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  1. Definitely no guarantee. But if my guess at Doc's comment regarding the Baccanoid Legion is correct... If Havoc is in Disaster and there is a Havoc scarezone, a cast change like last year's could be interesting and fun. Disaster is the best location for a cast change like we saw last year. Disaster also has a history of having an SZ that is tied to the house it holds. TCM/CDT taking orders from the Sheriff Zombiegeddon/Zombie Gras TWD/Walkers
  2. I've posted a few thoughts on this subject. But it hasn't received much discussion. Instead of having all the soldiers be the human looking specimens we saw previously, it would be nice to see the mistakes. As for the location of Havoc, due to a comment the Doc made Disaster seems a good place. What has occurred with the Disaster house a few times now? What happened near Disaster last year that we all seemed to enjoy and be excited about when it was announced? For those who answer these questions correctly: This is solely spec. I have no info on this. It is just me making connections based upon the past and comments I've read.
  3. Jeramy, if you've already touched on this in your speculation, I apologize. I'm running on caffeine and like 3 hrs sleep. Stupid insomnia. We may have our artifacts already, if they go with a LT/CITW mash up that's been theorized. The Legions artifacts!!!!
  4. Let's hope the chair is the only thing that's shared! Considering my Sicilian ancestry (this comes from my Ohio blood relatives) and the animosity that exists between Italians and Sicilians.... I also have Hessian ancestry from the same side! Oh, and moonshiners and bootleggers. This is why I love it when Carey is connected or even rumored to be connected. I may get the chance to pick my father's brain for Ohio info! (Just don't have me investigate my executed uncle by marriage. It would be awkward)
  5. Bravo! Ohio has been mentioned a few times. Someone even postulated this. (Can't remember who) But it was after my post explaining nicknames for the electric chair. Old Sparky has been called Old Sparky in several states... EDIT: Fixed quote box.
  6. It is hard to say what too far might be in many aspects. I'm just having difficulty seeing the higher ups approving a maze that's main element (it would be main since Zangara was executed for the assassination of Cermak) on a politically sensitive topic. Especially after last year's B&T kerfluffle. EDIT: The Caretaker's backstory was far enough removed from Mengele that most people would never make the association.
  7. Out of share curiosity, I googled Anton Cermak(the Chicago mayor who was killed). His son-in-law was the 33rd Govenor of Illinois and his grandson, who was present at the assassination, was the 1983 president of the AMA. There are also numerous geneology boards dedicated to his descendants/ancestors. I think it would be definitely safer for Uni to avoid using or referencing Zangara. Inspiration is one thing, but direct references or usage could cause issues.
  8. There are many ways La Llorona could be reworked. Personally, with the rumors from last year of an Aztec/Soithwestern myth house, I would enjoy seeing them represent her in the form of Cihuacoatl. It could give rise to many different "monsters" in the house. But, if the original house is vague and Zangara is only a base inspiration than it would be far easier to work this character into multiple plot points. I cannot see presidential assassination being touched on in a house. Vague references that maybe only diehard fans could connect yes, but not something the GP could point too. This is an event that is less than 100 yrs old. And while that may seem a great time to many, the children and grandchildren of those involved in this incident are most likely still alive. When I first heard of a prison house that would involve an execution that was based on true events, I became anxious that my family could end up connected to the event. I had a great uncle (by marriage, not blood related) who was executed in the Ohio State electric chair.
  9. While I would love a strong female icon, I do not want Mary 2.0 to serve as such. Personally, unless the house description names the inmate as Zangara, an Icon loosely based on Zangara could be interesting. He may have been a hypochodriac. Real abdominal issues may have contributed to him becoming increasingly paranoid and delusion. It's been suggested he was one of two hitmen and he actual hit his target. He was an expert marksman in the Italian Army. He was 5 ft 1, I believe. Napoleon complex anyone? There are theories that the Chicago Outfit hired him. A lot to work with. To build from. To create an icon from. Take Jack for instance. He's considered an original icon, but I can't be the only person who sees the influences of Pennywise and John Wayne Gacy in his original back story. EDIT: Zangara appears in Assasins.
  10. Honeywell, who makes the silent knight SKE-450, seems to have installed last year's fire alarms for the houses.
  11. Bldg 66 was Jaws. It seems they aren't renaming the Potter building. Look at old HHN permits for the Jaws queue.
  12. There's a parcel search option under advanced search, I believe. If you have the parcel numbers, you could look that way.
