Terror at the Track Announces Theme for 2024 Season

by Mark Massarone

Terror at the Track announces theme for the 2024 season! 

The Wrecking Yard:

In the heart of a forgotten town stands a racetrack that harbors more than just memories and the smell of
rubber. It’s here that Harland Deadstone, once a master mechanic with a fiery temper, met his blistering fate.

Harland was not just any mechanic. He was a titan, feared and revered, with a crew that followed his every dark command. But his obsession with power drove him to a deadly confrontation that would end in deathly flames. In his eyes, he was betrayed, Harland was strung up and murdered by the town he terrorized for a heinous crime. Set ablaze at his garage near the racetrack he called home, he was consumed by the very machines he loved. As the fire roared, his screams of vengeance cursed the night.

Now, each year, as the anniversary of his demise approaches, strange occurrences plague this place. The clanging of metal, the smell of burning oil… Harland and his Piston Fiends return, haunting the living with their spectral presence. Are you brave enough to face the ghost of Harland Deadstone and his mechanics from the underworld? This Halloween, dare to discover the true story of vengeance and murder at Terror at the Track!

Coming in October 2024 “Terror At The Track” at Auburndale Speedway – Auburndale, FL!

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