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  1. SS 23 would be a great location, but it's currently occupied.

    You know how we had three different billboards last year? And how we have three different billboards for the SuperStar parade.

    Who thinks we'll have a four different billboards with our different IPs.

    I do! I do!

    billboards? what do u mean? in the park ? or like on the freeway?

  2. Obviously a show, but that's not my point. My point is, I think they could pull off one hell of a haunted house and to act like it would be an abomination is hilarious. They are pros at making disturbing things look realistic. Do you not see how that could be important for a haunted house?

    ok think about this , lady luck was involved in the houses last year, what if p&t were involved with horrific pranks in the houses? thats a huge stretch on my behalf considering it wouldnt fit with silent hill or the walking dead but just diarrhea of my mouth

  3. 1933548773_TWDDeadInsidelogo.thumb.jpg.e989a63f0791a869899fb58cb65fcdbc.jpg


    There is strength in numbers and you must band together to make it through many of the iconic settings made famous by the critically-acclaimed AMC hit television series, The Walking Dead. As the city is crawling with hordes of “walkers,” the issue of your becoming one of them is not a question of if, but when.

  4. I was thinking maybe they could re-use the Feaster Bunny from H.R, Bloodengutz last year for Robbie the Rabbit but I think it wouldn't work with the picture above of Robbie due to the teeth on the Feaster Bunny head, but I think his scare might be similar to the Feaster Bunny just toned down.

    I'm sure they can just get another mascot suit, but I've never played the game, so I don't know if his scare will be aggressive or kind of still then quick movement.

    And if anyone missed the Feaster Bunny last year.


    that thing scared the crap outta me

  5. They posted the same "They can’t run, but we’re pretty sure they’ll getcha! They’re coming to Halloween Horror Nights, lots of them! We are one day away from making our next announcement…" on HHN Hollywood Facebook page as well.

    They're not going to make the simultaneous big announcement of a generic zombie maze/scarezone for both parks...

    Almost 100% sure they'll make The Walking Dead partnership announcement tomorrow.

    exactly how they did it with silent hill

  6. Escape infection?

    This reminds me very much about the zombie themed mud-runs that have spung up lately. Its just like a Warrior Dash or Spartan, but you wear 3 flags. The zombies "attack" by trying to take your flag. At the end of the run, no flags = infected or dead.

    Mix this with "alternate endings" and "escape infection" and "plan your escape".... could HHN be going more-interactive?

    isnt that a liability ? in case someone is running and falls and busts their head open? i just dont think that would be possible, cuz ive done stuff like that and had to sign an individual waiver saying if anything happens they arent liable

  7. if they were smart they would have turned lady lucks house into some kind of carnival showing (like carn-evil) and had it like a casino with people dying or torturing people, woulda been better then her with them terrible masks everywhere. which is dumb

  8. so when you guys talk about comcast running this years event, does the same go for hollywood's hhn?

    and hollywood got something on their facebook "were gonna tell you something...but we cant...but we want to... but no, we really cant, were soooooo close! hang in there!" makes me wonder where ours is at!

  9. Original post/thoughts at ParkRumors

    Okay, 7 houses and 8 zones. It's possible they've added a couple of zones to make up for the lack of houses, but the question remains if the initials locations/staging areas or are they something else.

    CP - Central Park

    LP - Lucy Plaza

    BY - Boneyard or Barney

    LG - Lagoon or Library Gate

    SO - ???

    Z - Could be Zombies for San Fran/Walking Dead or Zed from Men In Black.

    DG - ???

    I'm still skeptical that they're traditional scarezone locations/staging areas though. While there is the possibility that we will have traditional zones, the possibilities for LP, LG, and BY ignore the complications the daytime parade may cause. The bigger question regarding them being locations then becomes;

    "Why not just use locations?"

    This isn't a situation where they've tried to code everything. The house locations are written the same as they always are. The scarezones are completely different, with only one "recognizable" initial set: CP for Central Park. If that DOES stand for Central Park, then it would be only one that didn't change (which is odd to me).

    I've been told they were saying, "We're trying some things we've never done before this year," at the auditions, and while that's a pretty standard line every year, the changes to the info sheet imply that they mean it. When rumors of roaming "Hordes" were first bandied about, I knew they wouldn't/couldn't all be the same sort of creature, but that they would all be teams. I'm more inclined to believe that, what we're seeing, is the initials of the teams and not locations, and that we may still be seeing our hordes yet.

    well whats the point of teams, when you have z labeled as zombie, i just think there will be a huge group of zombies n thats there group

  10. WebUpload-11.png

    A house based off the arcade game, "House of the Dead." 14 years after the Curien Mansion incident, a new successor has unleashed the same virus with intentions to carry out Dr. Curien's work. You an AMS agent, is sent out to investigate the mansion and underground labs to finally put a stop to the outbreak.

    if they did this id much rather them do resident evil... imagine,,, project nemisis, zombie, all them big creatures used in the movies, that could easily be done and if they could pull of a nemisis creature that would be AMAZING

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  11. remember during the twitter event last year the one guy from A&D said that this year is going to be his favorite year. Uni cant just not tell them what to expect the following year. Im sure everything they did this year has been in the plans for the past 2-3 years including the destruction of soundstage 44. They know what they are doing and I believe this year is going to be excellent. So party on dudes!!!

    im with you on that at this point, im not worried about anything anymore... im a firm believer that everything is happening is supposed to bring chaos... on purpose... isnt that the way the apocalypse is supposed to be... chaotic? crazy? unorganized? unplanned? i think its all on purpose to play with it... its never too soon to start panicking, which is encouraging to panic right away cuz they know thats what were gonna do... everything is gonna go our way this year... i know this is part of the plan as per said. all. part. of. the. plan.

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