be changed soon.
  10. I suggested 99 Luftballons, which is the original German version of 99 Red Ballons. Both songs are about 99 balloons set free in the air that triggers a war, usually a nuclear war. The songs were released at during the Cold War. This is why I suggested a nuclear apocalypse or nuclear holocaust. As for the ifrit: My guess - The world clock or doomsday clock. This also suggests a nuclear holocaust, as does the quote. The words in the image appear to be - as much as. The first to letters are either NK or OK. If OK, then I would suggest the words look or took to be the word.
  11. MG is ending April 20th. I think I'll be stalking the site on the 23rd if we don't get anything before then.
  12. Waterspouts was Gothic. If I remember correctly, everyone was guessing based on the weather phenomenon of a waterspout (tornado over water). Or water spouts as in the water pluming from a fountain. Balloon is a noun or verb. Synonyms for the noun: airship bladder blimp dirigible zeppelin Verb definition: billow out; bloat Verb Synonyms: belly blow up bulge dilate distend enlarge expand inflate puff out swell Balloons if used in verb form could refer to The Blob. The Blob, as we know, bulges, swells, expands, and enlarges. Add Slither due to the inflating and bulging of the initial character who is infected. EDIT: It was actually a female character and I don't think she was the first person infected. It's been forever since I saw that movie.
  13. It usually redirect to the HHN site. Wonder if something is up.
  14. Balloons = Pennywise. I'm sticking with that. No one can pop my balloon. I know you said one a week, but will it be on a specific day? Shall we anticipate the next clue on Tuesday of next week as well? Edit: Also, since it's one a week, should we anticipate clues for the overall theme, houses, and scarezones? Given the number of weeks before the event reveal.
  15. I asked above, in case I was missing something as well. The only significant thing I can see is: "On select nights in September and October, your worst nightmares will take shape as Universal Studios Florida® theme park is transformed into the award-winning Halloween Horror Nights®." This seems to confirm the event will take place inside the Studios.
  16. No one knows. Doc has always put rumors in that people thought were outlandish and dismissed them. I believe Doc, himself, was surprised when P&T actually came to be. (P&T were speculated on before April last year). He could have slipped real clues or hints in this time, but there has been this strange occurrence with the Doc. When he's joking, as in he actually thinks he's making a joke, the speculation or reveal comes partially or fully to fruition. EDIT: BALLOONS!!!! Good Doctor, until proven otherwise, Balloons shall refer to Pennywise They all float down here, after all. *runs off to her Delusion corner and grasps her dreams and hopes with a death grip*
  17. Confirmation of Location? Is that what I'm seeing? Both sites state Universal Studios Florida. Or am I missing something because I'm on my phone? Yay, joke time is over!!!! Balloons, hmmmm. Balloons makes me think of Macy's, birthday parties, the circus..... Or is it a hot air balloon reference? Is it verb form instead of noun? Could it be something that balloons/expands. Can we at least get hot, cold, warm? Pretty, pretty please.... *ggls* This is going to be fun.
  18. H. R. Bloodngutz is too comical for the GP masses? One word: Jack Jack is the beloved of the GP. He was definitely dark humor and comical. Over-the-top, tongue in cheek, cliche, dark humor comical. The real issue would be reference. The Creature Feature style host is not that well-known by the masses anymore. If H. R. Bloodbgutz ever got is day as an icon, I would not want to see him tied down to only IPs. There is too much creative potential to shackle him with them, and them alone.
  19. Pulsing is the only thing I can think of that would help. And I know it's not practical. That's why I try to leave space between myself and the people in front of me. I don't know if it was the crowds that caused it last year, each house would have a person capacity, but I did get "pulsed" last year a couple of times. They held of both lines for maybe about 30 seconds to a minute right when I got to the front. What I do to make the event scarier is I allow myself to be scared. I drop my guard. I don't look for the scareactors. I mentally prepare myself for fear. I've gone to 13 events. This year will be my 14th. I never go to the event thinking, I wonder if they'll scare me. I go into thinking I can't wait until they scare me. But the fear is not why I love the event. It's the detail, the storylines, the immersion, and interactivity. And us the diehard fans. We make the event for ourselves. Meet ups. Running into people we know. Unable to walk 15 ft without someone saying hi or a scareactor giving the fandom a shout out. That's why this event is better than all others to me. My husband, my daughter, and I wore CSW shirts to HOS last year. There wasn't a single shout out or any kind of recognition from the scareactors.
  20. I'm glad you agree. The cough from Catacombs stands out for me. I love the smells as well. But I refuse to taste the houses. I don't know who or what has touched them.
  21. All gore is generally useless to me. Does nothing for me. I did my first dissection at 12. I cut open a shark, removed its liver, removed its stomach, and then removed its last meal from its stomach. I watch medical shows for fun. I've given birth twice. Gore is just a part of the human body. Visual immersion is all good and well, but blood flung about a room? Intestines hanging? Cut open bodies? Completely useless visual without the proper smells attached. And I've never once smelled blood or decomposition at HHN. Gore always takes me out of the moment, because I can tell it's not real. This probably makes me sound extremely twisted, but I'm a sciency type of person.
  22. I'm always interested by the requests for a "scarier" event. All the requests ask for visual stimuli or more aggressive scareactors. The one thing that isn't ask for, or at least I haven't seen it, is better sound. Sound? One might ask. The most terrifying house I've been in was Dead Exposure. I became more and more apprehensive of it as I approached the house. The facade didn't cause my apprehension and fear to start. It was the sound. Not the music being played in the queue, but the sounds of the house. A low level hum. Barely audible. Almost like wind or white noise , but it vibrated in your bones. And with each step, it sent waves of discord. It felt off. Out of sync. Sound plays a large role in human perception. Major chord = happy. Minor chord = sad. Augmented can place us on edge. For everyone who went through Catacombs, close your eyes and think about that house. What do you hear? How excited were you the first time you heard the siren from SH last year? I think sound plays a key role in our experience. I've also sensed a lack in the sounds the past couple of years. They seemed less refined for me. There is either too much or too little or they seem very cliche. A perfect house would be a well balanced assault on all our senses. Well except for taste. No tasting the houses.
  23. News regarding the house code name Trickster. Murdy has confirmed Trickster is Hollywood only. Murdy also stated he cannot say if the parks will share any mazes. If I get I chance I will try to write up my overarching theme.
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