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  1. Sorry, unable to play today. Have too much going on. Using a descrambler, muzjiks is the only word I can find.
  2. I wasn't thinking about that. I was thinking about the recent drowning in a Disney pool.
  3. I just thought of something. Considering the sensitivities of the Orlando area, would UO play down the role of children in the La Llorona myth, making it far more likely for Mama confusion? I'm hoping we would not get the BM version of La Llorona, but last year's instead. I could see such confusion and arguing and fandom inconstitencies. Although, they could reuse 08s billboard.
  4. I must thank the Ifrit and the Good Doctor. Even if all my guesses are wrong, exercising my cognitive abilities is very beneficial to me (for health reasons). Making me think or even over think is very much appreciated. I am also going to separate my guesses on the clues. As it appears, Jimmy's and The Ifrit's clues are not coinciding. I could make the argument that Kevin could relate to We need to talk about Kevin. Which leads to mother and child relationship, and that could lead to La Llorona and/or Mama. It just seems a little far fetched.
  5. Now for the BIG question. If I'm right, and the clues point to La Llorona, which one do we get? Bloody Mary La Llorona or last year's version. And could La Llorona be Mama instead? Or confused for Mama? We've seen the GP confuse properties in the past.
  6. Observation: Numbers that have been used by the Ifrit. 5,6,7
  7. Mmmmm, house that smells like chocolate. Probably a bad idea. It would totally kill my no tasting the houses rule.
  8. Yay!!! I can post my theory. Oscilliscope - sounds WAIL CRY Caziques - SPANISH Indian Chief Quixotry - The word is derived from Quixote. Once again SPANISH. Also a wild, VISIONary idea. Paedophobia - fear of CHILDREN Are we getting another Hollywood house? La Llorona, anyone? EDIT: Bonus word letters are now: C L C O T H
  9. *ggls* Not to mention, you're a Morphan, too! Btw, justchristy, it helps if you know British spellings for this one. And, this one made me connect the words. Damn. If this is what I think it's point to... I'll give it a bit, then I'lll post my theory.
  10. Agreed. Now, since jumbles are words and need letters, I also think it was trying to confuse us. There are 11 blanks and 11 crossed out letters.
  11. Could be. Good spec! New clue. Clever, clever Ifrit. But, I've figured it out already. Do you find us Morphans frightening? Do you guys want me to post the answer, or do you want me to wait. I still can't post the image. EDIT: Belief in the paranormal could be a wild, visionary idea.
  12. I gave a tutorial on how to unjumble in the Random Thoughts thread using quixotry. Just in case anyone wants to have a go at unjumbling without a descrambler. Quixote was delusional, and was tilting at windmills. Quixotism is idealism without regard to practicality. The words chosen so far do not appear to relate to one another, or if they do, the relation is very superficial. A common theme may appear with other words added. Oscilliscope - an electronic device that displays wave forms Caziques - an Indian Cheif or type of oriole. (Interestingly enough, when using a Spanish descrambler, there are no word matches for this clue) Quixotry - an eccentric act or notion. The word wild in its definition is not being used to describe something that is untamed, but is being used as a synonym for fantastic. A wild, visionary idea = A fantastic, visionary idea. Where does this leave us? Any ideas? I'm not seeing a theme in the words, so I'm assuming the "bonus" word is our true clue. Edited to make my sentences make more sense.
  13. My opinion is that it is to throw us off. It adds to the image making it harder to see the appropriate letters. Also, the 6 could be confused as in upside down G. I contemplated that the Z was a sideways N this morning. Of course, I now know there are no possibilities with N instead of Z. The two I posted this morning didn't use the C.
