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  1. The forehead of the person in the pic is unmarked. I know a name that fits. Same number of letters, same number of duplicates, but I can't find a cipher that fits. And if memory is correct, this gentleman committed suicide. Malcom Wyandot. Scratch that. I'm misspelling Malcolm. Stupid second L.
  2. It definitely has not all been deciphered. As the erasing of Eraser showed us. Nothing is set in stone. My guesses are just that guesses. Until the end of August, there is no house list. And until the end of the event and maybe beyond, there is still a game with investigating and clues and tasks (I hope!) And streets to figure out, too!! And well, we had great joy in figuring out what the houses would entail and encompass in 08, even after we had their names!
  3. You're welcome. And thank you for reminding me of something. If you all haven't been following the ongoings of Goth Wackee: She has been slowly accepting friend requests. She has accepted various members of the fan community. She has also asked about Legion affiliation. She has mentioned that Kerezans (Walkers) are different. Another interesting thing is that she has not accepted the friend requests of any Maschorians (the Prisoners from last year). Just a tidbit of info to keep spec going. Why have no Maschorians been accepted? Will this new prison be the prison last years Prisoners were in? It would be an interesting twist on the prison haunt concept.
  4. With all the talk of prison props near tents, and the Ifrit's clue pointing to a prison, knowing the Ifrit had already hinted at TWD, and knowing TWD will most likely get soundstage treatment this year: An original Prison haunt made sense and clicked everything else into place. I had already talked to people about having 2 zombie houses and 2 cabins in the woods. I made snarky comments about how all the houses would pair up. Then I saw all the connections. And since we don't know what route they'll go with Havoc and La Llorona, there could be more. And we haven't even touched on streets yet. LT or some form of game is coming back this year. Knowing that A&D have great minds, I can't wait to see how they weave the story.
  5. Original Prison house and TWD has a prison. TWD has zombies and so does RE. RE deals with genetic experimentation as does Havoc. Havoc has super soldiers that have super strength and deadites also have super strength in Evil Dead. Evil Dead takes place in a Cabin in the Woods. Cabin in the Woods has all kinds of supernatural monsters, including a Werewolf like in American Werewolf in London. AWIL is about a man who turns into a monster and kills people. La Llorona is about a woman who kills her children and becomes a monster. La Llorona was a murderer just like inmates on a prison's Death Row. There are more. I just like this one best. RE, CITW, and Havoc have labs. La Llorona is also supernatural. I'm probably missing some.
  6. Two prison houses is not the only duplicate item. Keep looking and the similarities will be there. Of course, there is know way of knowing if they have a purpose.
  7. 1AWIL 2 Cabin in the Woods 3 TWD 4 Evil Dead 5 Resident Evil 6 La Llorona 7 Havoc 8 Prison
  8. Search concluded? Keys to cipher Phone and Plotting. Using a telephone key pad to convert to numbers: FORWURCT 36.798728 -SRITODOV -77.486368 Plotting as Latitude and Longitude: Greensville Corrections Center in Jarrat, VA. Jail birds sing. The phone would be the one for pardons. Death would be Death Row. EDIT: we have already had a clue for TWD. So, I'm gonna suggest that this is for an original prison house. We've seen prison-like materials near a Tent...
  9. So, if the Ifrit's clue is not RE, since Alice and STARS most likely was, I'm of the opinion it's not a jumble this time. Maybe some kind of cipher? Tried Atbash, Caesar, and 3 variations of another cipher where I used death, sing, and ring as the key. No go so far. Interestingly, using death and sing has a key, both resulted in R = S. Attempted turning the letters into numbers using a phone paid. The search continues.
  10. I was posting about this at the same time. The background looks very much like the Umbrella symbol, and T-Virus is in it. I mean, the - is even there. Hmmmmm...
  11. I would say you are correct. So far I've been able to pull T-Virus out of the letters. EDIT: Crowd of Rot is the only thing I can get with the rest of the letters. I'm not very familiar with RE, so I may be missing something. Words I can pull, but don't seem to makes sense. Wood, Roof, Fort, and RC (Raccoon City abbreviated) Here are the letters: FORWURCT-SRITODOV If you remove T-Virus your left with: FOWRCRTODO EDIT 2: This causes a problem though. We already had the Alice and STARS clue. 1 Either the Ifrit is hinting at zones and houses or; 2 Alice and STARS wasn't RE or; 3 The Ifrit forgot about his previous RE clue.
