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  1. The Ifrit doesn’t randomly capitalize. Look at the second clue again. Speaking of, I think he forgot to capitalize something in the 3rd clue. Or maybe he just wanted to make it harder.
  2. I have no idea what to make of him anymore. I’m still angry about last year’s IT riddles, but he knew Nightingales was happening and the Roman connection. He’s, also, admitted being wrong and seems more cautious this year. I will give him kudos for getting people to tweet in Latin, though.
  3. The Shining wasn’t luck. It was a loophole, and King tried to stop it and guaranteed he/his name wasn’t connected to it. If King has any rights or say in a property, Uni is going to have to work really hard to get him to say yes. He was very, very unhappy them.
  4. Not the right kind of wet... I’m not crazy! There will be rain! You enter the fray just as the rain begins to fall
  5. I wonder how much I can get you all to learn this year. *ggls*
  6. You have no idea!! It’s not just HHN that fills my brain. I can pull out random information from a variety of fandoms. HP, ASoIaF, DW, some Marvel, Dragonriders of Pern, and Stephen King (of course). That’s just the fandoms. There is other trivia that lives in my brain. There’s, also, a whole other world in there. Characters, cities, countries, a god system, history, mythology, creatures, etc... Knowledge is my drug. I seek it out wherever and whenever I can.
  7. Not sure he was sent to Hellgate. Last we heard he was in the criminal holding area of Carey Memorial Hospital. http://www.hhnyearbook.com/2013/10/legendarytruth-the-collective-channel-surfing-2/
  8. Welcome to the Horror!! And... No one knows anything anymore!!! Proceed with mass hysteria and the wildest of wildest specs! I should probably get more sleep... EDIT: please don’t actually go completely crazy! My brain can’t take it.
  9. Well... Um..apparently...I...uh... There will be rain. Or there was suppose to be rain. Rain was mentioned in some way. *mumbles I was promised wet gladiators*
  10. The house isn’t taking place during the drought... It’s taking place right as the drought breaks. I was going to move all the N:BP2 posts to the N:BP2 thread, but I can’t figure it out. I did figure out that we have to use 2 for Nightingales. Blood Prey/Blood Pit. Initials all the same. They make our acronym life hard.
  11. Tunnels under the Coliseum. Underground tunnels. The codename for this house is , most likely Pit, kinda like Zero was DE:PZ.
  12. A parade bldg, a tent, a shrek. Those are the other options. Did you know the Coliseum is filled with underground tunnels? *I’m running on 3 hrs sleep. Don’t ask me for hints right now. They’d confuse everyone, including me. EDIT: The word was Nightingale.
  13. Rumor is: It’s not in an SS. I’m ok with this.
  14. For everyone who was wondering about my King references.. Everything’s Eventual: The Little Sisters of Eluria They were my first thought in 2011, and are still my first thought when thinking of the Nightingales.
  15. Did you see their reply that mentioned a mirror? I saw it this morning, and I want to yell at them! No mentioning mirrors unless it’s a clue!!
  16. Someone on IU mentioned a connection between sleep paralysis and the Nightingales. I don’t recall the connection and can’t seem to find it. But... Succubi and Incubi would be the demons of sleep paralysis. I suppose the Nightingales could be classified as succubi.
  17. Possibly. HHN has found the way to unnerve me. That tweet is creepy. I don’t know why, but the weirdness of is apparently all the twitter team needed to make me uncomfortable.
  18. No. It’s never too late. Way back in 08, the full website reveal finally hit at about 12:30am. Has anyone checked any news sources? Occasionally, they’ll hold an announcement to give a news source an “exclusive”. I just escaped retail hell about an hour ago. I have no idea what's happening. Customers ate my brain.
  19. Yes. The Tower holds what I feel is an inspiration. Only an inspiration. Just like there is an inspiration for Run in The Running Man. All things serve the Beam.
  20. Forgot to reply to this part... Remember the face of your father, and you may find what I believe is a source of inspiration.
  21. The word gives it away, it has been solved. The name chosen by the seven gives a hint on where to look. There’s a contingent of community members who really miss the old slow build. Refreshing the website daily. Debating over what a single word or phrase could mean. Solving all the little clues and riddles thrown our way from A&D. That’s why the hints and riddles live on. Since the mysteries of 2008 is what drew me out of lurkdom, I fully admit I’m part of this contingent. Now, there’s another part to this: When the official clues and riddles died, we were privileged by individuals taking up the mantle to keep us entertained. Seriously, we used to canninbalize ourselves in an ever increasing destructive annual pattern when there wasn’t anything to distract us. As those sources had to hide more and more to protect themselves, others took up the call. Proxies, if you will. There is now this fabulous game of telephone. They have to be hints and riddles to protect. Why do you think OrlandoVillian is gone from IU? Or at least hasn’t posted in forever? I’ll leave this with words from Our Mutual Friend They weren’t as hard to find as I thought they would be: Angels descend through the glittering gloom Lustful and greedy, they flit room to room
  22. I was one of the seven. It’s probably why I remember so well. We called ourselves the Lucky 7. Yes, the Belasco mentioned is Emeric.
  23. You’d be a part of that handful. There aren’t many who are still active in the community from that time.
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