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  1. I saw what you posted and thought that couldn't be right. There is 9 lines on the top part which is the houses, so one of the houses takes up 2 lines
  2. Doesn't really matter, still if anyone's wants to send me that picture, I would appreciate it
  3. Yeah, if anyone has the image normally, I would appreciate it if it was sent to me
  4. That's better have a spoiler for people who don't want to see
  5. And what looks like synergy clearly starts out with a d and there is a /. I'm pretty sure the first word is Dracula, can't make out the second one though
  6. It sounds like you know what's coming to the event
  7. I think the worst part of this for orlando is that TWD is the biggest house ever made. So many better options for great sets and scares.
  8. Last year, evil dead was announced at 12 est and 9 pst. It wouldn't be fair to have people on the east coast wait until 3 am for an announcement that's shared
  9. I'd say its a maze announcement due to all the teasing lately
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