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  1. That's kind of what I meant. I'm battling a cold/flu and the brain fog I'm experiencing is horrible. He started a countdown with 11 on purpose to mess with people. The question is: did he know about Stranger Things when he began, or was it dumb luck? Stranger Things needs a new acronym. Every time I read ST, my brain says Scary Tales. Suggestions: StTh StrTh
  2. Then he's telling us he purposely created a red herring (scarlet fish) with the IT clues.
  3. There's a riddle yet to be tackled from Legacy, and I feel it's an important one. Especially, considering the IP/Original discussion. Unexpect the expected The only potential for "the expected" is one of the IPs. I think we can limit it even further. IT and ST wouldn't fall into "the expected". While on our radar, they fall/fell more into wishful thinking with potential. What properties are expected? What are our go-tos?
  4. Seems that employee was most likely misinformed or had a standard answer that would invoke less argument from guests. I'm surprised an employee even mentioned taking photos in the house with actors present. That is a huge no-no. Never take pics in a house during the event. Also, I've seen several pics of the Grady Twins on FB. So, I'm confused by the whole thing. There is, of course, history of touchy-feely guests. Scareactors, generally, get to decide whether or not they want to pose for photos. Also, if pictures create a bottleneck and flow issue, higher ups will nix selfies and pics. Why they put a zone filled with potential photo-ops on Plaza still boggles my mind. Hollywood is wider with less chance of traffic flow issues. As for people "hitting on children": We are talking about a house. There is less chances to interact in that fashion with scareactors. They aren't going to hire children. If Stranger Things happens, scareactors dressed as the kids makes no sense. It's the demogorgon, demidogs, and government officials who are the "bad guys". They'll be the scareactors. Eleven would most likely be a mannequin ala Regan in Exorcist or a short adult female, if she even appeared. She's not the frightening aspect of the show. Her character would be incidental. Her standing off against the Mindflayer, demogorgon, or government officials would be the only logical use of the character. It's like the Losers' Club. We won't see the seven of them if IT ever occurs because Pennywise is the scare factor. The only time we may see any of them is a floating Bev mannequin. Georgie will be impossible to recreate with an actor as he is only 6/7. He'd have to be a mannequin.
  5. Florida labor laws prohibit anyone under 18 from working past 11pm on school nights. The Grady Twins weren't minors to my knowledge. If there was a set of twins that were minors, Uni would have had to alter set requirements or hire 6 pairs since the usual cast rotation is 45min on/45min off. There would have been a set of twins that couldn't work past 11pm on the majority of event nights.
  6. I didn't go last year, so I have to ask: Did the Grady Twins only have sets after 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays? If they had sets after 11pm on any nights where school was in session the next day, they weren't minors. Florida labor laws prohibit minors from working after 11pm.
  7. Since Assimilation's first scene was of MacReady and Childs in cryochambers, I'd say it's the closest sequel to a movie property that we have. They were used in Assimilation, weren't they? I guessed The Fly was most likely a red herring, but I didn't piece that part together. How've you been, dear?
  8. I'm not being restricted from saying. I just don't wanna kill the riddle game. Look at the list I provided of potentials. There's only one property that had a true sequel, meets a prequel requirement, and we haven't seen the original.
  9. Lurking over at IU and reading between the lines, there's only one property that fits his requirements for a sequel. I suppose, maybe two. Dreamwalkers and Camp Blood were mashups with stories overlaid, they don't fit. There's really only one that fits as a true sequel.
  10. NoES would fit. There are others as well. Camp Blood and FvJ. AvED and the reboot. Assimilation and the reboot. @hunnylvr is correct that Purge would fit. We have never had the original movie. We've had zones based on sequels and the house that was a mashup.
  11. Annabelle wouldn't fit as we haven't had any of the properties at the event. This is a closer fit to my thoughts on the riddle except for the plural. AvP is a spinoff that could be considered a sequel, but it's only appeared once. If it's a layered riddle: It's something we've seen more than once, but we have yet to see the original.
  12. I just realized it's sequels and not sequel. Have we had properties that were sequels or prequels without having the original? Knowing @Legacy, I'm either dead on or completely off the mark. He likes to create clues that annoy me, but they usually aren't completely straightforward.
  13. If a sequel comes first, we get a prequel. Take that as you may, but that's how it works. So, what movie/franchise has a prequel. I'm not seeing news of originals coming out this soon.
