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  1. Wait, didn't a lot of people say they missed the Feaster Bunny completely, as well? It seems the three of them are never there at the same time, or everyone is just unlucky...
  2. I was going to say "There was a Peeps guy?!"
  3. I add my agreement to this conversation. :3
  4. I remember someone saying they were going to try to record the queue video, but they seemed to have edited their post (either that or I'm being a derp and remembering wrong, orz). I really hope that person hasn't given up on it, because I don't want this video to be lost in the winds of time at the end of this year's event like the Cleaver queue video was. :/
  5. ^ same here. ^ Wait, what is he doing in that video? It looks like he's miming a lightsaber fight and then stabbing a guy.
  6. Does anyone have any pictures of the Arbor Day girls? I'm getting really curious now. ^^; Which is, of course, the one you can't hear on Youtube. Nuuuuu Wait! Speaking of the queue video...someone else posted a short but thankfully audible clip of one of them.
  7. OMFG REFERENCE WIN. For those who don't know what he's talking about, one of the best of all time. Also, if you're wondering if it makes any more sense in context: no. No, it does not. Anyone got any more noteworthy H.R. quotes?
  8. You're not the only one did he say anything funny to you? According to another forum it (spoilers?) makes different SFX.
  9. Thoroughly agreed. I already liked Lady Luck (not a lot, but I don't hate her by any means like some people seem to here), but my appreciation for her literally doubled with this video. SO. BADASS. Great work!
  10. Oh god, just imagining that is making me laugh out loud. I know you can't get the houses on video, but can someone, for the good of humanity at large, make a good tape of at least some of the queue video? It doesn't have to be super good quality, mostly we just need to be able to hear it (because the dialogue is the best part) and see it enough to get what's going on. Also, dare I ask what the throne button does?
  11. Since this now appears to be morphing into an H.R. appreciation thread (which I have no problem with whatsoever ), does anyone have any awesome stuff he said to you in the house to share? I know of the (on what "H.R." stands for) "If I tell you, I'll have to kill you" line someone got, and the (on seeing a Mickey hat) "You're in the wrong park!"; anyone have anything else?
  12. ERRYDAY I'M DOODLIN' Quick 'n cruddy comedy!house hosts. Them being in the same pose was completely unintentional... o_o
  13. Y HELLO THAR NIGHTMARENS Um, heh, I'm pretty terrible at drawing introductions, so I apologize if I sound like a rambling nerd. ^^; Yep, this is HHN fanart...sort of? Well, some if it is, and some of it is...inspired by HHN? Here's the full version of my avatar picture, for those who are curious. Her name is Lola. She, as TV Tropes perfectly puts it: ...seems to be the perfect, wholesome teenage girl of The Fifties. By day, she's a sweet, innocent ultra-virgin who dresses in knee-length skirts and tasteful sweaters (or, rather, a sort-of-a-poodle-skirt-dress-thing), and repeatedly says things like "that's swell!" and "peachy keen!". Except for one thing. She lives in Carey, Ohio. You can probably see where this is going. I am trying so hard not to say I have a "HHN fancharacter", but...um, yeah, that's kind of what she is. P: To be honest, I just doodled her while watching stuff on Youtube, and it turned out pretty good, so I decided to color it. If you're wondering why she doesn't have a Meaty Meetz mask on, it's because I suck at drawing masks um, I wanted to show her face? *shifty eyes* BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! I seem to have a thing for black comedy houses, because, if I were to go this year (but, once again, no dice. Grumble...), I am absolutely positive that, even with the inclusion of a house based on The Thing (the original is one of my favourite movies EVER ), my favourite house would be H.R. BloodNGutz. I love corny holiday specials, I love "innocent things gone bad", and I LOVE snarky hosts, especially ones you can actually exchange some banter with. <3 Thus, I decided to combine my love of animation with that homicidal host and make a fictional "cartoon adaptation" version of him, sort of like the Beetlejuice cartoon (+ the world's laziest coloring job): The reason he doesn't look exactly the same as the real H.R. is likely thus - a] there were exactly ZERO good reference pictures, and I went off the queue video + one screenshot someone took of it, b] I stylized him a whole lot. ^^; Regardless, I think he looks pretty good and awfully dapper. I...honestly don't know what's with the single fake bat wing, though. It just seemed "him" to me, heh. WELP, there we go. Comments, questions, relentless mocking? ~ Pirka
  14. I thought it might be HorroR, but that's probably a stretch. ^^; Actually, come to think of it...did H.R. stand for anything in Pufnstuf?
  15. The...bowels? I reckon it must have been "boughs"...but Bloodengutz is a strange man, so who knows? Haha
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