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  1. Not entirely sure since he never made an appearance. Only heard he was suppose to be.
  2. I met Dick Bennick Sr. in 1993 prior to is 20th Anniversary special. I was 13 and he was at the mall (same mall where I went into my first haunted house) promoting his 20th anniversary special being held at BG. I fangirled so hard. All my friends freaked out and had to see Jaime Walters when he did a mall appearance. I couldn't care less. Random encounter with Dr. Paul Bearer and I was a nervous wreck who had to get an autograph. The name is indelibly imprinted onto my brain. It's why I can remember Cindy's background so well. Also, Bone was named. Bone fits all the requirements listed as well. Just wish his counterpart could have been at the event too. We didnt name Bone. Bone had his name prior to the event opening. The use of we in last year's marketing did serve a purpose until the icon battle was lost.
  3. The character's name was Dr. Paul Bearer. Give it a google with the Dr. in front Simultaneously posted the marketing image with @fvcking cvnt
  4. You found the name change. I'm going to guess you aren't old enough to recognize the name or you're not from the central Florida area. Dr. Caine's original name paid homage to someone. The only requirements an icon must meet are A&Ds requirements. A&D includes unused icons as icons. By the way, which of the above does Cindy not meet?
  5. Read the icon backstories in the link I provided. You'll see the changes. Where is Mythos located? That's the big hint to the year.
  6. http://www.horrornightnightmares.com/hallowd-past-hhn-icons/
  7. ^The like is for this. There have been two patronymic changes in the history of the event. I've given the timeframe when this change occurred. Where, as well, if one wishes to be technical. PS - I'm going to suggest everyone look up aphasia/dysphasia so you guys can forgive me any actual errors I miss.
  8. Initial impressions are generally correct. Yes, 2 was left out on purpose. 3 is ragtag 4 is zero. That should assist with figuring out how I numbered them. Is he truly the second icon? He is indeed a father.
  9. Mythos is the word that gives you the timeframe. I'm having too much fun with this. You should, also, consider how I numbered the codenames.
  10. 1 3 & 4. There's one more in here. 5 Clue for the missing one: HHNO has a long mythos. Look for a patronymic change. Hint: There is a word in the first sentence that gives you the timeframe for the change.
  11. Separate codenames. Your Poltergeist connection was my aha! moment. So, you have the actor. There's a word in the second clue that will lead you to a timeframe regarding the change.
  12. One of these things is not like the others. You'll have the codename when you find it.
  13. King is the answer regarding why IT may never show. Uni loopholed him out of any say in The Shining last year. Ever notice his name was not included at all in the event? He wouldn't let them use his name. He couldn't stop them from using Kubrick's Shining (he despises that movie), but he could make sure that they didn't link him to it. The Shining was leaked by a travel site last year. From what I heard, the delay in announcing The Shining was due to King stepping in after the leak. Not sure if he completely tried to stop the house from happening or what, but I heard Uni burnt the bridge with King. He was not happy with them. As for why do we speculate: The joy of deduction. The simple act of riddle solving, putting together a puzzle, and linking the parts of a mystery. The ability to create and imagine. It takes a certain mindset. You'll probably find that many who speculate enjoy delving into fandoms, analyzing all available information, reading mystery novels, and doing all types of puzzles. There's, also, a fair share of writers in the mix.
  14. Remember: My clue was for a codename. While trying to come up with the clue, I had an aha! moment regarding the codename. That aha! moment is completely speculation on my part. This codename would seem to fit in with the way A&D select names, if my speculation is correct. @DraculaTeeth found the actor for the clue, but not the codename yet. Finally, there's one more codename in my big post. It's toward the top and won't really stand out. Clue for that codename: HHNO has a long mythos. Look for a change in a patronymic
  15. I had an aha! moment earlier while trying to figure out a way to create to my clue One of those IPs was the aha! moment, but it hasn't been rumored or even alluded to that I'm aware of. Clue: seek out an incredible actor's filmography *Edit: I need to figure out how to beat this insomnia. My sentence structure is getting worse. Not a clue. Just a forewarning. The aphasia/dysphasia is real bad right now.
  16. The one I altered is in a separate post. Maybe I'll work up a @Legacy style clue for that one.
  17. That was actually a spelling error. I've been experiencing some very bad brain fog recently and missed it. Sorry.
  18. You have one. One left in that post. I'll let you figured it out between your two guesses. One more post that has a codename.
  19. There's a total of three in that post and you have one. You already figured out one from another post (surprise). One more post has one as well. Although, it had to be altered slightly for contextual reasons.
  20. I have a strange vocabulary and make weird metaphors. That line is an example of that. You're on track, though.
  21. Aye, as I see yours. I've had really good coaches over the years.
  22. Nope, no one should be pissed off. New people to the forums aren't going to know about the long discussions we had about The Shining last year. As I said, IT is a perfect example of a property that by all means should fit the recent HHN formula. Uni has an ongoing relationship with WB. IT is the highest grossing horror movie. WB did a house last year. Uni did The Shining last year. No one can fault anyone for not knowing about last year's drama and rants. I was the ranter. Which is why I'm so angry with myself for getting caught up in the hype. Uni most likely burnt a bridge last year. I should have kept reminding myself of that.
  23. Eh, I think there was some valid spec based on wording in a blog post This year, the past will haunt you with brand-new mazes based on iconic horror films, terrifying hit TV-shows and haunting original stories. As for speculation vs wishful speculation vs rumors... All we have anymore is deductive reasoning on which properties best fit the formula. There's not much else to speculate on without hint givers such as yourself or riddle givers such as the Ifrit. Take IT for example: A highly successful horror film based on the works of a master of horror. The Shining happened last year. Simple deductive reasoning would suggest that IT has a strong possibility, unless you are aware of various intricacies. King's dislike of haunted house and King being loopholed out of last year's Shining house. IT makes sense as a potential if one does not know certain details. IT has all the hallmarks of being a feature property out of context. This isn't 2008 or 2009 where there is a website we can deduce information from. How long did we debate a detective vs. a doctor in 08? The office gave support for both. The edition of a Freud quote gave the doctor more validity. Then there was the debate of male vs. female. That one went on for quite sometime. The only evidence to support a female over a male was items bequeathed in a will. Speculation is no more than wishful thinking or a simple plug n' play now. There's been a ragtag assortment of riddle givers (Emeric in 2010, our mutual friend in 2011, the Ifrit in 2012, 2013, 2017, and this year, the good Dr. Jimmy who has left the game, Cassilda Carcossa) and there are the hint droppers, who you have to be familiar with to know when to read more into a comment. There's zero fun and imagination in spec anymore.
  24. I can't take the heartache of the hope anymore. I'd rather be completely taken surprise by being wrong instead of the crushing heartache of disappointment.
  25. If false rumors are being spread, then we can't fully distrust the Ifrit. The Djinn and I have had our fair share of animosity toward one another, but he's been right 9 times out of 10. He was the first to hint at the Horror Unearthed game in 2012. He dropped a house name last year. He's also corrected mistakes in the past. Let's see what he says before we give up on him. Things have gotten interesting to say the least. We all seem to be in for a surprise. And since I've killed the hope, IT is one of the four not coming. I'm not going to allow myself to even consider it as possible anymore.
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