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  1. Wouldn't Family halloween event with Nintendo be a separate ticket or part of the park admission?
  2. Which do you think would make a good maze from these three in Nintendo? Bayonetta, Fatal Frame or Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem?
  3. Most likely we might get Bayonetta, Fatal Frame or Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem as a maze with Nintendo's inclusion.
  4. The closest with Horror Games by Nintendo are Bayonetta (Platinum Games), Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem (Silicon Knights), and Fatal Frame (Koei Techmo).
  5. Maniac Mansion-Lucasfilms Games ShadowGate-Mindscape/Kemco
  6. So lets see for the Nintendo HHN mazes not counting creepypastas. Bayonetta Fatal Frame Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem
  7. Heres another Nintendo Horror Game that could become a maze.
  8. That wasn't that scarred me. I was harass about it in 5th Grade because of it.
  9. No just no! I'm already scarred before with that, and I don't want to deal with it again.
  10. So far in Nintendo's line-up Bayonetta, and Fatal Frame are the only Horror Games.
  11. Nintendo could just let Universal make a Bayonetta maze only since thats like the only Mature game made by platinum games, and publish by Nintendo.
  12. Would've been easier if they replace the queue videos in The Simpsons Ride with clips of Treehouse of Horrors episodes.
  13. Well Capcom, and Konami did with Resident Evil, and Silent Hill so getting Nintendo's approval with Bayonetta could work.
  14. Since the Nintendo announcement what do you well think of a house based off Bayonetta, and its sequel?
  15. Would you be ok if they made a maze based off the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead instead of The Walking Dead of this season?
  16. With a video game maze I wouldn't mind seeing a maze based off Capcom's 3 games Resident Evil, Dead Rising, and Devil May Cry like all 3 are put in one maze with Capcom easter eggs, and lots of scares.
  17. Well what about a house based off Fear the Walking Dead?
  18. With the Walking Dead which maze should they make the Walking Dead from this season or the upcoming Fear the Walking Dead?
  19. Depends on how they'll pull it btw Arsik, and Ferox Klok said not to judge politely.
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