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  1. Well HHN is officially over, really fun night. Last terror tram was awesome except for the grumpy old worker who kept flashing his flashlight in people's eyes. Also I was almost not on last tram because team members didn't communicate with each other or us, it was a huge f'up on their part. Chainsaw Chaseout was a blast as well only wish Murdy would've stayed in one spot so I could have taken a picture

  2. I thought you would say that but I think you miss my point. Victims for the most part aren't used to spice things up, it's because they were actually kills in the movies. Even in some of these slasher houses they have variations of the character to not make it repetitive. Stranger Things has none of that and if they were to be accurate to the show, it would be room after room of the demagorogon popping out, unless they make it an original take, which is dumb. They need to wait a whole another year. Besides they are already locking houses on for next year and Murdy hasn't even seen the show yet so it's not happening

  3. Forget environments, there is only one, count em one creature/scare person thing to work off of, it would be the same thing over and over. You could say the same for exorcist but idk Stanger Things has Murdys love for it like the Exorcist does. If they wait a year for season 2 to come out I'm sure they have more to work with and make something special, if they do it next year it will just feel like a corporate move to capitalize on its popularity 

  4. 18 hours ago, ForeverEvil1 said:

    Expanding on The Thing, it's the original's 35th anniversary. 

    You mean the remakes 35 anniversary. 


    Since im posting here now, I might as well comment on some things and post my predictions. 


    You guys can't be serious about thinking exorcist will return. I mean, come on, isn't horror nights past bringing back the same house the next year. AvP had a good reason for coming back, and I don't think the Exorcist cost as much as AvP. 


    Also so would like to say before this gets suggested a million times next year. No there will not be a Stranger Things house, it's crazy how many people who saw the show thinks it should be a house. At least not for next year. There isn't enough material in season 1 to work with unless they take a lot of creative liberties.


    Ok here's some things I think will be on the lineup:

    American Horror Story(100% sure on this one, I'd be willing to put money on it)

    Saw Legacy

    Ash vs Evil Dead

    The Conjuring(this is more of a want, but it's either this or Insidious and I think Conjuring is overdue now)

    The Thing(the 35th anniversary and that John said he still wants to do the original sold me on at least them trying to get it)

    An original house that will probably be in 3D but hopefully not.

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