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  1. Another sig, not for anybody in particular (since I don't know if there is anybody's who user name is Killer Klown lol) but it's just something I came up with\
  2. Few examples of stuff i've done I'll post some more sigs as I make them up
  3. Just wanted to offer my services to make sigs or anything else I can offer to help my fellow posters and help keep up my photoshop skills. Let me know
  4. Will do. Didn't mean to jump in on yours, you just inspired me
  5. If anybody needs pictures for sigs or such or if you ever need help making sigs Reaper let me know, I have the urge to make some and the ability, but nobody to make them for yet
  6. Wow these have really inspired me i'm going to be messing with Photoshop all night now lol
  7. Big time thanks for the gifs! I'm with Greyfalken, I really didn't realize how much difference there was between the original release and the FB one, wonder if we'll see the same pictures again with even more changes? Is that our new release? More of the same just with the burns changing/intensifying or different pictures all together or both?
  8. Would anybody else be interested in something like this? Action figure, maquettes or mini-statues or even busts of Jack, Caretaker and the rest of our icons. Maybe something like the Eaglemoss figurines that are made for Marvel and DC Comics (as well as Buffy/Angel) Like this: Anybody else be interested in that?
  9. Man people think what I do is ridiculous, but not intelligent people. Most people are fearful and they don’t enjoy life because they’re afraid to take a chance and do what they want. So intelligent people admire your courage.

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      tell everyone on the legendary truth forum to check the original LT site, there has been an update IH told me to check the site

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      I am too new to the forum to add it myself

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      I am so new I can't even see your message for some reason, this is the only way to message you atm

  11. Do I? Yes Do I have to have a good time? No Do I always? No Usually I have one or two beers while in line and/or something to drink at dinner, but usually I don't get drunk and I still get pissed at the idiots that ruin HHN for others, but then again most of those jackoffs don't need to be drunk to do that. Just look at that apple that used to always get stolen on Snow White's Scary Adventure at Magic Kingdom, no alcohol in the park and no one should be drunk on that ride, but jerks still steal/stole that apple all the time and i'm sure similar things go on with any ride or attraction, it's one of the unfortunate things about having people that don't respect anything other than their own gratification, and unfortunately the theme parks are just full of them (coming from a five year vet of Disney lol i've met more than my fair share when working)
  12. Sounds a little too much like Night at the Museum for me, but then again, if anyone could pull it off it'd be Universal's HHN crew. Quoted by me earlier: "Thy will be done" This little exchange with Eye of Horus got me thinking about the Wicker Man (both the legend, the movie and the song) and has me wondering if he/it could have anything to do with it. Horus was probably talking about/to something or someone else, but the Wicker Man thing ties in with the fire, Charon and through him the Lantern: "The ferryman wants his money you ain't going to give it back He can push his own boat as you set up off the track Nothing you can contemplate will ever be the same Every second is a new spark, sets the universe aflame" Just something i've been thinking about since last night, dunno if it has any ties or anything to do with it, but just some food for thought
  13. It's kind of weird, but i've been thinking about a zodiac type theme since even before we had any clue to this year's theme. This would be really cool and lead to a lot of cool possibilities "Thy will be done"
  14. After some computer issues yesterday i'm just getting to check out the updates and wow did Friday the 13th come through. I'm loving the "prop warehouse" history trip type house, can't wait to find out more about it, I wanna know who it is coming out of those crates!
  15. Darn you Potter!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope this doesn't hurt HHN this year, I'm actually pondering getting the Express Pass for the first time
  16. Definitely fake, but I don't see any harm as long as we all take anything they post with a grain of salt, I do think the Eddie one is the most realistic though with all the Backstage pics
  17. They are aren't they lol Ahhhh, thanks for clearing that up I was confused too, consider me on board for both and whatever I can do to help the Collective. I'm stuck in South Fla, but i'll be up to visit as much as possible So I know i'm the new guy and a rookie in LT and all, and therefore LT doesn't know too much about me yet, but i'm still kind of weirded out that they are monitoring us lol
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