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  1. Before you see them square off on the big screen, revisit this classic tale of two of the world's biggest monsters fighting for the first time. You can listen to Scott Ciencin's book Godzilla vs The Space Monster - NOW 



  2. I figured some here may like this, as it showcases several now "extinct" rides such as Jaws, original Kong, and Earthquake. It was a nice run down memory lane reading this! 


  3. "You'll float too..."

  4. On the plus side, when can I start actually planning for the first annual Purge? #tryingtocope

  5. Happy Halloween everyone!

  6. Dare to Chance Ep #5 - Curtain Call



  7. Stay safe everyone in Florida! 

  8. Happy opening night! Break legs cast and crew of all HHNs

  9. "The crooked man stepped forth and... rang the crooked bell.
    And thus his crooked soul... spiraled into a crooked Hell."

  10. I just want a bottomless margarita right now, with some top shelf... is that too much to ask for? 

  11. There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile...

  12. Can't believe what's going on. My thoughts are with everyone in Orlando right now. 

  13. Two days until Orlando... to say I'm excited is an understatement 

  14. R.I.P Wes Craven 

  15. Walking Dead season 5, Pumpkin beer, and Jack's 'za. Oh yeah... it's a good day. 

  16. Best day ever. Jurassic World in mere hours, and just purchased RoF ticketss for HHN25. Only freaking out a little.... okay maybe a lot

  17. I really need to stop torturing myself with daily checking if I have enough to go to HHN this year

  18. I still thing that... even though Dracula and Frankenstein are amazing films, Wolfman is still the best of the classic Universal Classic Horror Films

    1. ferox


      I like the Wolfman character better, but I still think The Mummy is a better movie overall.

    2. Dr. Jimmy

      Dr. Jimmy

      Phantom of the Opera.

    3. Dr. D

      Dr. D

      The Postman Always Rings Twice.

  19. Wish I was back at Orlando

  20. Two days.... Thursday can't get here fast enough!

  21. "One by one, we will take you!"

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