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  1. when was this actually released? Saturday? did any FFP people here went Saturday? I saw this on facebook as well but it felt like they showed it too late.
  2. I never understand why the hordes get such hate (not just here but everywhere) they are there to fill the dead space, that's it. they are there to make the Simpsons area not feel so empty and dead..... how is it a "Waste of money" when they are making a dead area fun to walk around? on FB i saw a lot of hate for the hordes and people saying it was a waste, a waste of what? The cheerleaders are awesome and a lot of fun to watch. Their attitude is great and they are great at working the saw. it's fun to see them work. The Scarecrows are creepy and make the Transformers area better. the other points I can see but the hate for the hordes is ridiculous. the Geishas might not be the best idea but I remember so many of you in here BEGGING Universal to create the Geisha scarezone. (When it was rumored they will have Geishas last year so many of you guys were SO happy about it...) they don't look as cool but they STILL are just filling in a dead area. i really dont get it if the Tents flooded with just a little bit of rain from Saturday, I cannot imagine what a full out hurricane will do to the houses. I wouldn't be surprised if they have to close at least 4 houses. (the soundstages flood previous years too)
  3. If I remember well, 2012 was when management decided to combine the event more with Hollywood instead of letting Orlando do their thing. (I think I remember someone mentioned that some new people came from over there to work in this event to unite them more.
  4. can you do a spoiler review spoiling everything? (just because i will never go and want to know)
  5. I know that on FB I saw a bunch of posts of people saying how terrible the first music was. how a lot of people went to do the surveys to complain about all the rock and dubstep. seems like it was more than enough that Universal would actually change the entire park music. I personally am incredibly grateful they changed all the rock, it feels much better with the darker music in place now. I was not a big fan of the first music. but, Whats going to happen to the list here? will it be all mixed or will it be separate from first weekend to the rest of the event?
  6. trump gets the biggest laughs and he is literally the villain of the show lol, i dont know what you mean. did you wish they didn't make fun of her? I actually loved that they made fun of both, I love that Hillary was made fun of, as someone that was pro bernie I loved that they both got their share of jokes. I think Trump was made fun of worse because he comes of as a weirdo while she doesnt. Like I said i don't care about either and im not voting at all but I dont think they made worse fun of her, she even got the cool actress to play her while he got some horrible weird creepy face on screen haha
  7. I always get a kick and get a laugh out of being directly shot at by a ghost in ghost town and by the girl in Halloween lol. I love that they didn't take that stuff out. The halloween one specially got me so good the first time, I didn't expect that girl to point it at me. (I cant believe ghost town has a cannon LOL) its all the fault of the social justice warriors, they are ruining everything fun, they started with ruining games and now they are trying to ruin halloween and everything else that brings people some joy..... people always say how the country is becoming PC but it is just that group of SJW that look for things to get offended and complain. I hope Universal and HHN can stand up to them, (well at least Orlando because SJW already took out Bill and Ted and the scareactors in the Purge) so in a way HHN has already been affected by them getting offended in Cali....
  8. clash


    on repeat visits this house sucks. Yeah sure the sets are great but it feels very repetitive (And that's saying something when the Exorcist doesn't feel as repetitive in contrast.) the same scares over and over and feels monotonous. The elves were cool at first but after a while they just become a little bit too much It is amazing what they did set wise in this small location but the house itself is not that great anymore
  9. I guess you could say you lost it or you are getting a replacement if they ask? if he has fl id and his address maybe they let u in i tend to leave before 10 now. it is not fun after that.
  10. very dull show. it almost feels like a high school play in terms of jokes. There was so much stuff to make fun of (That is not related to movies) I know they have to be careful on what they make fun of but.... seems like they left so much stuff out. Last year was better. There were dozens of things that happened this year that should have made it into the show. Academy of villains is a much more enjoyable and more entertaining show. I wish Academy of Villains had chairs to sit because I could do that show 20 times (if I wasn't tired of standing) But Bill and Ted.... wow.
  11. Hollywood did a better job with some of the variety in costumes. they have 2 or 3 Krampus actors as well.
  12. Krampus is just like that. 90% is elves. there is one room with some of the toys but thats the only one. Hollywood has a more complete house. I dont think you went during cast change. Ive done it different days and it's mostly elves.
  13. i heard some Nox Arcana playing in the park today, around the front store. i wonder was that song always planned or was it added ? i wonder how the music works at hhn, can they add stuff after it has opened? I dont recall nox arcana in the park opening weekend at all (I dont think Ive ever heard nox arcana in the park in the past, only midnight syndicate) that was a nice change Ever since you guys mentioned hearing Bart Simpson, that's all i can think of lol.....
  14. wait is the hate from ranking stuff too high?
  15. is not really the sexualizing but just her jokes and attitude. when she was with jack she was different.
  16. and i kinda hate to say this but shes a little... annoying. previous years like 2007 or 2015 she was funny but a little naive and crazy but fun. this year some of the chance stuff is still fun but... i dont know, it is not the same.
  17. I dont think you can walk more than a couple of steps without those roots hitting your head, the other problem is that the people in front of you will hold on to it and then let go (as they are passing by it) and when they let go it hits you with more strength. half my attention was spent trying to catch the swing from when people in front let go of it. I think I only remember half the house because i was so busy trying to not get hit in the eyes by the swinging roots.
  18. they totally over did it lol. I cant be scared by an actor when things are poking my face.
  19. That hanging stuff is becoming a problem for a lot of people it seems. I have also noticed complaining about it on fb.
  20. Chance deserved a better event... Everyone was so excited and hyped up but both her zone and her house are kinda bad. Plus her commercial wasnt good, her presence in the event has not beennthe best.
  21. The only reason ive heard that recording is not allowed is because people will stop the line take pics and hold the line. But that seems pretty dumb and Hollywood doesnt seem to have that problem . Thats really the only reason they banned recording ( that i know of)
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