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  1. Deadtropolis ruled! I think that might just be up there with the Midway as one of my favorite scare zones. I saw Robosaurus too, but I really thought that distracted from the atmosphere for me, just sort of seemed out of place
  2. My favorite signs like that involved unsupervised children being sold to the circus or (at Disney) having their feet nailed to the floor of It's a Small World and taught to sing the song in every language. I suggest broadening it to include unsupervised annoying adults and drunks as well
  3. Wow, some of those collections are really impressive, I really just started my HHN collection last year even though I've been going since 1997 so mine isn't all that great yet, just my flashing cups from 2006 & 2010, a coin from 1998 and maps from a few of the years i've gone, plus my Body Collector figures (aka the Gentlemen) who have taken a proud spot on my HHN shelf. I'm hoping to add to my collection and i'll put a picture later when I get home, but if anyone knows of any body that has extras to sell or would be willing to trade for some of what I have i'd be all over that. I'm just started looking on ebay as of late and haven't found too much exciting yet. Some things I really want are: -Maps to round out my collection -Masks of the Icons -the Jack in the box media gift -Snowglobe media gift -Honestly any of the media gifts lol Now to go look and drool over some of your collections lol
  4. I'd love to see this, but only if it's traditional animation and not the CGI garbage that ruined the current ride for me. I really think that just a new ride film timed to use all the same movements and effects would be pretty darn cool
  5. Any time I hear "You Ought To Be in Pictures", Waiting Room/Elevator Musak (thanks to Psychotherapy), Dead Silence theme, plus all the obvious stuff
  6. I love knowing something before I head to the parks because to me knowing some of the story and the background behind the scarezones, charcters and houses makes it even more fun, but I don't want to read any walkthroughs or anything like that before hand because I want to be surprised. I do like clues or tips about things I might otherwise miss, like the button to activate Jack last year
  7. I remember my friend telling me about it first and seeing commercials back in 1991 for Fright Nights, but I didn't build up the courage to go myself until '97, been going every year possible ever since
  8. Am I the only one that thinks a Smile Time (Angel) Scarehouse would be sick! I want to see those kind of puppets
  9. I'm game just as long as I can get up there from Hell aka South Fla
  10. To groups of ass clowns came immediately to mind from last year alone, one was the British jerks in line for Jaws at the end of the night, they were adults (some of them probably in their 50s) and obviously quite drunk. They decided that it was a great idea to periodically scream in the queue area while waiting for no reason to the point where the ride attendants started to tell them to stop, of course they didn't and being just behind my group in line it was especially annoying, I really thought I was going to have to back up my friend when he tried to demolish their whole group lol. The other was more annoying for su then for the scare actors when this group of middle school boys decided that when they got the crap scared out of them in Hallow'd Past that they would grab onto and climb on me and my friends, NOT COOL. Eventually we decided to step aside and make them go ahead of us. Look I want to be scared too, but I'm not going to climb up another grown man because of it (at least not one I don't know lol)
  11. There is a lot to choose from, but I guess my favorite would be in Psychotherapy: Home for the Holidays when I noticed the TV was playing a Felix the cat cartoon (i'm an old school animation freak) and I turned to say something to my friend and instead came face to face with a scareactor that scared the HELL out of me. That or last year in the Orfanage when I pointed out the kid with the dunce cap to my same friend (we have a joke about dunce caps) and just about the same thing happened. I keep thinking of more the more I think about it
  12. Cindy was great, she even recognized my friend and I when we came through later in the night and welcomed us back. Chance (Erin) was AWESOME, scary and a lot of fun, she IS Chance. I think she's given me a Chance fetish The Chair in LT got me GOOD, actually a few actors got me good in that house I honestly don't think my heart slowed down for a half an hour.
  13. A-freakin-Men, i'm beyond sick of people b1tching about Jack, he IS Halloween Horror Nights. Yeah, he doesn't need to be present every year, but there should always have a place for him Yeah, and he was walking around and took pictures all the way back in 2000, heck i've got one of them in front of me right now lol. The Ringmaster Jack was sick the night i got to visit, he was being a total ass and that just made it so funny Once again, A-FREAKIN-MEN, I don't want them to go, especially not if this is the send off because Fear has been a huge let down and the icons deserve better
  14. Hades: 2 Legendary Truth: 1 Hallow'd Past: 2 Catacombs: 1 Zombiegeddon: 1 The Orfanage: 1 Havoc: 1 Psychoscarepy: 1 Hope to knock it up a few more places this weekend
  15. I doubt I can make it, but if anyone one goes to the Extreme House or ESPECIALLY the Icon one, please take notes and lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll buy you a gift!
  16. Probably wont be wearing that same Deadpool shirt, but say hello anyway!
  17. Ok so now I've gotta decide, should I go for the sure thing and go on Sat when i'm definitely going to be in Orlando and going to HHN or should I plot and try to pull off going on a Wed so I can do the full deal tour, If I do it'll probably be on the 6th or 13th and i'll probably just be up and back for the tour, is it worth it? Damn being stuck in South Fla
  18. Amen to not being the Alco-Hole! I love the descriptions though, trying to decide which one I am lol
  19. You are a tease! lol Right? That bathroom idea would be sick, although imaging how many people would end up panicking and pissing on themselves or, worse, others at the urinals lol
  20. Dear TNA, I love your avatar Sincerely Taskmaster Gotta check that out, i've been out of commission for a week or so Woo hoo!!!!!!! Love Eddie!!!!!!!
  21. Mmmmm cookie, still I'd trade all my cookies just for a little LT excitement!!!!!!!
  22. Wow, I'm gonna have to do some serious thinking of where my money is getting spent this year.........
  23. You are doing it just by posting You're best bet to catch up so far is to read through the thread and through the timeline of events on facebook. Right now we're kind of in a holding position while we're waiting to get the next bit of info to act on, until then you're best bet is just to jump in, read a little to catch up and wait for the next clue to drop
  24. If you're talking about the Cryptkeeper I will be one very happy fan!
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