  12. Bad news on the address search function: When a new permit is placed in the system, you have no idea what page it will show up on, it may show up twice, and it causes all the permits to shift. Check each page when using it. Oh, and they sometimes use PLZ instead of just PZ.
  13. If my Eraser guess was right, then AHS went bye bye. This would mean a more desired IP has been obtained. Acrostic: David Eric Mia Olivia Natalie Evil Dead
  14. More activity from Goth Wackee. There may be a pic or video or doc soon.
  15. I created a monster, didn't I? I want that scene too! It would be beyond amazing. I'm sure there are a few mermaids out there who could do this. They have mermaids at RenFest now! Calling all mermaids! Please, come be a scareactor!!!
  16. Permit site is currently going through it's nightly maintenance. So, you can't pull anything up right now. In case anyone tries. And I am definitely sleep deprived, I completely forgot about your post. *headdesk* EDIT: For those who go fishing for permits. The site under goes updates and maintenance nightly, usually somewhere between 9pm and 11pm. I've seen happen earlier and later.
  17. Google City of Orlando. Speaking of fish, I'm in a fish mood tonight, I've looked at way too many permits this week. Permit is a popular game fish in Florida. So, here's to hoping we can catch some permits tomorrow!!!
  18. Nope, Alice is a red herring. But, Alice and STARS! Totally different fish altogether. Human fish. Damn, it would be an awesome scene. They could poach some mermaids from Weeki Wachee. I really, really want this scene now, and I'm gonna end up disappointed. I just can't see it being pulled off.
  19. Mermaids? Splash!!! Room full of wet people? How about a window showing a room of people in water? Like a giant fish tank full of people!!!!
  20. Thanks! I've kinda gotten the hang of the by permit number search. I'm actually know which number is being input right now. I think I may stick with it. I've been doing searches daily since the 1st. Nothing yet.
  21. I gave three guesses tying La Llorona to the Good Doctor's clue. 1 Silencio = Lake Silencio from Doctor Who. A lake is a body of water. Doctor Who has Weeping Angels. Silencio is a Spanish word. Body of water + Weeping + Spanish word = La Llorona. 2 Silencio = The incident at Lake Silencio and The Silence from Doctor Who. The story arc of The Silence and Lake Silencio ends in the episode The Wedding of River Song. This episodes deals with fixed points in time. The idea of fixed points in times was first mentioned in the 1964 Doctor Who serial The Aztecs. The Aztec goddess Cihuacoatl is linked to La Llorona. 3 This one was due to the Good Doctor prodding me to find a blue box and a river song not linked to Doctor Who. Mulholland Drive - Rebekah Del Rio sings as herself in Club Silencio in the Movie. Silencio = Club Silencio Del Rio = of the river. Del Rio sings, so river song. Blue Box = the mysterious blue box in the movie. Del Rio sings Llorando. A Spanish translation of the song Crying. Her character is referred to as La Llorona de Los Angeles.
  22. You must explain to me! I can't get current permits when I parcel search. Last I checked, they were on BLD permits in the 2013-03325 range. I've just been typing in permit numbers. No, I didn't go through all 3000, but I was tempted.
  23. Familiar places = something where we've been Contrast = pictures Ebony and Ivory = Black and White (colors not race) Death-filled spaces = mortuary or cemetery A return of a familiar setting either a mortuary or cemetery? Another blacklit house? I've never watched AHS, so would black and white fit this? Because we could also have: Familiar places = asylum Death-filled spaces = Murder house (I know the basics) It could also be TWD. Familiar places = prison and it was at HHN last year. Death-filled spaces = the walkers Contrast and Black and White could hint toward Dead Exposure, which would point to zombie.
  24. The Classics are already tied into the Lineages of the Legions. Baccanoid - The Invisible Man Cerebin - The Wolfman and The Creature Kerezan - The Mummy and Frankenstein's Monster Maschorian - The Bride of Frankenstein Morphan - The Phantom of the Opera Strengoit - Nosferatu, Dracula, and The Brides of Dracula EDIT: For those unfamiliar with the Legions: Baccanoid = Warriors Cerebin = Beasts Kerezan = Zombies Maschorian = Prisoners Morphan = Traditionals Strengoit = Vampires
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