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  1. From the LT facebook: Anyone want to explain to them that they aren't Ghostbusters, don't own the copyright and the real Ghostbusters had a home at Universal for many years? lol I'm hoping well get some more useful info before the weekend's over....
  2. Thank you, i'm glad i'm not the only one who felt that way lol Wouldn't it be nice if people just behaved and kept their hands to themselves, heck we could get some really cool sets and stuff if they didn't have to deal with people touching, hitting or stealing everything and everyone. Too bad most people in the world make this just a dream I go to comic cons in Orlando and i've seen these guys that think they are "official" Ghostbusters and actually pay to have their own location to meet people and offer their services and such and it just amazes me, i'm all for being a fan, heck i'm a HUGE Ghostbusters fan myself, but there is only so far i'll go. I've had more than one "fandom" turn me off things I once loved (Star Wars, G.I. Joe and BTVS just to name a few) I can't even watch Star Wars at this point, but that's not as much the fans fault as George Lucas' lol Damn, I guess now I can show the concept art I found
  3. Man if you saw my current version you'd laugh, although it gets the job done so I really shouldn't complain too much lol
  4. Wait are you saying this isn't really Jack I have locked up in my closet? Man that clowns gonna be pissed........
  5. Man I wish I could afford to upgrade to CS5! I'm jealous lol!!!!
  6. Yeah I noticed that too, I actually started to get heated over they guy claiming that him and his "Offical" Ghostbusters were the only ones capable of handling this and no one else should try. I love Ghostbusters, heck it's my favorite movie, but I'm not dragging that love into LT as it's two different worlds (well maybe it could interconnect if they hadn't let GB rights lapse, but that's besides the point) and I just felt it was kind of annoying to keep posting GB related responses and questions into a totally different thing that had nothing to do with Ghostbusters roleplaying. But then again I eventually thought better and just decided to let it go before I said something i'd regret or pissed someone else off myself lol Really I didn't get most of my questions responded on (most in reference to Goth Wackee and the physical location and actions of the devices), but I did really find interesting thee whole "timepiece" concept and enjoyed the meeting as a whole, just wish it was in a more organized fashion where we could've avoided some of the repeat/unnecessary questions
  7. I'll be on both here and the LT facebook tomorrow, looking forward to some answers. Gotta sort through my thoughts and get some good questions ready....
  8. Hope we can learn more from you GW before LT brings down the hammer on this account. Let us know what we can do
  9. That would be EPIC Glad to see you got some results from IH, i've asked about the device, but didn't receive a response I'll help summon it, but only so I know where and what it is when the time comes to stop it
  10. Not ready to jump on his team yet, especially with him being apparently impossible to contact after dropping that major bomb Gotta get some sleep, hell of a day tomorrow, but hopefully i'll be able to check and see any new developments
  11. Same here, i've tried and so far....nada If it's a good thing why not some transparency? Let us know so we can help I've been wondering ever since we never heard anything else after the infection was announced Actually I think I remember reading somewhere that it was Goth Wackee that did the system attack, but i'm sure Richards had something to do with it, just we knew what they found
  12. Exactly what i've been saying for a while now! That device is TROUBLE
  13. Ok so the new page posted by Ryan Richards gives us a clue of what may be coming Adaru, the God of Fear Sumerian god to be precise, very Gozer-ish lol So the idea of Fear being the icon looks to have been a good bet
  14. We're being played like puppets For who? Ok I remember seeing posts by Goth Wackee, but who can tell me who Ryan Richards is?
  15. Weird they both contain mirrors..... wonder if that means something? I'm still on board with that theory and the fact that the "device" from 2008 was something they were using to make the Collective sort of batteries. They are using us to power whatever it is they are planning Fell is crooked, i'd bet anything, I wouldn't be surprised to find Fell being possessed, turned into or controlling the big bad this year
  16. One problem, why would Disney replace Marvel Superhero Island since they already own Marvel anyways (and Men in Black but that's a whole different issue), i'd assume they'd turn something else into Pixie Hollow lol
  17. Director = Arts Bloody Mary = Science or Fear? Usher = ???
  18. Heck I even got those through my thick skull lol
  19. I'm jealous, i've yet to have heard from IH, much less get a glowing compliment lol, then again most of my ideas about the images and evidence so far have led to dead ends. Anyone have any more info on the Pierced Circle (or Sphere of Chaos)? I like the idea about our past icons representing a pantheon, but we have eight (if we include Cindy & Eddie)? We're a few short of matching up with the Greek/Roman Gods with a pantheon of twelve, what pantheons have eight? I know the Taoist Pantheon has eight, what other pantheons?
  20. Ok nevermind, the new evidence just makes my post completely pointless lol
  21. I"ve been playing with the writing trying to get an idea of what is says, but even after playing with it in photoshop and staring at it for a while I don't have much, but I figured i'd post my cropped/darkened version of that notebook for you all to look at The biggest thing I think i've found is there is apparently more text above the crossed out stuff that has been erased that you can see when you burn the image a little
  22. Ok here's what i've been thinking since I got offline last night, i'm definitely feeling a gateway/portal vibe, with the previous years as a tool to collect fear (like Doctor Doom Fearfall) maybe? Also the device from 2008 might also have been a faster or more efficient way to collect the energy they needed, maybe why the previous staff is now gone and maybe why they may be working against us because they want this to happen. The pictures might be that gateway/portal showing up, now how the lantern ties in or who/what is coming/going through the portal I haven't got a clue, but Legendary Truth name for their agents even hints at this...."the COLLECTIVE" as in collecting fear/energy/whatever. The ancient symbols, the eye of horus, everything could be part of the plot, heck most of those symbols tie in to the portal idea Who knows maybe i'm way off base, but even yesterday I was playing with the idea of a portal and the device from '08 being important and today those ideas seem to be popping up more and more frequently here and on FB among other places. What do you all think?
  23. Thanks! The new pics have some variations from the originals just like the others so far, the one from 1992 at the very least appears to have extra blood added. I'm trying to stand back and look at the whole picture, but maybe it's too early for that Is anyone else getting a "gateway" type vibe from everything?
  24. Anyone got a link to Thorncastle's last appearance? I haven't seen it before and would like to see it Just starting to look at the new pics, and very interested in the attack on LT's network and the chatter on facebook. To quote Alice "curiouser and curiouser"
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