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  1. ^Things I've missed cause I've been working and replying on breaks.... If memory serves, it usually does, this tweet came with another one. Someone inferred that The Ifrit was Emeric Belasco or Autumn Wind. This tweet was part of a response denying that The Ifrit was either. So: Stoked by the past, I cannot deny = I'm inspired by past clue givers But flames burn brightest when tinder's dry = leaks and clue givers are more prevalent when official news is sparse.
  2. Pennywise has orange tufts. The hair in the new movie may be a very light ginger, but the description in the books is orange tufts ala bozo the clown.
  3. The Ifrit is a fire djinn. Crowned with fire is a poetic way to say redhead. The obsession with flames shouldn't be looked into too far.
  4. Three syllables. It works. Mysti is two syllables... I missed this!! You know nothing!!! *stomps foot and goes into the corner* That's only one of the possibilities
  5. Dare I say it? Soon. Right now? No. I'll give info to work it out though. The Ifrit has been very good with syllables in the past. I see two possibilities given the meter. Two syllables bringing the final count to 7 or three syllables bringing the final count to 8. Both can work, especially since this appears to be a closing. Ending on 7 instead of 8 could be an artistic decision to show "the close". "The game is yours" he/she/it is handing over the reigns. He/she/it is bowing out, but handing the game to another. That other can be discerned from "To those who monitor and see". Both possibilities that I see are, in a way, the same possibility all things considered.
  6. If the rhyme ends in the way I suspect... My respect for the Ifrit just went up.
  7. As a Morphan, I am in a perpetual state of trick-or-treating!! Therefore, someone is trick-or-treating. There's still no announcement, but trick-or-treating is happening.
  8. Since I am no longer preoccupied with permit discrepancies, I decided to peruse IU... I disagree with @Legacyregarding Clue Set 5 and knowing the codename....
  9. Since a fix has finally occurred: The permit issue i spoke of before was: A duplicate set of permits appeared for the 5 permits we have. Each had a new permit number, and I've been watching them daily to determine if they were true duplicates made in errror or if the error was a location error. They were duplicates. They have been closed.
  10. Weve talked about it. We just haven't really talked about it.
  11. That depends on whether or not I've correctly deciphered what @Ringwraithis hinting at... Could be a correction or an add-on.
  12. The Hallow was loosely based on Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree. The Skoolhouse in 08 was the homage to TrT.
  13. Quoting myself because I think this got lost in the poetry.
  14. You did! Way back in 2011, we had "our mutual friend" sending couplets as hints. There ended up being a big discussion regarding poetry and poems and whether or not the use of poetry was a hint toward a Poe house. While it was mostly likely the most common (and simplest) form of riddle being used, I couldn't help it and critiqued the rhymes and rhymes of other users. I created a poem to explain the importance of meter and cadence in poetry. This was just an "in" for me to discuss poetry again!
  15. It happens. I added the last bit of my poem from 2011. That was the last time we discussed poetry!
  16. Third stanza, line three don't instead of do not would keep meter and cadence. For when it comes to metered voice It's not about the rhyming choice Instead the words will have to meet A fixed set o' syllabic feet
  17. Timings off on the second line. The Ifrit keeps his meter and cadence solid. Should I reproduce my poem regarding poetry that I used to explain the importance of our mutual friend's couplets in 2011? And... It had a home Just not its own.
  18. Codenames are "in-house jargon". They don't put the codenames on the permits anymore. I think @WannabeIcon was asking if Surprise could potentially be an icon house. Speaking of permits: Permits are the bane of my existence right now. The permits are weird is the best way I can put it. I'm tenacious and fastidious, though. I'll figure it out.
  19. My numbers were only meant to draw attention to numerical arrangements. 5 7 5 and 6 3 3 are the number of syllables per line. There's other options besides syllables per line.
  20. Seems my hint isn't working as well as I thought. I mentioned the number of syllables per line. There's another numerical arrangement per line. The clue is indeed specific. The numerical arrangement tells you where to look.
  21. It's 5 7 5, not 6 3 3 for haikus. Interesting arrangement, nonetheless.
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