  13. It's so hard to tell from pictures. Are those the typical maze style walls or do they look more like a blockade?
  14. And add this to the where are the permits? They aren't/haven't hidden any of the permits for Transformers, Potter, Springfield, or Cabana. None of the permits for the more "sensitive" projects have been hidden. I finally found the site for the notice of commencement. I shared it with JDW yesterday. The turn around time for these notices is about 3-7 business days. I looked up the law that requires the notices. It is a law regarding liens. So, I cannot see how Universal could hide this from public record. The "Potter" law states the following items are exempt schematics, final and rough drafts, drawings, and blueprints. Anything that could be considered proprietary or could expose corporate secrets or intellectual property. Permits and notices would not be included in this. They could redact the description of the project, but the permit should still appear. So....I shall continue hunting.
  15. This could give us a third tie to secret societies. Allow me to explain for those who do not follow Ms. Wackee's posts on Facebook. At the HU/LT Uni Halloween Extreme panel, Dr. Thorncastle's name was mispronounced. Goth informed us that this mispronunciation had to do with the nickname Thornskull. And this nickname had to do with skulls and bones. Two possible interpretations of this: 1 Skull and Bones is a fraternal order. 2 The skull and bones of a pirate flag. (Edward Teach aka Blackbeard is listed as a Morphan) Goth also mentioned going to the Alchemist and Barrister. A pub in Princeton with a rather interesting name. Alchemy has been associated with the Knights Templar, Masons, Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati. Now, as for FDR... FDR approved the redesign of the one dollar bill. It's the bill we see today. Specifically the motto: Novus ordo seclorum and the pyramid with the all seeing eye. Both of these items have found there way into Illuminati conspiracy theories. Novus ordo seclorum roughly translates to new secular order. The pyramid and all seeing eye have been documented in Illuminati and other secret society symbolism. So, FDR has been tied to the Illuminati by conspiracy theorists.
  16. Doc has said that all 8 have been correctly guessed now. BUT: The solution for one is incorrect. Now, this was after I posted the following on the HU FB page; Figured out Simon!!! Simon = Simon Pegg = a certain ginger's role in 2009 = his role in 2010 = Havoc!!! So, Simon may be Havoc. I just may have the solution wrong. As for Flashback. I believe it's the prison house but I cannot say why.
  17. Ifrit's and Jimmy's clues. Since the Ifrit seemed to be pointing toward an execution it seemed logical to make an original prison guess.
  18. For many Floridians, especially those of us who can remember it being used, "Old Sparky" is the nickname we are use to for the electric chair. (I remember Bundy's execution) Since we do not know where this particular chair will reside, Old Sparky seems to be a perfectly fine nickname for now. Now, if this is Hellgate, then we will have to adjust our terminology. But, if this is a new prison, depending on its geographical location, Old Sparky may be an appropriate nickname. Several states referred to their chairs as Old Sparky. Like Connecticut, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, Ohio....
  19. Well, his last words were also unique. Irish Gaelic. We've seen old sparky seating outside a tent, yes? So, are we going to see an execution?
  20. Part 1: Image of man. The letters SMCFSUHJFBPMO appear over is eyes. Part 2: Sometimes a different method helps when things remain the same. Don't get caught within your cage and figure out the mcod. Part 3: How this series ends is how this series began; the tool remains the same Ponder on patterns, couplets and rhymes, and you will figure out the MCOD. The tool is obviously still the phone pad. SMCFSUHJFBPMO = 7623784532766 MCOD = 6262 With patterns and clues, highlighted and underlined respectively, MCOD also = name. 7 = PQRS 6 = MNO 2 = ABC 3 = DEF 7 = PQRS 8 = TUV 4 = GHI 5 = JKL 3 = DEF 2 = ABC 7 = PQRS 6 = MNO 6 = MNO ROBERT GLEASON This would have to be a loosely based character. A very loosely based character. Gleason was executed in Greensville Corrections Center this year.
  21. Ifrit posted an additional clue for the image of the man. I have asked for clarification, because the additional clue confused me. It mentions the letters mcod. In the initial clue, there does not appear to be a d. So, I've asked if the letter thought to be a p is a d.
  22. Because the addition of an original prison made the connections and similarities obvious. We had previously discussed 2 zombie houses and 2 cabin houses. But an original prison haunt the same year that TWD season 3 will most likely appear at HHN? That is not a coincidence or syncronisty. It's easy to find similarities and connections in horror movies. Cabin plays off of those. AWIL, even references other horror films. And all these IPs are popular now, well maybe not AWIL. You can chalk the similarities up as coincidence. But, when you add in the originals? Especially if a rumored prison house comes to fruition. It no longer a coincidence. A&D will have chosen and created the originals. Considering how elaborate some back stories have been, I just can't see them missing all the links and connections. P. S. - If we get Evil Dead, the Deadites are Morphans. I'm claiming them for my legion now. Deadites are greedy, self-gratifying tricksters.
  23. That is correct. Which is why I mentioned the suicide. But of course, I can't spell Malcolm. I'm never good with those L constanant combos. I have to make a conscious effort to spell Lincoln correctly.
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