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  1. They didn't seem small. Especially, Run. My two RUN-throughs, were both separate paths. Run is the only house I have where experienced a solo walk through. My second time through they separate little ole 5ft 1 me from the rest of pulsed our group. Best house experience ever! They were very creative on how they twisted houses around. Frightanic was also in Earthquake queue and it was a dual run. The house didn't feel shorter than subsequent houses I've been in.
  2. I did The Mummy in '99 and '01. It's been 19 years/17 years and many houses ago though. I remember the scarab room the best (cant remember which year). There was some form of styrofoam popcorn underfoot that crunched (I believe), the sound of the scarabs crawling around, and air compressors may have been utilized to give the sensation of something crawling on you. '99 was only my second year and I hadn't been completely sucked into the event yet. I went for the jumpscares and the laughs (nothing funnier than watching the CDT chase people). I wasn't focused on details. '01 is ruled by Run. Went through it twice. My memories for that year are Run dominated. It is tied with Dead Exposure as my all time favorite house.
  3. Not sure. I found this one years ago. Someone shared it, somewhere.
  4. While seeing the exact same posts on here and there is a good giveaway, there's, usually, a "voice" to each user. Everyone has a "voice" when they write. I can, usually, figure out different, and in some cases, disparate usernames as being the same individual.
  5. I quick read through tells me: It is very likely that you two are talking to each other on two different forums.
  6. Indeed, he is. Hence the username choice of @TheShape1031 EDIT: By the way, I can see both sides of the debate. The Shape alludes to Halloween. There's a barking dog. The kennel scene starts of with The Thing whimpering, then making a soft growl. The noise isn't, initially, coming from The Thing beyond that soft growl.
  7. Alaskan Malamutes, not Siberian or Alaskan huskies. There's difference between each kind. Alaskan huskies are not considered a breed.
  8. I think this is the closest we will get to Thriller at HHN:
  9. There's probably a specific age demographic that is hyped by the thought of a Lost Boys house. It's the same demographic that's more hyped than anyone for an 80's themed year. This is our childhood. There's a nostalgia that sucks (pun intended) us right in. Vampire houses are never frightening for me, but they are usually my favorite houses. I'm the weird one that loved Blade...I mean Vampyr: Bloodbath. Went through it three times the night I was there. The call of "Join us" used to creep out guests in vampire houses usually gets a response of "Yes, please!" from me. Lost Boys will have an aesthetic that I immensely enjoy. While I look forward to the potential of an upside down vampire scaring me from above, I'll spend the house reliving my desires to join the Frog brothers and Sam in their adventures and reveling in my continued desires to be one of the Lost Boys.
  10. I think Uni can do it, if this guy can:
  11. I've been using this screen name for 20 yrs. i know how you feel.
  12. Done Anyone actually read the lawsuit for StrTh? The Duffers attorney is most likely correct. It seems to have no merit.
  13. The maze faithfully follows the storyline, starting off on Mirkwood and then quickly moving to inside Hawkins National Laboratory where things have gone terribly, terribly wrong. From there you will experience all the most memorable moments from the show, including several trips to the Upside Down, while being hunted at every turn by the Demogorgon.
  14. Typing 10 yrs in the fandom, and seeing this post: The LegendaryTruth game turns 10 this year. There's an anniversary I would love to celebrate. Are we reading this A&D? 10 years since you created that amazing ARG and introduced us to Carey.
  15. Oh, I blame myself. I knew if I didn't keep a sense of detachment I'd end up extraordinarily attached to the rumor. IT is my all time favorite novel by my all time favorite author. Walking into Derry has been a hope for me for the ten yrs I've been a part of this fandom. IT was a part of my very first post and spec way back in the days of the Vault when I finally creeped out of lurkdom. I knew better.
  16. Lol! Even with my avatar, I've still had to say this!! For those who may have difficulty reading it: "when other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers. i kind of wanted to be a vampire" In my denial land: Everyone is wrong about which clown was cut. AHS has been cut. IT is still happening. The Lost Boys replaced it. Every IP is 80s. 80s themed year is go!! By the way, I haven't heard anything definitive on Lost Boys or IT or if something actually changed. Rumors are rumors until officially announced. Scream and Conjuring as well as House of Horrors and SS44 debacle all are great reminders of this. Why allowed myself to get sucked into the IT rumors is beyond me.
