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  1. After further inspection of the video, I believe the second item removed from the backpack is either a deck of tarot cards or a bag of runes.
  2. I nave thought about viewing them as separate, but there are too many coincidences for me to do so. PS may be Goth or may not be. I view ads on the blog as legitimizing the blog. Uni has every reason to let their fans know something is legitimate. Fake Twitter and Fake Goth has proven that there are trolls who will try to fool fans and ruin it for the rest of us. It's hard for me to believe that that A&D are giving up on backstory. But I can see the necessity and creative freedom of stepping away from houses being included in backstory. While houses are considered the "experience" of HHN, IPs severally limit inclusion of houses. Also, from a immersive stand point, streets allow far more interactivity with the guests. Something that stands out from the HE panel and the LT updates. Merch is meant to identify operatives. In a house setting, scare actors wouldn't be able to interact as freely as those on the streets. Is the merch for us to identify our fellow gamers or for scare actors to identify gamers and gives clues and hints? If the higher ups are demanding IPs, A&D's only freedom to give is backstory is the streets. I cannot see a full disconnect from LT and the theming of the event. It would be the opposite of A&D's stated goal of immersion. Patience, the Masters have just begun to show us their cards. While we may have gotten better at find out things, they have gotten better at slight of hand and misdirection. EDIT: Thoughts keep coming. Wouldn't the lone blogger revealing the houses in connection to the tag line "What evil has taken root?" completely negate Aiello's comments of the houses not being tied together by a larger theme? GP would see house reveals done by the lone blogger as creating a "backstory"/theme/connection to an interconnecting overarching theme for all the houses. Can't haven't both ways.
  3. Jeramy, besides the 67434, have you seen any more numbers? PS mentions geocaching. GPS cooridinates would help our search for the road. EDIT: With all those letters in there, you don't think they'd use a clue similar to the Ifrit's, do you?
  4. The items appear to be something wrapped in white cloth or in a bag. A mojo/Gris Gris bag. A box or tiles wrapped in red ribbon or a red shoelace. I totally agree with PS being a female.
  5. It appears SS21 A will hold Cabin.
  6. You're welcome, Niki! I was blasé about this house when it was first rumored. I saw the movie and was not impressed. At least not by the horror factor. I found it more funny than frightening. (I laughed in the theater during the original Final Destination though. So, my humor is a little different). Reading the articles about this house, I have become soooo excited for it. It's an IP, but it has a concept that gives more freedom than most IPs. EDIT: Because I can't seem to type things in order.
  7. If memory serves, yes. The original Run was very brightly lit, I believe.
  8. No. You misinterpreted. There are 6 Legions of Horror. Not hordes or scare zones. I should have been clearer on that. This in no way involves possible street spec. You must divy up the 8 houses amongst the 6 Legions. I took CITW out of the equation since it would include monsters from every Legion. I gave away the Baccanoid Legion house. Which is basically a confirmed tie in. The DoWs are Baccanoids. That leaves 5 legions and 6 houses. Using the descriptions of the legions, speculate which house could tie to which legion.
  9. As for my speculation that would connect the houses to Legions... We have 8 houses this year and 6 Legions. CITW would connect to all the Legions since it contains a large variety of monsters. Havoc would connect to the Baccanoid Legion. The Super Soldiers were already connected to Baccanoid through the Lineages. I'll leave the rest of my speculations until each house is announced. I'll let you all connect as you will. One more piece to consider though. Goth Wackee said the following "Ryan says Kerezans are different"
  10. I can connect houses to legions. Well the rumored houses to legions. I'll post which legion I think each house belongs too as they are announced. There are 9 weeks until our usual full reveal time frame. If we don't include next week due to the 4th, then makes it 8. A house a week, you think?
  11. The 23 reminds me of Horror Unearthed. Which house is going to get the first announcement treatment? I'm going with the return of TWD.
  12. This of course means are icon will be Pete Waterman. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Waterman We really need the site to update or the games to begin....
  13. There is something oddly poetic to the phrase DoWs on a train. Transportation of goods by train can be cheaper (ShadowCreek would most likely view the DoWs as a product/property). Has there ever been a house that used trains/box cars? It actually could be rather innovative. I do not think this is what will occur, but a house based on trains could be very imaginative.
  14. We are all like little kids at Christmas. We must shake the presents! A&D are like our parents. Each year, they must find ways to thwart our curiosity. In a way this makes me happy. Although, even at my age, I still want to shake my presents.
  15. In before it becomes actual spec. The appears to be a twitter account claiming to be an official HHN Orlando account. It's called Horror Nights @OrlandoHHN. I have been having conversations with it, and it just claimed the following: @OrlandoHHN: @mystiquephreeq This year, there are 9 Haunted house because of the Big Theme This year. So....be forewarned. We may end up with 9th house spec.
  16. It was the picture used as Goth's profile pic. No other significance for that year that I know of.
  17. I'm still hoping for the non perfect, not fully human, mistake and accident DOWs. If you're playing with genetics, there has to be inbetween forms. You don't reach perfect super soldier with your first experiment. As for storyline continuity, we only saw 1 bunker/lab. And I really don't remember it being that much of a lab. It seemed more bunker/training facility. Barracks for the DOWs perhaps? An organization devoted to creating the perfect soldier would most likely have enough business sense to not place all their eggs in one basket.
  18. Has the image been shared around? Thanks for the props!
  19. Wasn't sure where to put this. Considering the above quote, I figured it should go here. Goth Wakee: Got through! Yay In a message dated 6/12/2013 9:12:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, This is an exact quote, how it was typed. Of course the date/time stand out. 91208 is the zipcode for Glendale, CA. A hint that Jeff may get what he prefers? Sorry for the double post.
  20. I would need extensive therapy of those ever showed up at HHN.
  21. Goth has once again posted pictures of her lovely face! Keep eyes open for activity on 6/24. Goth has mentioned we may see something on that date.
  22. At least I know HHN will be truly horrifying this year! Add in a few furry creatures and I'd probably end up in the fetal position terrified out of my mind.
  23. I see potential scarezone links to many of the houses. If RE is in the SS that has an entrance near the NY library facade, we could see an SZ tie like we did in 08. Body Collectors/Streets of Blood. If TWD is in parade then a horde outside a la Fratured Tales/ST3. Entrance to CITW or ED on plaza of the stars? Deadites or escaped CITW monsters. I prefer the CITW monsters. Very little additional theming would be needed for these ideas. NY is a perfect backdrop for RE. CITW monsters break loose from the facility? What more theming do you need. And walkers are walkers, they can do there thing anywhere. We could have more original themed SZ's in Shrek, CP, Mel's and even near Springfield or the tents.
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