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  1. Murdy's second maze has the code name Charles. He has confirmed all the Hollywood mazes will be IPs again this year, but also that there are "no direct repeats". Last year all IPs used in Orlando were also in Hollywood, therefore there is a good chance of shared IPs this year.
  2. Murdy says the second maze for Hollywood is tricky. Trickier than any maze he's worked on before. Trickier than The Exorcist. Now, he's only talking about Hollywood, but we often share many of the IPs.
  3. Murdy tweeted the first code name for a maze yesterday. This is for a maze at HHN in Hollywood, of course, but it is likely an IP and quite possibly one shared with Orlando. LEMONADE What could it mean?
  4. Unless he actually did mean The Shinning, rather than the Shining. As in The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror parody. "No beer and no TV makes Homer something something" "Go crazy?" "Don't mind if I do!" I will likely post an HHN 27 spec video in the near future.
  5. BTW, just to clarify, I think the Dominion is sexier, but my heart remains with the Hounds. So that is where my allegiance lies, with the anarchic puppies.
  6. These are my first impressions of HHN 26 based on attending the first seven nights, in three parts. part one.
  7. There's a cover of Abba's Take a Chance on Me in the Lunatics queue. I'm not sure which one yet, possibly Erasure or Rough Silk.
  8. Music featured in the commercial is the aria O mio babbino caro from Puccini's opera Gianni Schicchi. I do not know however what artist is singing nor what recording the track is from.
  9. The thread for HHN 26 music is still closed but the commercial features an aria from Gianni Schicchi by Puccini.


    1. RedditictCumberbatch


      Any chance you know specifically which aria it is? I'm going to be compiling a Spotify soundtrack for the event and this is all I have so far!

    2. Mark M.

      Mark M.

      I went ahead and opened it up.

    3. Dr. Jimmy

      Dr. Jimmy

      O mio bambino caro - but I don't know which recording.

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