  17. Yes, it's something I heard. I try not to speculate too much anymore, or figure out clues because rumors always end up coming my way now. It's usually through a long convoluted and extended grapevine, but it feels wrong to spec and gues when I may know the answers already. Murdy's riddles/hints are different. His are beyond convoluted and chock full of red herrings. And, as a literature buff and author myself (I'm not published), a chance to debate the symbolisms and allegories of a story is too tempting to resist.
  18. Before that. I'll just tell. I asked hunnylvr to "Cry a Little with me, Sister". I didnt capitalize it, though.
  19. Nope. The post is after Ifrit's tweet from yesterday, before the tweet today. Murdy happened to give hints that allowed me to work it into a post.
  20. It was me, wasn't it? On a more serious note, people should probably pay a little more attention to my posts...
  21. Going to give us a hint as to which user nailed it? Fixed the tweet for ya.
  22. I can put forth articles that The Thing is an allegory to the AIDS epidemic of the 80s. Neither the Cold War or The AIDS epidemic allegory theories take into account that The Thing is based on a 1938 novel. Here are three links on the themes of 1984 and IT. http://www.gradesaver.com/1984/study-guide/themes https://www.tor.com/2011/10/25/grownups-are-the-enemy-stephen-kings-it/ This part of this one: "The young heroes of 1957 use their purity and imagination as weapons against Pennywise. Meanwhile, the clown uses adults and the grown-up world against them: like all kids, they are alternately ignored, controlled, and put at hazard by adult actions, and come to see them as the enemy. The question, for the nearly middle-aged Losers who return to Derry is whether they’ve become too grown-up. Are they pure anymore? Can they make-believe the way they once did? If not, they cannot win." https://sweattearsanddigitalink.com/2017/09/09/the-themes-in-stephens-kings-it/ Edit: Since my brain finally slowed down enough... The themes of an anti totalitarianism theme are free thought, fighting against control, independence, individuality, and rebellion against authority. The themes of a coming-of-age story (that's what IT is) are free thought, fighting against control, independent, individuality, and rebellion against authority. Big Brother, the population of Oceania, and The Party in 1984 as antagonists are very similar to Pennywise, the population of Derry, and parents of the Losers. Big Brother (Pennywise) has manipulated the town. No one speaks of the town's history or the cycle. Unusual acts of violence are hushed and ignored. The population of Oceania (Derry) accepts the status quo. It doesn't question. It accepts the propaganda and ignores the "bad parts" of the town's history. The Party (parents) enforce big Brother's desires. This is best seen in Eddie's and Bev's parental interactions. Bev's father is used by Pennywise in an attempt to quell the rebellion as is Eddie's mother. Lastly, both 1984 and IT deal with those who refuse to conform to societal norms. 1984 has a populace stripped of all individuality, and the "misfits" are bullied into conforming. IT relies on the "misfits" who are bullied to conform to save the day. Orwell's views were bleak. Winston conforms to save himself. IT's views aren't much better. The kids who fought for their individuality in 1957 have conformed as well. They long ago stopped trying to beat the devil. The magic is lost and they forget.
  23. Um.... I'm going to have to disagree on your interpretation of 1984 (both how it links to the clues, and the novels themes). The entire theme of 1984 is a warning against totalitarianism. It's about government manipulation. Newspeak, reality control. Controlling the free thought of the populace. This doesn't fit The Thing. It does fit IT. Derry has its own reality control. The Derry populace ignores IT's existence in exchange for quiet success. Derry prospers because of IT. I can, of course, link 1984 (the year) itself to IT. Adrian Mellon is the first victim of the new cycle (adult cycle). His death occurs in 1984. His death was inspired by a real life incident that occurred in Bangor on July 7, 1984. The death of Charles Howard. There is a theme regarding ostracization, outcasts, disregard for those who are different, "Losers" in general to IT. Yes, I refuse to give up, but I, also, completely disagree with your interpretation of the themes from 1984 (the novel).
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