  14. I'm not entirely paying attention to things, but it seems the djinn liked The Conjuring guesses for the regain/again tweet. He did peak my interest with the Tori tweets. Since her music can be interpreted in many ways, one must wait to see where this goes to know for sure.
  15. I'm in cynical optimist mode. I won't be surprised if IT doesn't come to HHN, but my hope IT does. Only 3 times? I've listened to it more times than I can count. It was a great companion on my Daily commute when it was an hour drive to and from home. I love Different Seasons. The Breathing Method is my favorite of the four. I'm hoping spec picks up soon. The list of speculated IPs seems to be the usual given. I wouldn't mind a bit of a surprise thrown in.
  16. If IT comes to HHN, I'd be more surprised by a lack of novel Easter eggs than I would by novel Easter eggs. Would we get Dracula with a mouth filled with Gillette razors blades? Doubtful, but little nods here and there wouldn't be a surprise.
  17. I should have been more specific. As I'm a Constant Reader, I tend to forget that most don't know the King fandom slang and theories. The term derives from forwards and afterwards that King has written in his books. These notes to the reader(s) always start with "Dear Constant Reader,". I can give give a few more explanations about the Ifrit clue. Frankenstein - form taken by IT due to Victor Criss or Belch Huggins. The Mummy - Ben's first encounter The Creature - Eddie Corcoran's encounter. IT actually takes two forms during this encounter. (Random Trivia: Eddie Corcoran's stepfather, Richard Macklin, creates a link between the IT novel and Different Seasons: Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption) Leeches - Patrick Hockstetter's encounter. The alterations to Patrick's character in the new movie are one of the more pet peevey things I didn't like. Hockstetter is one of the most disturbing human characters in the novel.
  18. Unfortunately, I think that shipped sailed. Constant Reader is a King fan. Specifically, a Constant Reader is a King book fan. Ifrit pulled from the book IT. Example: Rodan is mentioned in IT during Mike's first encounter with it.
  19. If a Chucky house occurred, they wouldn't use grown men. They would use the same body type used in the past. Females who are 5 ft 1 or shorter. (All the Chuckys in 09 were females) Scream fell through due to rights issues. Since retail hell is finally over... The Ifrit is a Constant Reader. @hunnylvr could probably match up all those creatures with me.
  20. As the loophole with The Shining displayed, rights (especially character rights from older movies) are very complicated. Purchasing the rights to a film doesn't necessarily give you rights to the character. Owning the character doesn't necessarily give you all the rights to the character either. The Shining would have never happened if character rights were as simple as that. King owns the rights to Jack Torrance, but Kubrick's Jack Torrance was still present. There was an opera based on The Shining. These rights were different than Kubrick rights. For example, does Scott own any rights to the Alien franchise? Who owns the rights to the xenomorphs? Was it 20th Century Fox (the owner of the franchise)? There is, also, the complication of rights then vs rights now. Theatrical rights are "play rights". They are live performance rights. Theme park rights are attraction rights. Many of these rights are more ephemeral and ethereal. It's why it took so long to obtain The Exorcist. Theatrical rights and theme parks rights weren't really a thing when the movies were made. Finally, we have no information about existing contracts. We don't know what was in the original contract for AvP. We don't know the length of the contract. We don't know if further contracts were already made this year or previous years. These things play a very important role in determining whether or not the xenomorphs will appear at the event again. Example: Disney couldn't yank Marvel from Uni. Disney can never yank Marvel from Uni due to existing contracts. What we do know is that Universal replicated scenes from AvP on one coast and created its own story on the other coast. This tells us film rights and character rights were obtained. There is no need to doomsday this as a "never going to see Alien or Predator again!!" One more big example of character rights vs film rights: WB owns the film rights to the HP Franchise, they do not own the rights to the characters. WB can't create Harry Potter and the Enchanted Bicycle. They can't create more stories for the characters because they don't own the characters. One more edit: There's another potential rights holder we are forgetting. Giger's estate. What rights to the xenomorph does the Giger estate hold? Final edit (I hope): There's one more thing that we know. Universal already loopholed Disney's theme park rights to Alien by using AvP to bring the xenomorphs into a house. Rights have workarounds.
  21. The mouse bought 21st Century Fox, but... Rights are a fickle and complicated beast. Who owns the theatrical rights vs distributing rights vs movie rights vs theme park rights...so on, so forth. Weaver owns the rights to her likeness, so Ripley was always likely to be a no show in a house. The xenomorphs could even possess rights for the characters.
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