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  1. I will be down friday. I remember getting a button from you back when the vault was up and running. Would love to get one of these!
  2. Hey... just do the stay and scream, hit one or two soundstage house then run...RUN over to the parade building then do the event counter clockwise, you shouldnt have any probiem. A lot of people would still kinda be getting off work so the crowds wont be that bad at first...
  3. Hey guys...im gonna cut to the chase. Any employees have an extra spot for preview night they are willing to let a die hard fan use? I would love to be able to experience this years preview night but living in south carolina doesn't allow me to well...be an employee! Im uber friendly and like to buy my friends drinks :whoo:. I know third party employees can also purchase the preview night tickets for 10 dollars...well, that was the case in 2012. So, if you can help or know someone who can help please PM me with some details!
  4. As of park opening this morning, ALL adult HHN shirts are 9.99, kids are 8.99. Also, the universal studios zombie hoodie was 18.99!
  5. ...and wants to go? If you can be INSIDE universal studios before closing hurry and send me a private message!
  6. Hey guys I will be at the preview tonight! Black guy, lower back length dreds, pink shorts, brown and white vertical stripped shirt, brown trucker hat.
  7. I went last year and no one showed up hahaha...
  8. But...thats generally what most IP house look like...scenes from the property.
  9. I wonder why the park is being abnormally quiet about this house? We've seen pictures and such of the other places but not really of this one...
  10. I have to change the 23rd to the 31st. Also, I plan on going to employee preview as long as I can get one of you awesome employees to secure me a ticket. A frozen drink on me??
  11. Ahhh...ny first HHN! I remember sitting at work one day and thinking to myself..."im getting older (23) and it was time to really start enjoying myself. I had watch the travel channel specials and been to universal several times but I wanted something different! So I planned a trip down for HHN, my first ever! I got there...and I was amazed! I still remember my first maze, horror in wax, I vividly remember it, and it was far better than anything at scarowinds I had experience. My second was Horror night nightmares (hey is that the icon of this site??? lol). The scarezones, everything just blew me away! I have been hooked ever since and will always be faithful to the event!
  12. A good chance of the TM previews Sept 20th & 21st oct 13th oct 23rd I would probably get the FFP and I don't mind hanging out!
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