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    Hi, I'm a nerd.
    I like animation, drawing, plushies, computer stuff, things I'm too old for, etc.

    ...and I actually have never been to HHN. I was *supposed* to go last year, but complications arose. Nonetheless, I find the entirety of it awesome, especially the concept of guest/Scareactor interactions and immersive plot/character stuff. :)

    Wish I had gone in 2009 for LITC... >_< Now one of the biggest regrets of my life, especially because I can't find a video of it anywhere.

    As for theme parks, in all honesty, I can say that Disney World is the only place on the planet I truly feel at home, like I can be my true self, and not have to worry about being seen as immature or strange.

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  1. From a more practical standpoint, wouldn't Darkness be convenient to use because they already have the costume (and it's really impressive, too)?
  2. I seriously hope it's not all zombies, but I feel bad hoping for anything since this will be my first year and I should really remain open... :/
  3. The idea that there could be two Icons, one "helpful" and one "hurtful", fits with the duality theme. I don't think it will happen, but it would be an intriguing concept.
  4. I was thinking something similar, with the "Beasts" being the Icon's minions - either trying to stop the war or infinitely prolonging it.
  5. I realized like two seconds after I closed the window how dumb I was to not cap it. But there were a bunch of other people in the chat, including fears, someone with a bunch of "m"s in their name... I think they're all on the forums. Regardless, as much as I want to believe he was a real dev guy, there's always a possibility he was trolling us, so take it with a grain of salt :/
  6. Ok, there was an HHN tinychat and a dev guy showed up! He told us some stuff, mostly about HHN development in general, but he did say something very crucial about HHN22 in specific: THERE WILL BE AN ICON. of course, he didn't tell us anything about who or what said Icon might be.
  7. I really hope this is true. If so, this year will instantly go from "lame" to "awesome as f*ck" in a matter of seconds.
  8. Jimmy, you crazy clue-spouting man-o-war! The feel I'm getting from this is that there'll be some kind of...faction-like action going on with the SZs? Like all the different types of monsters are gonna be fighting against each other, and we'll be caught in the middle? Maybe the Icon could be the one who turned them all against each other?
  9. Wait, are you finally saying something optimistic, Legacy? *Ode To Joy plays over loudspeakers in an enormous stadium somewhere* I didn't know lacrosse was started by Native Americans. Just learned something new and irrelevant.
  10. All this talk of there potentially being an Icon or tie-in stories of some kind is giving me so much hope! I really hope this doesn't get shot down like all the other glimmers of hope so far in this thread... An Icon oh hell yesss
  11. You can probably guess what I HOPE the 50s clue refers to, but I know it won't, because that would be too good to be true. TnT I hope that other clue doesn't refer to the Rat Lady. And, you know, refers to AN ICON.
  12. Wait, it's only six episodes?! I had no idea it was that short. I'm so used to watching cartoons, I forgot that live-action shows tend to have short-ass seasons. I'm definitely gonna 'Flix it.
  13. This is a good thing, since I want to know what I'm going into when I go I'm a huge special effects fan, so, even if the show doesn't end up interesting me, the makeup sure as hell will. As for Silent Hill, I'm already quite familiar with that.
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