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  1. Final game is up. It's...it's the pirate ship all over again... EDIT: Nice payout if you win, though.
  2. Nothing so far. However, it's interesting to note that Passcard Registration closes an hour earlier than it usually does this Sunday night...
  3. Now that I die a lot more in the new game, I see that I was mistaken about the win condition...it's time-based, not kill-based. Survive for 1 minute to score a win.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. I believe he's referring to either the rhymes before the games or possibly the tasks. Unfortunately, I'm on my phone and can't check them right now. Can someone post them for reference?
  5. I'm wondering if it's not auto-miss code, but instead the hit area just shrinks at that point. It would explain the fact that you can still hit the middle ones, since the hit area is directly above the crossbow.
  6. Well, got my Baccanoid Top Leader badge, but that's all the time I have to grind tonight. I'm sure the Leaderboards will be a very different place in the morning. Here's what I've been able to find out about the game so far: Killing 10 shadows counts as a win, so to get the 100 wins badge just load the game, kill 10, die, repeat. I'm not sure if it's a bug, but your crossbow actually reloads faster the longer you play. This means that at around the 10 minute mark, you become effectively invincible... ...at least until the auto-miss kicks in at around 15-16 minutes. Then you're unable to hit anything and die pretty quickly. But at that point you've scored a sweet 15K life force!
  7. Support e-mail information has also gone out to registered accounts. Don't see it on the website yet. EDIT: HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LOT OF POINTS. EDIT 2: Wow...I guess they wanted to give a way for people to catch up in points, but this is kind of ridiculous. How do you even "win" at this game for a badge?
  8. Yeah, badging was wonky last night. I did Silent Hill, Penn & Teller (x2), and House of Horrors, and only got credit for SH. My brother got it for SH and P&T (though he only went through once). I blame the rain. It was miserable last night. All three houses shut down while we were in line. We were going to go back tonight, but the current weather conditions have made us reconsider and we'll go back next Friday when it's supposed to be less rainy. Well, I'll be back on Sunday night, but that's just to get the Finnegan's badge.
  9. The Thing, I believe? Wait, no, that was another "don't hit the wrong one" wasn't it? Heh, I can't remember it, either... Anyways, yeah, I shouldn't really be surprised by them being luck-based. Was there another one last year that was skill-based, or was it just the match game? I only remember doing that one repeatedly. I guess, technically, the pirate ship one was skill-based...but as you said, hopefully the negative reaction due to technical issues keeps it away this year. EDIT: Ack, no, I forgot how the pirate one went. The ropes themselves were luck-based, in addition to having to keep the ship balanced. Blargh.
  10. Ayup...and it's another luck-based one. EDIT: But closer to the coffins than the cages, thankfully.
  11. It was just speculation on my part. We don't actually have any idea when new games will go up. Ah, good to know! Did they just get a text/e-mail about it, or did it come with a badge too?
  12. This is really kind of frustrating because we don't know whether the system is not working, or if we've just misinterpreted the task. Even though this task seems pretty straightforward, what happens when we get to harder ones? I understand that this is some pretty new territory for them, but I hope they're able to iron out the issues quickly.
  13. Spoiler for task solution: Anyone try it out tonight? Did you get a special badge? Hopefully it's still active on Thursday night.
  14. Well, the games only went up last Friday...that gives us a little over a week to play them. Wouldn't be surprised if they added one game a week for the next three weeks.
  15. I imagine they're waiting for the lull between HHN nights...we'll probably see one or more new games go up around Monday.
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