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  1. Cryptic Comment #4: Eraser = Rubber = Rubberman = Ammerican Horror Story Or Eraser = Nine Inch Nails = Pinhead I was too exhausted yesterday to give serious consideration to the Ifrit's clue. The only thing I could think was: Military Jargon = Havoc EDIT: How on earth does yesterday autocorrect to tester?
  2. I see ATE near the top. PL and DO under Clue Number Tu. It kinda looks like impressions left from previous notes on a note pad. There are several groups of letters, some more defined than others. They also overlap.
  3. Plausible deniability? I just gave him/her an out. He/she can use it or not. I will not go as far as accusing plagiarism. But the fact remains, when giving clues to an existing franchise, the giver is behooved to know the past.
  4. That's also possible, but then if it is Havoc, Im stuck with this: So the Ifrit decided to steal Emeric's 2010 clue to Havoc? Ok. I'm gonna stick with my AWIL theory for now, give the Ifrit the benefit of the doubt here, and assume he wouldn't resort to clues from years past.
  5. That's a possibility, but where would that leave us with the first clue? The first clue was a world map with a clock hands showing 5 minutes until midnight. This is an obvious reference to the doomsday clock. The doomsday clock would seem to imply nuclear war or just war. So HAVOC. Unless there is some other interpretation to the very first clue.
  6. Shakespeare = Caesar's Assasination = Beware the Ides of March = American Werewolf in London. It's been 12 years since I took Latin, but I've reaquainted myself. Before the Julian Calendar, March was the first month of the year. The Romans marked days based on specific points of the month. Nones, Ides, Kalends. The Ides of March would have traditionally been the first full moon of the year. Full Disclosure of spec process. Shakespeare was guessed before I got to see the part 1 of clue 3. Shakespeare + Tu = Et tu, Brute? Act III - verify memory is right, and Act III includes line. Shakespeare, Caesar, Shakespeare, Caesar. Specifically Caesar's Assasination. Beware the Ides of March stems from Caesar's Assasination. Hmmm, Ides, Ides....Nones, Ides...What was the third one? Romans used a lunar calendar. So, lunar, lunar....Verify memory is correct, ok yes lunar and it was Kalends. Ok lunar, full moon, Ides were the full moon...werewolves, AWIL!!!
  7. Tu = reference to Et tu, brute? It's from Act III, scene 1 of Julius Caesar, I believe. Could be wrong about the scene. It's the scene in which Caesar dies. Edit for thoughts: The Ides of March = March 15th, the day Caesar was assassinated. So Shakespeare points to Caesar? Where can Caesar lead us?
  8. You are soooo not fair!!! *stomps foot* Curiosity. It kills me.... I could argue that the Ifrit was originally going to point to Cabin in the Woods, but I guessed it too fast and ruined his/her plans therefore he/she changed up the game!!!! But: So far my guesses are: Cryptic comment #1 - HAVOC, AWIL, or Pennywise. Ifrit #1 - HAVOC Cryptic Comment #2 - Cabin in the Woods Ifrit #2 - La Llorona Cryptic Comment #3 - TWD, Resident Evil, or Stephen King House. Ifrit #3 - Need more info. Shakespeare was prolific. Yes, I'm holding onto my King theories. No one can kill my hope!!!!!
  9. Sorry! Back to my Surname theory. If you were The Good Doctor, how would you set up a red herring? Last year, Winnebago was the most obvious clue. If he wanted to set up a red herring, Surname is the way to go. We are automatically going to guess Walker. It's the obvious clue, and last year Winnebago was the most obvious clue. Do you really think he'd make it that easy again? Just a theory. To outright dismiss any other possibilities would be foolish. The Doctor is always more clever than we think he is. EDIT: Yes, it's possible he would think that we would think it's a red herring and use it as the obvious clue, knowing that we would end up debating whether its a red herring or not!