  14. Thank you! So this is what I have so far. I used a comprehensive descrambler on the first 2 to verify. 1. IOLCCSEILPSO Oscilliscope C & L There is another possibility for the first jumble. I am not including it because I feel The Ifrit would not have chosen this word. This word is for a medical procedure. If someone else wishes to post this possible word that is fine. 2 ZIUSAQCE Caziques Casquiez - French word Sacquiez - French word C or S 3 OQRIYUTX Quixotry O & T
  15. New Ifrit jumble. I can't post image from my phone. (I don't know how) Someone want to post it? I have the answer already. EDIT: Just realized I've been adding an extra s to oscilliscope. I apparently prefer the plural form. I have tried Spanish Jumble Solvers on the net to see if oscilliscope is actually a Spanish word instead of oscilliscope. I have not found any.
  16. Just in case the Z is an N that is sideways. Esquina is Spanish for corner. Equinas is Latin for horses or it could refer to the cauda equina. The cauda equina is a bundle of spinal nerves. Our circle letter would be E then.
  17. Not the second one. Btw, Jumbles, if they are more than 1 word, the blanks are usually broken up so you know you are looking for two or more words. EDIT: Oscilloscopes can be used for many things besides sound, but I connected them to sound because of the clue. No clue this time. Is it the definition we need. Googling caziques, this word achieved the highest score in Scrabble. Should we be looking at Scrabble instead? What about the points achieved? 392
  18. Found one word so far: caziques The word is known as the highest scoring word in scrabble. It's a type of oriole. I have tried googling other variations of the letters, in case it was a foreign word, but no luck so far. Unable to do much more right now. Feeding myself and a 10 month old.
  19. The Good Doctor used waterspouts to signify gargoyles last year. Nothing is too obscure. Also this Kevin was kinda conspicuous. He was the only one no one bet on and and I saw a screencap, out of all the monsters listed his name sticks out. It's a proper name. Also, out of all the monsters listed, Kevin is under deadites. Looking at the list, Deadites is the only monster listed that is given its proper movie name. Kinda draws the eye to that spot. As for nuclear war, I revised my guess to be Dogs of War. The super soldiers from Havoc. I probably didn't make that clear enough. What I meant was: It seems unlikely to me that we would have nuclear holocaust houses two years in a row. So, I'm guessing that the Dogs of War will return.
  20. This is pure speculation: As we all know, something as been going on with the LT site. I was looking at the domain info and realized the physical address is a California address. I can't remember if it was always a California or not, but I may have made a connection. Three tweets: @HorrorNights: We are working on something special for the end of the panel, lots to do to make this happen in time...hoops to jump thru but looking good @HorrorNights: All I can say right now is its something we've never done with HHN before and very focused on our fans. Will know for sure next week... @HorrorNights: Got a special announcement planned for the end of the panel. Something we've never done before with the event but I'm sure the fans will dig What if LT is going bicoastal or HHNH is getting LT this year? EDIT: Realized I posted one of the tweets twice. It's corrected now.
  21. If I'm pressed for time I use a descrambler. Like with HU and time limits. This one, I spotted the word scope and I knew I was looking for something to do with sound due to the quote from the Ifrit. Best way to unscramble words. Most multisyllabic words have other words in them. You just have to train your eye to pull out the other words. It helps that I'm slightly dyslexic. If the Ifrit is coinciding his/her clues with Dr. Jimmy, I'm going to speculate the following. I guessed 99 Luftballoons for Balloons. This usually references nuclear war as does the doomsday clock the Ifrit posted. Then I got to thinking, what if it's just war in general. Two nuclear holocaust houses back to back seemed unlikely. That made me think hmmm war, Nightingales? What else is war related? Dogs of War!!! So My guess for Balloons and the Ifrit's first post is the Dogs of War return. Guess for Kevin and The Ifrit's second post is Cabin in the Woods. As long as we don't get more jumbles that point in a different direction.
  22. I spent 6 months of my life stuck in a "gifted" class that assumed doing nothing but puzzles as class work was a good idea. Yep, I got a middle school grade for doing nothing but cryptograms, rhebus puzzles, jumbles, word searches, fill ins, crosswords, anagrams etc etc etc. *headdesk* Sometimes I think Florida's school system is doomed. This was a substitute class for reading, because I was "advanced". Advanced means my teachers had no clue what to do with a student who wanted to learn. So, I get to do another Jumble? Yay!! *waits patiently*
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