  10. Ballons = children = La Llorona Or. Kevin = Home Alone = child + WATER bandits = La Llorona
  11. I have finally gotten the evil to sleep. It only took 6 hrs. He takes "Sleep is for the weak" way too seriously. 10 mos = you need to nap. Anyways, Shakespeare. Well, we'll either get more clues to point us to the proper play, or we will be scrambling to figure out which of his many works this refers to. Hit post too soon. Titus starring Anthony Hopkins came out in 1999. It is an adaptation of Titus Andronicus. Titus Andronicus is a very graphic, violent play. It involves rape, cannabalism, mutilation, and fillicide. If we are questioning whether La Llorona is acceptable, do you really think this play would be?
  12. Is anyone else a little weary about Cryptic Comment #3? It's too easy. The Good Doctor is clever. Assuming Surname = Walker = TWD or zombies in general seems so obvious. Could it be a red herring? Redfield = Resident Evil is a little bit harder. But even then, people were bound to guess it. Next guess Surname = King, because I can link him to just about anything. Expanding on my King thought. Surname = King = Firestarter = Government Experimentation = Shadow Creek = Dogs of War.
  13. Yep, quoting myself, because I have been considering this connection. Here is my theory. Balloons = 99 Luftballoons = war = Dogs of War. How do you make a super soldier house sequel? It got me thinking about the show Dark Angel. The second and final season of that show introduce the imperfect experiments. The mutations and mistakes that occurred before the soldiers were perfected. Then I thought about the LT connection to Shadow Creek. DNA splicing. Releasing Fear and never knowing what happened to him. LT being the ones to seal up the Legions from HU. What if we see the creatures that were the mistakes in a new HAVOC house? And what if we learn the source of thE super soldier DNA are supernatural/paranormal monsters that have been captured by LT?
  14. Interesting connection I thought of. It appears LT will be back this year. HAVOC is rumored to return. Ignatia Himmel worked for Shadow Creek.
  15. An informant from 2010 who supplied information to people.
  16. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to keep my specs separate. Clue Surname Walker = TWD My last name = Radioactive ducks in a swamp.
  17. A&D appears to like myths and legends and if they twist the story to include Aztec imagery it could be awesome. I'm actually more worried about the limitations that may be created by higher ups. Actually, the rumored El Chupacabra house last year could have been this, if A&D were going their own Aztec route with it. One thing I didn't mention is the description of her. Her name means snake woman. She's depicted as: "Although she was sometimes depicted as a young woman, similar to Xochiquetzal, she is more often shown as a fierce skull-faced old woman carrying the spears and shield of a warrior. " From: http://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Cihuacoatl.html And: "Cihuacoatl was the goddess of childbirth. Her head covered with long hair, she was dressed in a white robe, shirt and coat. Half woman and half snake, she represented the female part of the universal duality: Quetzalcoatl / Cihuacoatl." From: http://blog.zoesaadia.com/historia-en-el-calmecac/cihuacoatl-the-goddess-of-the-earth/
  18. Thank you for reminding me. Muzjiks - Russian PEASANT. La Llorona was born to a peasant family. Qanat - an underground channel or tunnel for WATER
  19. This is a stretch, and I'm kinda forcing it to fit my La Llorona spec. lccothuaa + the i from the misspelled oscilloscope. Cihuacoatl - Aztec motherhood and fertility goddess. She abandoned her son at the crossroads and returns there to weep for him. She may very well be the inspiration for part of the La Llorona myth. In some legends, she was seen in a white cloth saying "Oh my son!" Or "Oh my children"
  20. Spent the weekend doing family things and going to the Weird Al concert, so I really didn't get a chance to review the last two clues. All give it a go in a bit. Homework time right now.
  21. The is one reason why Orlando does not "push the envelope". It is the mouse down the road. Orlando is seen as the "family friendly" vacation spot. You cannot destroy your image for an event that lasts 24 nights a year. Think of the "horror" expressed by people regarding the Eyegore or the Mary billboards. We must "think" of the children!!! Like last year's B&T debacle, most of the arguments and offense and horror was "OMG! There were kids in the audience!!" And it was Universal's responsibility to protect those children! Not the parents, Universal! Orlando is unfairly treated, because every theme park in this area should be just like Disney. Everyone knows the people in California are "depraved". Be glad we aren't stuck with Spongebob's Halloween Adventures instead of HHN.
  22. My spec was wrong Corey. They announced a Create your own Monster contest.
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